Date Description
03-14-2020 Brady drove around in the 99 Subaru with Hailey for the first time running errands. He said she did really well.

03-11-2020 Hailey drove to school with me this am in the 99 Subaru. Makes me a bit nervous still.

03-10-2020 Hailey drove home from North tonight in the Subaru! Picked it up today
From the repair shop. It has been sitting for years in the driveway. It was her first time to drive it. Need to get the wheels aligned now and fix the ac.

03-04-2020 Hailey got her license at the tag agency! She officially legal.

03-02-2020 Hailey attended a masterclass at OCU in OKC this afternoon. I checked her out early from school so she could attend. I drove to the wrong OCU first and wound up being about 15 minutes late. Oops. It was a great flute clinic though. She was the only one of Mrs. Zuback’s students that attended.

02-29-2020 It’s Leap Day! Hailey did her last drive test today and then took her driving test. She passed! She was weak from not eating and about threw up in the car during her test. She will remember that forever I’m sure. Plus it is a leap year.

02-29-2020 Hailey drove on the highway for the first time with her driving instructor. Ahhhhh! She’s barely had any in car lessons with us.

02-27-2020 Scheduled driving lesson today. Said it went well.

02-19-2020 Scheduled drive lesson today. She got her “golden ticket”. It means she passed all the requirements for lessons and can submit that to insurance.

02-15-2020 OFS Solo and Ensemble Competition at UCO today. Hailey did well.

02-11-2020 Band concert tonight

02-08-2020 Attended a Flute studio class today with Mrs. Zuback at her house.

02-06-2020 Hailey practiced with Sam Magrill at UCO at his office this afternoon. She’s working on her solo.

02-05-2020 Drive lesson scheduled

12-13-2019 Required basketball game for band.

12-11-2019 Follow up eye exam to see how the contacts are working out. She is doing amazingly well.

12-11-2019 Took Hailey in for a strange spot on her leg. Asked for the medicine she got in the hospital a couple years ago when she had a strange spot that streaked.

12-05-2019 Hailey’s eye exam. Got her to try out contacts! I think it’s good to have options. She’s been wearing glasses forever.

11-21-2019 Hailey made Winterguard!

11-19-2019 Attended guard clinic today. Auditions are on the 21st.

11-13-2019 Hailey made wind band! She’s thrilled.

11-08-2019 Hailey's 16 Birthday! She was busy from sunup to sundown but I tried to make it special. I decorated the kitchen as usual. She had to stay at school for the football game. I brought up Eileen's Cookies to share with her flute group. Came up at halftime to see her. We celebrated about 10:15 pm with cake and presents!

11-07-2019 Concert at OCU tonight. Hailey played with the university band.

11-03-2019 Flute studio at Mrs. Zubacks

10-29-2019 OSSA Hailey - 3:55

10-27-2019 Brady got new car tires for her Subaru today. They drove around Centennial practicing.

10-27-2019 Hailey played the flute in Sacrament meeting today for the first time. It was flawless despite upon arriving to the church she puked out the window in the truck. I asked he if she still wanted to go in and she said "I've got this." I threw a Zofran and a bottle of water at her and off we went. I said a prayer that things would go smoothly. Heavenly Father is great. A few days earlier she was diagnosed with the flu.

10-27-2019 Brady got new car tires for her Subaru today. They drove around Centennial practicing.

10-24-2019 Picked Hailey up from school after she texted me saying she had trouble breathing in during band class playing her flute. She looked ok and didn't have a fever. Took her to her doctors office to try and get her in. Since I mentioned the chest thing they basically refused and said to go to the emergency room. They didn't even listen to her to do a quick diagnose. I wound up taking her to the after hours clinic where she was diagnosed with flu B and fluid in her ears. The sweet doctor removed the was buildup in her ears too. Something that I have wanted done forever and went in specifically for last year! It was rather annoying but glad I checked her out of school. My gut feeling was that something was wrong.

10-08-2019 PTC at North. I visited all her teachers. They seem great except for her Chemistry teacher.

08-27-2019 Open House at North

08-20-2019 Hailey drove to seminary. Did well other than running into the curb pulling into the lot. It is quite different turning a long bed truck!

08-19-2019 Seminary started. Hailey is not thrilled. I deeply desire her to have the experiences I had. I learned so much from seminary.

08-17-2019 Driving lesson with the Driving school.

08-10-2019 Hailey had her first driving lesson today with Merkley's Driving school. I was nervous as can be.

09-27-2013 So the tooth fairy visited H last night and brought her another $2 bill and a $1 coin. Sure is a nice fairy!

09-27-2013 So the tooth fairy visited H last night and brought her another $2 bill and a $1 coin. Sure is a nice fairy!

09-26-2013 The first thing H told me when she got in the truck after school was "Notice anything different about me?". I said "No. What?" I lost a tooth! She had this little cute treasure box tooth keeper. Apparently her tooth was bugging her so she asked her teacher if she could pull it out. She said she could but do it in PE the class they were going to next. So of course, she pulled it out. She went to the office and got a tooth keeper. Funny girl. She has pulled out the last several teeth herself.

09-16-2013 Another 6 month great dental checkup for Hailey!

09-12-2013 Hunter and Hailey went in for a flu shot before school today. They weren't too thrilled with it but got an ice-cream cone treat afterwards on the way to school for the day. After getting the flu last year, I am hoping this will prevent it being severe like we had it. No fun.

09-10-2013 On the way home after getting Sonic, Hailey looked at the pickle she was taking off and said, "I wonder what a pickle tastes like?" I told her they taste like olives since she loves those green ones. To her surprise, she liked it. I had a good chuckle. She's been removing them off her hamburger for years.

09-01-2013 H was up early with Brady to go fishing at the lake this morning! She loves to fish with her daddy.

08-20-2013 School started today. I do not enjoy sending my children off to school. I miss out on all the stuff. I know they need to learn but I hate that they are away from me. I guess I worry way too much. But that's my job :)
Brady picked them up from school. I went to a funeral that was about 2 hours away and wouldn't make it back in time.
She said her day was great. I am happy. Hope this year is a great one!

08-19-2013 We did the traditional back to school piggy paint today. She picked out a pretty teal color for her toes. A fresh hair cut was in order too. We are ready for school!

08-18-2013 H had a back to school blessing at church from my bishop today. I have always wanted one for my children. I had them growing up from my father. They are sweet memories. I also was worried about her little head bonk from the day before. I hope she has a great year and is able to make friends.

08-17-2013 Hailey and I went to Frontier City together today. We had a really great time. I have been promising to take her forever. It didn't happen last summer as I was too sick and baby G was too little to be left for long periods. I so wanted someone to come take my babies to play there but it didn't happen. We rode almost all the rides. Go figure she managed to bonk the back of her head on her first roller coaster ride ever. Twice. She got whiplash and her head hit way back on the metal rail even though her head was clear. She wanted me to film it so I did but it was rough and I put it down. I wish I would have just held her looking back. I never dreamed it would be like that. It was a true wood one so it was rocky. We made up for it and went on a smoother one which she loved! I kept praying that she would be ok and not throw up sending us to yet another ER visit for a concussion. Love my sweet girl and her head bonks scare me to pieces. She got a cute little blue dolphin that she had stuffed in the gift shop. I need more days with my girl. Hate that growing up is inevitable.

08-05-2013 One late night, Brady quickly taught Hailey how to play solitare on her ipad. She won her first game tonight while winding down for the night in my bed. She was thrilled. I like to play it too but I prefer Free Cell.

09-28-2012 H1 got a 100 on her recitation poem. She also shopped in the class store with her earned money. Came home with a horse.

09-20-2012 Today was picture day for the H's. I asked if anyone said hailey looked pretty today and she said well yes actually 3x. The boy who likes her told her and even blew pretend kisses to her in line.

09-07-2012 H has her first big test today in science. She brought Home her first heavy backpack. She had to study from her guide and book. Was crazy to see how much she had to know!
H's also went to spirit store first time. Bought calculators.

08-27-2012 H is into making clubs in her room now. She has transformed her bedroom into certain areas and put up signs. She loves playing with Hunter as well. Tonight she had a sign in and out sheet. I told her I needed to put up some clothes in her room and she informed me that I needed to sign in and out.

She also asked me to braid her hair before bedtime so that it would be wavy in the morning. This is the first time she has expressed a desire about her looks. Normally she could care less! I think she would like one of those curling irons that makes hair wavy now!

08-27-2012 Grayson and I joined Hailey for lunch today. When we met up with her she was sporting an ice pack. She had bumped her head on the playground equipment and she also had a skinned up knee from PE class. Ahhh! She was all smiled to see us. She actually spotted us from her classroom window before hand. Love my little girl who is growing way too fast!

08-25-2012 Hailey went to a birthday party for her church friend Alyssa tonight. She seemed to have a good time.

08-24-2012 First full week of Third Grade completed. I think she had a great week! Made chocolate chip cookies to celebrate.

08-20-2012 Hailey started 3rd grade on Friday. Today was her second day. I love her teacher. She seems to like it so far and loves being the big sister to her brother there. She has an assignment binder and its right up her alley. She likes to record information. She also loves Grayson and he loves talking to her. She can get him to smile and talk. It is precious.

08-15-2012 H got her traditional back to school piggies painted today. She chose bright pink this time and of course had a cute flower drawn on her big toe as well.

08-14-2012 Information day. H met her teacher. I love her and am happy about her placement. Its going to be a great year!

07-19-2012 H bought a unicorn dream light with her own money. She was over the moon about it. Tried to talk her out of it because it was a lot of money but she was so sad and really wanted to spend her money on this item. She didn't want it to be too dark in her room when school started back up so she figured it would help.

07-11-2012 We took you to a birthday party at a pottery painting store today. Aunt Tessa took you in and you had a good time. You came out all smiles and with a cute painting on your arm. Summer is flying by and I am glad you got to do something different.

07-11-2012 H went to a birthday party for a church friend named Ashley today. It was at a pottery place. She loved, loved, loved it!

04-24-2012 We were descbring prom to the kids last saturday and Hunter proclaims OH yeah I'm gonna date when I find a girl. Hailey says she is going to wait till she's the proper age.

04-20-2012 H got called to the office for a reward. She gave her treat to Hunter. She also went to the Buffalo buck store and got a water bottle, etc. and bought 2 dice rocks from Ava. Twas a good day for her :)

03-30-2012 H took her ipod to school today and word her Indiana hat for Fundraising. The kids were allowed to bring a device if their parents allowed due to good behavior. Surprised all had either ipods or ipads. I didn't want to let her do it but Brady allowed. Wound up turning out okay. Was worried it would get lost.

03-28-2012 Went to Grammy's and made Easter crafts and had dinner with them today.

03-21-2012 Let the kids ride bikes in the driveway and had Hailey practice riding her big girl one. She did well. Says it feels nice with the wind in your face. Cute.

03-16-2012 H went on her second grade field trip today to see a play at a theater in OKC. Then they went to Mitch park for lunch. Nervous because I couldn't go to the theater. No room for extra bodies. Met her at the park afterwards. Glad I went. Kids everywhere! It was her second time on a bus! She said it was better than last year but still not okay in her book.

03-15-2012 Hailey told me she was going to ask Heavenly Father when she goes to heaven if she can be a horse when she returns. Funny. She loves horses!

03-14-2012 H said one of her summer plans was to dig to the center of the earth.
I remember trying to do that too :)

03-11-2012 Hailey recieved the cutest poncho in the mail Rhonda made her. She was upset the one she made her 2 years ago didn't fit anymore. This one is a red. Her favorite color!

03-10-2012 Today marks 6 weeks and Hailey got to take out her earrings. She was really excited and put in her dolphin earrings her uncle Michael gave her a year ago for Christmas.

03-08-2012 H woke up at 1:30 am throwing up. She continued to do so every 30 minutes. It was a long night for both of us. I took her to the doctor for some Zofran. She got it in her system at 11:30. Hopefully she will be able to rest and feel better now. Darn bugs. They do a number on Hailey.

02-19-2012 I took H to the bathroom in a restaurant today and out of the blue she asks me as she is pointing back and forth to her chest "What are these called?" I said "That is your chest." She then said "I know that but what are they specifically called?" So I told her they were called breasts. She said "Okay. When am I allowed to get them?" I told her when she was about 11 or 12 they might start growing. She was content and went over to wash her hands. They have been catching me off guard lately with the inquisitive questions!

02-03-2012 Very annoyed that Hailey had to spend her indoor recess in the pod writing her name 200 times instead of clipping down because she forgot to write her name down on a piece of paper. This is the first time all year that she said the teacher has done that. Sad... So not right. She and another girl were the only ones in the pod.

01-28-2012 Went to the mall to pick up a BFF necklace and Hailey wound up getting her ears pierced! Had promised them after her birthday but I have been too terribly sick to take her. She looks so cute!

01-11-2012 H got her horse back that was stolen from a classmate. She is one happy girl. It was a cute horse her aunt Kelsey had brought back from Iceland for her.

01-08-2012 H went to Senior primary today at church for the first time. Tear.

10-31-2011 The H's told their grandparents at dinner we were pregnant. No overwhelming response.

10-24-2011 H hit her head at school on playground.

10-24-2011 H hit her head at school on playground.

10-11-2011 Arrived in Houston today with Hunter to take care of Papa while Rhonda has surgery. I miss my girl.

09-28-2011 This week H made a chain of all our family members. She tied Nana's name at the top. I didn't mention her in the list when she was asking. So sweet.

09-27-2011 Took H to the doctor today. Blood on toilet paper last night. Said hurt when she went. Bladder infection possibly.

09-24-2011 H went to her first OU game tonight with her dad. She was thrilled. We also went tot he wildlife expo this morning. It was a fun outing.

09-16-2011 H brought snacks/water for her class today. Odd they still do this but glad they aren't starving I guess!

09-09-2011 H's 2nd grade classroom was allowed to wear pj's to school today for apparently good behavior. They filled a bucket with marbles already and this is the reward they all voted on. She looked cute but wish I would have had more notice. Got the note the night before. She has a bunch of summer dress pj's but I don't think it is appropriate now that she is older to wear them to school. Luckily the silky pants from last year still fit! She brought along a blanket and her little wolf dressed in a cute blue shirt.

09-07-2011 They started Buffalo Bucks at Hailey's school today. If they are caught being good, they can be given them by other teachers. The bucks can be redeemed in the student store. She earned 2 today. One from Mrs. Mendez, her teacher from last year and one from Ms. Ellis. Way to go Hailey!

09-05-2011 Dental Cleaning appointment

08-25-2011 This status update popped up on FB a bit ago saying what I wrote exactly a year ago. I am HAPPY to report that my 2nd grader actually said that she was a little excited to go to school and that school is good. Progress baby :) What a difference a year really does make...

My First Grader to me: "Mom. School is ALL boring. You really should NOT send me there." "And when people tell me I am quiet that just empties my bucket."

Me: What? Your bucket is empty? Where did you hear that?"

Apparently she had her first Health class ever today. She is going on her 2nd year of a long road of schooling. My free spirited obedient child does not care one ounce about school. Anywhere.

08-24-2011 I sent Hailey to school in a cute white shirt. Rarely do that. She came home spotless. She had glue dried on her face but no stains on her shirt. Cracked me up. It is not uncommon to find lunch or marker spots on her shirt or body from school :)

08-21-2011 H got gum in her hair for the first time. She found some and was chewing it laying down on the couch watching television. It slipped out and into her hair. Gum isn't something we normally have on hand. She tried to take care of it herself before coming to me. Brady looked up online the best way to get it out and he found this video clip a lady made using extra virgin olive oil. It worked so easy. Great tip for sure!

08-03-2011 Today H had her first bareback lesson on Lady! Her teacher told me she was giggling. Hailey told me she could feel her bones moving as she walked. Hailey was beaming. She really enjoyed it.

07-14-2011 H picked out a new backpack for the start of her 2nd grade school year this afternoon. She did not want one at all and wanted to use the one she has had for 2 years but I insisted because it was getting worn out a little bit. I told her she could use the new one as a backup. I think she has become attached to her familiar backpack. Can't blame her. But she is the new owner of a super cute purple flowery backpack full of cool pockets and areas to stash stuff.
* Decided to go backpack hunting today because the cute ones go quick in all the back to school crazy shopping near the start of school.

We also made homemade beads from flour, cornstarch, salt and water. Letting them dry in this heat we have been having!

07-12-2011 H rode on Lady today at horse lessons for the first time. She is a beautiful Palomino horse. She also got to clean up poop, trotted by herself, was told her feet looked good and washed that horse for the first time.

06-19-2011 Hailey got sick and slept a lot. She thought it was morning but it was night. Said it was the longest day ever!

06-15-2011 H "invented" ice water today. Both her and Hunter have been freezing water in their cups all day and sipping away!

05-29-2011 H and Brady are not feeling well. Brady has a toothache and a possible infection plus a rash he just told me about yesterday. We got into ticks last Saturday geocaching. Hailey has a sunburn and running a fever for some reason too. Threw up a few times last night and this morning.

05-26-2011 H has been student of the week again for the last week of school. She is thrilled because she gets to bring stuff to show this time. She brought a horse like Dude she rides at Cadence, Toy Story characters, an American flag she made, and Penguino (her stuffed penguin) so far...

Today they are having a campout. She brought a sleep roll Tessa gave her last year for her birthday, her Dora tent, and a flashlight. Will see if she eats the hotdog they are making!
* She did't - just the bread!

05-24-2011 One excited first grader headed to school for Donuts with Daddy day. Love to see the excitement of every special event. Can't wait to hear all about her date with her daddy!

05-19-2011 Surprised Hailey at school for lunch today for the first time. She loved it. I brought her Sonic :)

05-18-2011 Today was field day at school. I applied sunscreen on her before she left. She said it was fun. She does not enjoy running at all so she had trouble with those. She gets so winded. Says it hurts too much in the middle of her chest :)

05-17-2011 The Frog and Toad party was today at school. All the children who read the 4 assigned books were allowed to come to a party in the library. Hailey also aced all her quizzes on the books. They got to decorate a cupcake like a frog or a toad. She said a few children had to stay in the classroom with their teacher. Stinks to miss out an am glad she got to participated and be rewarded for her efforts. She is reading so well.

05-16-2011 As I was tucking Hailey into bed tonight, she said how come I didn't grow to be a regular size. She said other mommies are bigger. I assured her she would be taller!

05-11-2011 H cut her mudbaby's grass hair this afternoon and was oh so happy to use scissors on it.

05-06-2011 Hailey rode on Molly for the first time tonight. She is a more lively horse and made H bump more when she trotted her. She also fed her 2 treats for the first time.

She ate lunch with Mrs. Mendez this week because she earned 25 celebration points.

Note in Thursday folder said she read 93 words per minute. Way to go!

Going to have Mother's Day Tea with her at school this afternoon. She is way excited to sing this one song in Spanish she has been practicing.

05-04-2011 Hailey brought home a mud baby from school today. It is a grass seed head in a jar. She is talking to it like it is real. Her dad also surprised her with the complete DVD set to a horse cartoon show called Horseland. He ordered it for her and it came today. They saw an episode over the weekend and she loved it.

05-03-2011 Today was Hailey's very last day at Kindermusik. She graduated! They all received a trophy. I thought I would cry but I did that a week earlier when I said good bye to a parent. Our girls have been in the same class since they were three. She was moving. It has been an excellent program and I am glad she went through it. Well worth all Brady's money!

05-02-2011 H wore pajamas to school today to celebrate Dr. Seuss's birthday. She looked cute. She also snuck out of bed early and packed her lunch and was sitting at her desk doing the homework assignment we forgot to do last night. Isn't due till Friday but how cute to see her so responsible.

*** Just saw her come out of school in her pj's, a George Washington wig, backpack and a giant heart. It was quite the look!

04-28-2011 I chaperoned Hailey and another boy from her class at the zoo today. We saw the new baby elephant and had a great visit. It was her first time on a bus. She has been anticipating this since Kindergarten. She said she didn't want to ride on one again. It was too noisy! All the kids were way excited. I think she might have felt a little different had someone sat next to her to enjoy the moment. She was at the beginning of the line and sat at the back which she loved. There were a bunch of boys next in line and they sat together. The zoo was great being just Hailey and the other little boy. We stayed later and I got her Dippin Dots ice cream and we rode on the swans for the first time/ They were open! I liked it too :) Then she made a sandart necklace. After our fun day, we left to go get new riding pants and a helmet. I picked up Hunter at the office, we ate and I took her to a birthday party for a little boy in her First Grade class. It was at a bouncy place. A first for her. She loved, loved, loved it! We came home at 8:24, quickly washed up and got her into bed since school has been starting a half hour earlier to make up for snow days. She was there a few minutes before she came out crying. I sent her back to bed after consoling her and she wound up throwing up! Experienced pure exhaustion for the first time and we had a lively time cleaning it up off carpet for the first time too! Been lucky so far in that department. I actually tried to get her to leave the party early but she didn't want to miss out. When I was washing her up she told me she needed a nurse and that I have permission to make her leave next time. Poor thing wasn't feeling so well. Woke up the next day a happy camper and went to school.

04-21-2011 I let Hailey skip school today for the first time. Drove to Denny's, park, museum, library, then picked up Hunter and went to see HOP the movie.

04-20-2011 Hailey took the string egg filled with teacher goodies to school today with her daddy. Brady called and said she loved it. Hailey got all smiles but the more excited her teacher got the more shy and backed up she became. I wasn't going to make them this year but she really wanted to give her teacher one. Glad she did.

04-16-2011 Hailey had her first official horse riding lesson today. She loved it! After it we ate and then went to Martin Nature Park. We found a Geocache on a bridge. It was a tough one but Brady found it. Then we left and geocached our way home. It was a good day!

04-10-2011 H gave a primary talk today. She did so well. I was proud of her for getting up and speaking loud. Love my girl.

04-07-2011 Hailey had her bff over to play today named Evelyn. They only played and hour because it is a school night. She cried a bit when she knew she needed to leave because it wasn't long enough. I would love for her to come again. Her mother and her brother and baby sister came too since it was the first time.

04-03-2011 Hailey's April Fools Day wasn't so good. Her first grade teacher pulled a prank and she sobbed for an hour and a half!

03-30-2011 We attended Hailey's first program at school today. It was a music play of upbeat nursery rhyme songs. H cracked me up at her moves. She does not carry any of my dancing skills as of yet! She was cute nonetheless. She told me she was "boy trapped" up on the risers. Because of her height, she is always in the back. This time between two boys! I took a couple of pictures and looked at them later. Her arms were not even through the sleeves! Funny.

Ate at Cici's pizza after for the first time with her. Hunter went to the office with Brady. Love spending one on one with my girl.

03-07-2011 School started 20 minutes early and dismissed 20 minutes late to make up for the snow days today.

03-05-2011 H was trying to show us what she displayed on the end of our bed. "Look at my decoration of independence!" We had a cute chuckle. They are studying a little bit about our first few presidents at school. I am sure it came up somewhere.

03-05-2011 Took the kids to see Rango at the movies yesterday. It was ok. Thought it would be better.

03-04-2011 H had her first bloody nose at school today. She was spinning a circle and another child hit her in the face with a hand on accident. She said she cried because it hurt. Went to office nurse and back to PE/Class.

03-01-2011 Last night Hailey asked to sleep with the comforter blanket she got at the Great to be 8 program. This morning she woke up and very excitedly said it worked! She has been scared at night recently. Love my sweet girl. Tonight I just checked on her and she had it tucked in her arms sleeping so peacefully.

03-01-2011 Hailey received a note from her teacher yesterday because she earned 20 celebration marks. It is a free pass to skip one homework assignment this week! She already knows what she is skipping. The sentence writing one. She has improved in this area but still dreads it!

02-27-2011 I took Hailey to the Great to be 8 program at the Merkley's home tonight. It was very well put together. She received a cute goodie bag full of what to remember. They served white cupcakes afterward.

02-09-2011 It snowed another 6 inches overnight and school is cancelled yet again. Hailey and I like snow days! Instead of staying home, we decided to come with Brady to his office and hang out for a change of pace.

02-01-2011 Hailey's school classes from today until Friday were cancelled due to a snow storm that blew in leaving more snow than we have ever had here since moving to Edmond. It has been so pretty watching the snow cover everything up! I took her and Hunter out a few times to play in the snow. I pulled out our ski bibs and put them on the kids so they would be dry and warm. Worked like a charm and I didn't have loads of wet clothes to wash. Next year I think I will buy them their own :) On Saturday, Brady joinied in on the fun. The sun came out and started to melt the snow so we could actually form a snowball. It had been so soft and powdery. Brady built us a snow wall and we had a snowball fight. Hunter didn't quite approve of snowballs hitting him but he was all for seeing others get whacked!

01-04-2011 After I woke Hailey up for school this morning, she immediately checked under her pillow to see what the Tooth Fairy left. As she was doing this, she told me she knew that she was real because in the middle of the night her pillow was on the floor and her tooth pillow was on the bed! She pulled out 2 shiny objects and placed them on the bed. I said "Those are big. What are they?" Her eyes were still adjusting from waking up so she pulled out her flashlight and said "They are half-dollars!" Then she said, "I didn't know they exsisted until Mrs. Mendez showed us some fake ones on a chart at school." Then she went on to tell me they were worth 50 cents each. It was really cute. She wanted to take them to school to show her teacher so I let her. She was really excited.

01-03-2011 The last day of school before Christmas break began, Hailey brought home the treasured Student of the Week poster. She filled it out and got to bring it back to school today. She was excited because she gets to be it all week and do the calendar. Not too many things excite her at school so when it is her turn to do a fun activity and be spotlighted she was tickled.
When I was tucking her into bed, she remembered another highlight. Mrs. Mendez moved everyone around. She has a new spot to sit and new friends at her table. I am happy for her. Mason was driving her nuts and his mean comments hurt her feelings sometimes. She would often say she didn't think he liked her. I promised her he did. He was in her class last year and is just comfortable with her and that some boys are just mean and naughty! I hope the new desk arrangements brings some fun. She was stuck at a table full of rowdy boys. Mostly because she is so good natured and can handle it. I am happy to see her table is mostly girls now and a boy from last year that likes her and gets on everyones nerves but somehow is calm around Hailey. Here is to a great rest of First Grade!

01-03-2011 Tonight I was on the floor sharpening all of Hailey's and Hunter's pencils in preparation for homework. She came over to me and asked if I thought her two teeth were ready to pull. One of them was so she asked if she could try pulling out her tooth. She pulled out her last one. She went and got a paper towel and sat by me as I continued to sharpen. I didn't think it was that ready but we saw blood on the paper towel so I knew it would happen. The yank noises were sort of grossing me out. I could hear the clicking and cracking of her tooth. She made a few attempts and did ask for help but I knew she wanted to do it herself. Her baby teeth are just so tiny they are hard to grasp. My flip camera was nearby so I turned it on and luckily filmed her pulling it out before the camera was full. Then we called her daddy on her ipod touch to do facetime where she showed him her new hole and tooth. Technology is fun! Proud of you Miss H. She loves when the Tooth Fairy comes. She even keeps the fairy dust she left from her first visit in her closet in a sandwich baggie. She keeps it in the dark away from light so it won't lose it's magic and power. Oh I love her!

12-02-2010 Our Advent calendar has been put up on the wall. Last night Hailey wrote a note and left in in the pocket. She asked the elf what his name was. He wrote back and said his name was Foster. She loves this tradition where the Elves leave her things each day before Christmas!

12-01-2010 Conversation between Hailey and I on our way to gymnastics today...
Hailey: "Mom am I skinny?"
Me: "Yes"
Hailey: "Is that a good thing?"
Me: "Yes it is!"
Hailey: "I don't think so. That bone in your bummy hurts when you sit!"
She went on to infer that she needed some more padding in the bum area :)

09-12-2010 Hailey told me late last week that she learned about Pinky Promises. She is friends with this girl named Evelynn in her class and she told Hailey all about them. They promised to always be best friends. So cute. I love that she is forming such fun relationships.

09-11-2010 Went to the Disney Store to pick up Hailey's Halloween costume. She wants to be Jessie from Toy Story 3 this year. She also told me that next year she wants to be Willy Wonka!

09-06-2010 Spent Labor Day at the lake. We had a great time. Went fishing, camping and swimming. Hailey had a blast playing in the waves and sand at Sundance. It was a fun extended weekend.

09-03-2010 Hailey had her very first spelling test in school. She did very well and scored 100%. Way to go Hailey!

08-11-2010 Hailey finished up her last swim lesson this afternoon. She did really well and I am so proud of her for listening to her teacher. She swims so much better and her teacher was great.

08-11-2010 This morning Hailey told me that her life just hasn't been the same without Castle Cutie Cute. She misses having a pet to take care of and love. We need to get her another little pet I suppose. She really wants a dog but that isn't an option right now.

07-20-2010 Last night Hunter fell asleep on the couch before bedtime. Hailey disappeared into the back. She was gone forever. I thought she was quietly playing in her room. I walked straight to her room but didn't see her but I did notice that it was spic and span. No toys were on the floor and her bed was made. I walked out and she met me in the hallway with a surprise and a big jump. She was in Hunter's room picking up his few toys that were out. So sweet. I told her that was such a great good dead (and that I would give her $1). I was telling Brady about it this morning and he told her he thought she needed $2 one for each room. We are in the process of making out a chore chart so she can earn allowance to save up for those items she wants now.

06-25-2010 Hailey has been attending music camp all week. Today is her last class. She has really enjoyed the different themes and seeing her room transformed. It was worth the $60!

06-24-2010 We all went to see Toy Story 3 tonight at the movie theater. Super cute movie.

06-17-2010 Before going to bed last night, Hailey was wondering if the Tooth Fairy would give her more money for the piece of chipped tooth she got the night before when she banged her chin on the bed. She has enjoyed saving her money so she can go to the store and shop with her own money lately.

06-16-2010 H attended her first private swim lesson of the summer this year in a local neighborhood pool. They worked on learning to relax, kick smaller and float on her back and tummy. Hailey did well.

06-16-2010 At 3:50 this afternoon, Hailey pulled out her 5th loose tooth! I never would have done that. She is thrilled.

06-08-2010 Signed Hailey up for the summer reading program at the library today. We didn't make it to the library all school year like we did before she started school. Hopefully this will help us remember going weekly - plus we both love going! She likes pulling out her own library card and being so independent too.

06-08-2010 Hailey asked me to help her find the jumprope I bought her a few years ago. She was too young then to use it. We couldn't seem to track down where I stashed it. She used to be really into tying up all her stuffed animals and dragging them around. She liked to use it as a leash. So to avoid anything possibly horrible, I put it away or donated it. So this afternoon, she bought a $1 jumprope with her own money. She told me this morning she wants to learn how to jumprope. I couldn't be happier. I would do that for hours as a child. I loved playing it with my friends too. She has been practicing away. Can't wait to see her progress and have fun like I used to do!

06-07-2010 Brady and I were teasing Hailey tonight a little bit and told her that school was tomorrow. She got pretty upset and teared up. She told me she really thought it would be longer. We felt bad and made her happy again. She is starting to take things more serious and is beginning to be sensitive. Sorry Hailey. I do recognize it and we love you!

05-27-2010 Hailey brought home her first school yearbook this afternoon! I paid for it of course.

05-27-2010 So today I tracked down 4 packages of shaped bracelets for Hailey. They are the latest trend apparently. I just found out about them this week. So she went to school all hip and she was ever so happy. She traded 3 and was even more pleased. Love it!

05-24-2010 Today was princess and pirate dress up day at school. I sent "Snow White" to school today. She looked absolutely stinkin adorable if you ask me. She wore the costume that was Kelsey's when she was little. It was the perfect fit and the perfect occasion to wear to get to wear it.

05-24-2010 Tonight Hailey wrote her first story on her laptop computer. It was about a princess that got captured. I printed it out and had her illustrate it for me. So cute. I love how she is sounding out so many words and loving to write now.

05-21-2010 Today was Hailey's Kindergarten graduation ceremony at school. We all went for the big occasion. She was so happy for this day. She told me she couldn't go to first grade without that square piece of paper! I got teary eyed a couple of times. She looked so big and cute. I don't like that this year is coming to an end. That means all day school for her next year. I am not ready for that. I still enjoy having her around and that is a big chunk of time I will lose with her being gone.
Anyway, I presented her with a garden rose after the graduation and she found a surprise in her carseat when we got back to the car from us. She asked me a few days ago that since she was graduating if we could get her a present too. (We recently went to Kelsey's graduation in Boston). She got a very cute colorful bunny which she named Flower. Flower is now friends with "Princess Bunny" her original Build-A-Bear animal.
We also went to see Shrek in 3D on a whim. That was fun too. It was our first time to experience a 3D movie. It was a good day. Proud of you Hailey!

05-19-2010 Hailey ate lunch in the school cafeteria today with her class. They are introducing the children to it before next year. I love this. The meal was popcorn chicken, corn, roll, oranges and your choice of strawberry, white or chocolate milk. She tried the popcorn chicken for me and she liked it. So proud of her. It was so worth the $2.05 for her to try something new! She of course ate the roll and had the chocolate milk. Fun. Fun!

05-18-2010 I know what to get Miss Hailey now for her graduation present.

05-17-2010 Hailey asked me this afternoon if I could get her a graduation gift too because she was graduating soon. I laughed and told her we would. So cute.
A couple hours later I asked her what she might want. She said "Well I know I am too young but I really want a phone." Funny thing is that she really does want one. One just like her dads - an iphone. Technology is just too awesome right now.

05-02-2010 Hailey's asked Brady to pull out her other very loose top middle tooth yesterday at his office. It came out quick and she was happy to have it out. The Tooth Fairy left her 2 dollars.
She also keeps telling me that her teeth were "pregnant" because there are teeth coming in underneath the ones that came out. Funny.

04-27-2010 The Tooth Fairy came to visit Hailey sometime last night. Hailey woke up this morning to find 2 gold one dollar coins. She was excited to show me her treasures.

04-26-2010 I checked Hailey out of school a little early so she could go to the dentist. She has had a loose tooth for about 2 1/2 weeks and it appeared to be cracked. It wasn't but he took care of it for her. They numbed it up and she did great. They put her little tooth in the cutest tooth holder. She is excited for the Tooth Fairy to come visit her. She had her snuggie blanket on top of her regular blanket last night and when she woke me up around 6am because the closet was making wierd shadows she told me that the Tooth Fairy must have moved her blanket when she picked her up. So cute.

04-24-2010 I took Hailey to a dress up tea party for a little girl in her Kindergarten class. She looked adorable to me all dressed up in her pink polka dotted dress. She brought along Princess Bunny dressed up too. She had a great time and didn't want to come home.
I had to get something at the store afterwards and she drove the cart and waved at people. It was funny to me.

04-08-2010 Hailey received her school class picture today. I was hoping to see more than just her head but she is so tall she is on the back row! It turned out cute anyway.

04-01-2010 My April Fool's joke didn't work on Hailey this morning. I tried to put plastic wrap across the doorway and have her run into it. She saw it and simply went under. I then told her it was snowing outside. She was excited about that one! I then had her call her daddy and tell him that she saw a deer out front. He fell for it and it made her happy she got to trick him!

03-24-2010 Hailey's first pet named Castle Cutie Cute passed away this afternoon. She cried big sweet tears but hugging her seemed to help her the best. I texted Brady to give her a call and I know that made her feel better too. My friend came by around this time and that took her mind off of the situation. Hailey decorated a box for her hampster and even picked her up out of the cage which surprised me. Brady came home and they had a funeral out back for her. This is her first taste of a pet dying. She doesn't react the same way when a fish dies. Just not the same. I think she did pretty well with it all and she seemed to understand. She did ask shortly after she passed if we could take her to the vet and see if they could do anything for her but after I explained that they just don't live that long she was okay. I love that I can be very honest with Hailey and how accepting she can be with situations. We loved you Castle Cutie Cute!

03-17-2010 Pulled Hailey's bike out of the garage today. She hasn't rode on it since last fall. It is Spring Break here this week. She had a good time but needs to build up some endurance. She got tired pretty quick.

03-06-2010 Hailey hasn't been feeling well since Friday. She has the flu just like her brother. No fun.

02-22-2010 Hailey has started completing 100 piece puzzles. She has liked to do puzzles for a long time now. Her grandmother gave her ten dollars for Valentine's Day. She spent some of it on Saturday at Dollar General. She bought 4 100 piece puzzles and a pack of her favorite gum. She was tickled to get out her purse and pay!

02-22-2010 Hailey just came to me super excited and talking so fast. She had a yellow piece of paper with a telephone number written on it. She told me all about how she wants a pink snuggie and if I order now she can get socks too. She also said I have to be 18 years or older. So can we order it now mommy? It is just like the one Grammy has but isn't a real snuggie! It was super funny. She loves those As Seen on TV ads. I do too!

02-22-2010 I put up an Easter decoration of a carrot on the wall the other day - a wee bit early for Easter. Hailey looked at it and said, "What. Is it going to be carrot day soon?" I had to explain to her that it was just an Easter decoration!

02-18-2010 We attended Hailey's Open House at school tonight. She was excited to show us her class room and the school. I got to see where she waits to be picked up from school finally. She was a little bummed that we didn't get to have class with her. She thought we would go through the school routine together. I would have liked that too. It was more open than I would have liked. It would have been nice to hear her teacher speak to the parents directly. We did go to the library because it was also Book Fair week. How conveninet! She enjoyed picking out a couple of books and one for her teacher. Her daddy treated her to Braums afterwards for dinner and a giant ice-cream cone!

02-15-2010 When Hailey gets in the car right after school I immediately ask her how class was and she replies and then begins pulling out every single thing in her backpack and showing them to me. She usually doesn't give me too many details other than it was "okay", "good" or "we didn't get to go outside." The first thing she told me today was that they read a really good book she liked. So as she was pulling out her backpack items, she mentions her snack. I asked her if they had to skip snack today and she said the teacher brought pie. Pie? Why did your teacher bring pie? She tells me it was cherry pie. Oh I say. Did you talk about George Washington and chopping down the cherry tree? She gets excited that I know. Then I ask her if she had some pie - knowing full well she didn't. She of course says no and said that she wasn't sure she would like it. I ask her if the other kids had some. She said they all did. I then ask her if it bugged her or embarrased her that they all ate the pie and she said so proudly "NO!" I am so glad that stuff like that doesn't even bother her one bit. The teacher should be glad too. That pie if she is forced to try it just might wind up staining the carpet!

02-12-2010 Today Hailey had her first Valentine's party at school. She was so excited to give out her Valentine's and see all about this day. Brady went in and surprised her near the end of the party and stayed while she played on the playground for the first time in forever it seems. The weather was nice today. It was cute seeing them walk out of the school together. She had fun looking through all her Valentine's on the car ride to our cabin for the weekend. It was also cute to hear and see her showing them to Hunter at the cabin upstairs. He was so curious about her loot!
*Since today was our 10th Wedding Anniversary, we spent the weekend in a little cozy cabin right outside Turner Falls. We toured Arbuckle Wilderness and explored. It was a nice trip.

02-05-2010 Hailey came home with the "Cracker Jack of the Week" paper for school this afternoon. She gets to fill out a form and tell her classmates a little bit about herself. Just yesterday she was telling me that she hasn't had a turn to be it yet. She was thrilled to tell me the minute she stepped into the car today!

She also told me she was the only one who got to pick out of the treasure box. I asked why and she said she was the only who used their manners today. She said she said "Thank-you" and "please" a lot today. She picked out some rubber bracelets.

01-28-2010 We had a ice/snow storm come through our area and school was cancelled for 4 days! Hailey was happy.

12-17-2009 Hailey saw McDonalds this afternoon and asked me if we could stop and get a sprite. I said no. She said "Why? It has orange juice in it!" This is funny because Brady tells us that on of Mt. Dew's main ingredients is orange juice. And it is!

12-17-2009 Hailey went to school in her pajamas today. They did absolutely no work and watched the Polar Express and drank hot chocolate!

She also got me feeling a little festive and removed some of my inner Grinch. She wanted to give something to her friends so we made some treat bags to pass out at tomorrow's class party.

12-16-2009 Hailey brought home a present for Brady and I from school today. When Brady came home, she had us sit on the bed and open it up. It was a super cute ornament that looked like a bunch of snowmen. It was made using her handprint. It turned out great. It came with a nice little poem too. Loved it.

12-11-2009 I took Hailey in to have her 6 year old pictures made this morning. She also posed for a few with her brother (not very successful though because he was being a pickle). We turned a few good pictures into Christmas cards to send out. Yeah! She wore a sparkly cream colored dress with silver sequin accents. She loved it!

12-10-2009 Hailey sat on Santa's lap tonight at Bass Pro Shops. She told him she wanted a blow-up pool!

12-05-2009 We went to the tree farm for our Christmas tree today, made salt dough ornaments and decorated the tree. Hailey liked putting her ornaments on the tree. Brady taught Hailey how to string popcorn too! She made a pretty long strand.

12-02-2009 Drove Hailey to Norman to get her annual flu shot this evening. She was super nervous but was brave and didn't cry. Her sticker bandaid had a horse on it.

11-30-2009 Hailey took money to school today to shop in the school Christmas store. I remember doing this as a child and loved it. Brady and Michael scored. She came back with two presents for them!

11-24-2009 After picking up Hailey from school this afternoon, we began driving to Santa Fe, NM to spend the week with Brady's family for Thanksgiving.

11-19-2009 Last night Hailey asked me if she could tell me a secret. Of course I said yes. She said that sometimes she traces things with her tongue. I asked her to explain more. She looked up at the clock on the ceiling and said sometimes she traces the clock numbers for fun. She also said she traces people's glasses when she is looking at them inside her mouth. This is an odd, funny thing!

11-10-2009 Took Hailey in to the doctor this afternoon because she wasn't looking so well. She ran a fever in the middle of the night and threw up drainage. She also threw up mostly drainage Saturday night. She is negative for the flu but has an ear infection. She hasn't had one of those since she was very young.

11-09-2009 Hailey's first school pictures came home today! I ordered the basic set. She wore a cute slate blue top and a cute plaid skirt - that you couldn't see. She looks so cute to me. Another milestone checked off...

11-08-2009 Happy Birthday Hailey Rae! I love you very much and I am glad you are here with us. Hope you have a great, happy year!

She had a bad headache so we came home early from church. After resting a bit, we opened up gifts, sang Happy Birthday and then enjoyed a slice of her giant cupcake cake. Daddy gave her a DVD player w/pink headphones. I gave her a Swim To Me Puppy. Hunter gave her some purple Tinkerbell shoes.

11-07-2009 Today Hailey had her 6th year birthday party! We invited some friends from church and the girls from school. Three of them came from school. She was happy to have her friends at her house. As a surprise, I had this bus called the Tumblebus come to our house as a surprise for her. They entertain the kids for an hour in the bus. They all loved it and it was a successful party!

11-06-2009 I attended my first PTC as a parent this morning. Hailey is doing well but we need to work on getting her to feel more comfortable speaking out in class. She is super quiet and shy at school. Crazy to imagine but she is!

11-06-2009 Today I made Hailey a giant cupcake cake for her 6th year birthday. I haven't made a single one of her cakes yet and I was starting to feel a little guilty for not doing that yet. I spent all afternoon baking and decorating the giant cupcake and small cupcakes for the guests. It turned out good but I think I will stick to buying them. I forgot about the time it takes to do it!

11-05-2009 Today is my mother-in-laws birthday. She took her grandaughter to Build-A-Bear workshop in the mall for her birthday on Sunday on her own birthday. Super sweet. Hailey was beyond excited with what she came home with from her Grammy. Thanks Grammy for the special gift. She loves that place and I have deemed it a special occasion place like today!

11-01-2009 Hailey sorted her Halloween candy right after waking up this morning. They are all lined up too!

11-01-2009 As Hailey is humming Christmas songs she turns to me and asks if it was getting closer to Christmas. I told her that it was getting closer and she said, "Oh we better start being good!" Funny. I told her she was supposed to be good all the time and that "he" watches all year long. She is ready to put out the Advent Calendar already. Halloween was just last night!

10-31-2009 We took Hailey (and Hunter) to a pumpkin patch this afternoon. She had a good time in the maze, getting to sit by herself on a hay bale in the middle section on the tractor ride and eating a smore. The sugar loving bees annoyed her though. They were after our drinks! She really wanted to play on the hay bales but it has been so rainy here lately that they looked bad and smelled of mold.

She dressed up as Gretel from the story Hansel and Gretel for Halloween tonight. She was a cute, poor peasant girl!

10-30-2009 As I was cleaning Hailey's bathtub this morning, she asked me why I keep forgetting things now. She told me I used to remember everything. I told her I didn't know!

10-30-2009 Hailey brought home some cute stuff in her backpack today. A cute toilet paper pumpkin, green slime and treats and goodies from friends. She also brought home her first report card. At first I thought it was blank as I have never seen a computer generated one. Then I thought it was cool. Then I got annoyed. No handwritten or computer written note from the teacher telling me I have a lovely child. Nothing. Her marks were excellent but the format is misleading. On a couple of things she got marked for the 1st quarter as "having difficulty" but it clearly states on the back that mastery for those items are not until later quarters. It should have been marked as "progressing". This lump summing of a few skills annoyed the teacher in me. Anway, I am proud of her. She is a smart little girl. I guess parents get to ask away and get the inside scoop at parent teacher conferences.

Hailey also told me they went to the computer lab today. She was excited about this. She said they learned how to log on and off. I asked her if she did good and she said yes but they didn't have the same icons she had on her desktop! I asked her if she needed any help and she said they had helpers teaching them. Then she said and I quote, "I like school." Then she looked at me with a twinkle in her eye and said, "Did I just say I liked school for the first time?" "Yes you did Hailey!" I knew that but she likes to tell me otherwise. Funny girl.

10-30-2009 Hailey went to school in her Halloween costume. She went as Gretel. When I picked her up, she fit the part of a poor peasant girl. Her head scarf was all funny and her bangs were wild. Apparently Preston bugged her in the reading center and pulled off her scarf. She put it back on the best she could. She told me that he bugs her sometimes. I hope she gets new center partners soon.

10-29-2009 Hailey went to school today with crazy hair! It is Red Ribbon Week at her school and she showed her school spirit. She wanted spiders in her hair. I made several ponytails and Brady sprayed them green. She looked cute and crazy!

10-26-2009 The cookie dough arrived today for Hailey's school fundraiser. We now have 6 tubs of delicious cookies to enjoy. Hailey has a few cheap toys too from selling it!

10-21-2009 I re-enrolled Hailey in another session of gymnastics for this year. Today was her first class. She missed the opening session and was excited to get to go today. She did well other than the fact she biffed it on the balance beam. Looked like it hurt but she didn't cry. Her teacher this year is excellent. I got to speak with her afterwards. She said Hailey was very limber and that she would help her work on getting control of her body. It cracked me up that she could sum her up so quickly. She is going to help her learn to use the muscles in her body better. Hailey can be a floppy noodle. I am anxious to see her progress. Maybe this will help her not have so many accidents!

10-20-2009 As I was pulling into the parent drop off line at Hailey's school today she says, "Oh No! I don't have a long shirt on!" I told her it was going to be warm today and that her shirt was okay. She said, "Mom I don't want the girls to know I like boy stuff! I have this tattoo on and they are going to see it!" I told her it would be okay and that it was okay to like boy stuff. She went on her merry way and didn't seem to mind after that. This is the first time she has let me know that she might be embarrased by something. So far she still lets me dress her without complaining. She is pretty happy go lucky still. I know the things she does like and they are way out there for me but I do give in every now and then. She likes all the glitter and sparkly stuff! She will be young for only so long and I prefer to dress her like a little girl - not a confused teenager.
I did ask her when I picked her up if anyone said anything about it and she said that they never saw it.
* The tattoo was of a motorcycle. She put one on her and Hunter at the lakehouse. Grammy bought her a whole bunch to play with last summer.

10-19-2009 Hailey missed her first day of school today. We were on our way back from the lake when she decided to get sick in the car in OKC. She is acting fine and got cranky with me that I made her take a nap.

10-15-2009 Hailey's thing of lately is asking me what does "m-i-x" spell? That is just an example but she will spell out all kinds of words she sees and ask me what it says several times a day. She is eager to learn to read better. She has picked up on a few sight words and gets excited when she sees them in books now.

10-14-2009 Today was picture day at school for Hailey. I decided to curl the ends of her hair. She can't stand for me to fix her hair normally. She wiggles and moves around and that annoys me because I don't spend that long doing it. I feel she can sit still for a few seconds. So as I was curling her hair she tells me that I don't need to make her pretty because she already is pretty. I had to laugh at that but I still wanted to send her to school on picture day looking extra cute.
When I picked her up from school she tells me that they took pictures after they did centers. Which tells me that she had her picture taken 30 minutes before school let out. I only hope her hair wasn't a mess and somebody fixed her pretty in her hair. She looked kinda wild.

She also left her ladybug raincoat at school. I hope it is in the classroom and not lost. I did put her name on it on the inside. Another first. Next year I am sure it will be the lunchbox.

10-09-2009 I wasn't feeling too terribly well this morning. I asked Hailey to help out and get along with Hunter. They wound up being pickles eventually and I wound up yelling at her before school. I was very frustrated with her behavior but we both apologized and doled out hugs and kisses. It is annoying to have to get on to her sometimes and makes me feel bad.
When I picked her up from school today, her teacher walked her to our car and said that she was the blue ticket winner today because she always makes good choices. She will receive a free meal from a restaurant. Yeah Hailey! I am so happy she is extremely obediant at school. If only this morning had been like that...

I took her to Wal-Mart to go buy some warmer pajamas. We got 5 pairs. Now that cooler weather has set in, I will have to start collecting warmer clothes. I found her two long sleeved shirts too. It's a start. Now she won't be so chilly at night when she kicks off her covers!

She also asked me after watching the credits on a dvd if I could sign her up for piano lessons. I would love that but I don't feel that she is quite ready for that kind of discipline yet - plus the whole piano thing is absent in our home right now.

10-01-2009 Tonight Hailey made a birthday card for her teacher's birthday tomorrow. It turned out super cute if I do say so myself. I took a picture of it and posted it on her blog for her.

Brady also put a picture screen saver on her computer just like his. She is one happy girl now that she has them just like he does!

09-27-2009 On Friday in school, Hailey's class went to the library where they met the "lady that owns it" and got to hear a story. I filled her in that she was called the librarian. She also spouted off the correct difference between fiction and non-fiction. This morning she got a book out and showed me where the spine of it was. I remember from teaching Kindergarten that knowing the correct parts of a book is a skill they have to pass off. I think she has it down.

09-26-2009 This afternoon I took Hailey to a birthday party for a little boy named Preston. He is in her class at school and is one of the little boys that chases her on the playground. I stayed the whole time as I wasn't going to drop her off at someone's house I didn't know. She had a great time swimming and going down the slide about a million times. It was also nice to get to know a few of the parents in her class. About 10 boys came and the two redheads (Emma and Hailey) came. So far Hailey does not care what gender she hangs around and I love that about her. She sees fun and goes for it. She likes to interact with everyone as long as she is comfortable in the situation. It was a great afternoon for her.

09-26-2009 Hailey is learning through song in her Kindergarten class. My mom would be so happy. She believed in this concept. Hailey has been singing how to spell her colors, the days of the week, the months of the year and her alphabet sounds. Anything done over and over for a period of time eventually sinks into her brain. She loves this type of learning and we get to hear her melodies. Singing really makes her happy and she loves to make noises. The loud pitched ones do get on my nerves but I suppose I need to get over that as she most likely won't make them all her life.

09-23-2009 Hailey handed me a birthday invitation in the car after school today. It is for a little boy in her class. She is begging to go to it. She said "Mom. That is the boy that chases us on the playground! So can I go?" Funny.

09-22-2009 Hailey has this thing where she likes to give me instructions on how to take care of her babies while she is at school. This morning she was explaining what she wanted me to do with her bunny. I told her I would take care of it after she left for school and that she could tend to it now. She came back around 5 minutes later with a wet bunny. She dropped it in the toilet! Ewweh! It is in the washer right now getting all clean.

09-18-2009 Yesterday when I picked Hailey up from school her teacher told me she was so soft spoken. I told her yes she is because I know how reserved she is outside our home and people she knows. Kids are funny. I am glad she is polite and obedient at school and am very thankful for that!

09-15-2009 Hailey loves belts but she only has one and that came on a pair of short and is green. Whenever we are in the clothing department she spies them and always wants to go look at them and ALWAYS asks me if we can buy some. The cheap person in me has always told her no. I figure I can buy her something she needs more than a belt. Today she wanted to go buy something with her tooth fairy money. We went to Target and browsed the dollar aisle. Unfortunately everything was on clearance and not fun. So she picked out some candy from the checkout counter instead. It made her happy to pay. Anway back to the belt thing, she spied them again as we were browsing for a fall jacket. So we picked up 2. A pink one with a cupcake and a white one with pink jewels. She is in heaven and wearing one at the moment. I think they will be the perfect addition to her jeans this fall and winter now!
* Oh and I got a good deal on them so they were justified!

09-14-2009 Hailey brought home her first ever homework assignment! She is supposed to write her name 3x each day in the D'Nealian format, do a rhyming page involving money and continue her online reading. I love the online reading format to get parents and students involved in helping students become readers. Hailey is enjoying it.
She also brought home her Scholastic books we ordered. The assistant put them in her backpack so when we got in the car she was so anxious to look and see what we ordered!

09-13-2009 At school, Hailey has been learning about rhyming. Several times a day lately she will say something along these lines: "Say cat. Say hat. Do they rhyme? Yes!" It is fun to hear her talk about things she is learning and be excited about it even though she says she doesn't like school because I know she does!

09-11-2009 After school, Hailey told me all the girls in her class were attacking her on the playground. She said that everyone was fighting over her to play with! She said she told them she was going to play with all of them but some of them just wanted only a few. Glad she is well liked so far!

09-03-2009 Hailey brought home her first Thursday folder from school today. No homework yet. Just parent notes.

09-03-2009 I have a few rules at my house and Hailey knows them well. She just told me she is going to make a rule that I can't say "No!" Funny.

08-31-2009 Hailey has today and tomorrow off from school. She has wanted to go ride her bike at Mitch park for a long time. I promised I would take her there. She rides her bike occasionally in the driveway and once on the street with me. I don't really like it though because there are not sidewalks in our neighborhood. I loaded up my bike, the bike trailer for Hunter and Hailey's bike in the Yukon. It took some figuring out but I managed. I need one of those bike hitches on the outside! We did the whole course. I was very proud of her. It is a super long way. We stopped half way and sat on a bench and enjoyed a drink and a snack. Hunter decided he needed to use the restroom and just pulled down his pants and went. So glad no one was passing by at the time! We saw a bunny munching on the grass as we left. At the back of the course it gets a little steep so she wound up walking her bike about 3 times. She was pretty tired but she did it! When we were almost back to the car we needed to turn right and she didn't quite make the turn soon enough and wound up going down and up a hill. She didn't fall off but it surprised her. It bent up her training wheel a little and moved her seat.
After the park, I took them to get haircuts. I would do this myself but I have absolutely no talent in this area.
Then we were off to lunch and another park to play. She had a good day. Swimming is on her list of things to do as well. I tried finding a place for her to swim but they are all closed during the week now. Strange.

08-28-2009 Hailey told me they had a fire drill practice at school today and two kids got to celebrate their birthday with cookies. She said it was a fun day for her. Cookies and going outside. I can't blame her!

* I also found some really cute play shoes on clearance for her while shopping for a wedding present too. One pair of school shoes checked off my list!

08-27-2009 Tonight Brady and I went to Hailey's school for Back to School Night. We met in her teacher's classroom. She discussed briefly what they do in her class and we signed up for PTC in November. She also filmed them doing their songs. It was interesting because Hailey showed us one of them at home and she was so animated doing it. At school so far she is quite reserved. Funny to see the dramatic difference!
Grammy and Smokey took the children to dinner while we went to the school. They love hanging out with them by themselves. Hailey even made Grammy play in her room with her.

08-27-2009 Grammy bought some school clothes for Hailey and Brady brought them home last night. Hailey loves looking at piles of new clothes and playing dress up with them. I especially appreciated this kind generosity as Hailey and I haven't gone clothes shopping yet for school. Thanks for thinking of us Grammy.

08-25-2009 Hailey looks older to me lately and is getting prettier. I can say that because I am the mom. Hailey grew taller over the summer and a few more freckles have also graced her smooth face. Maybe it is because she has started school and I am noticing all these new changes.

08-25-2009 Hailey came home with skinned knees and an elbow this afternoon. Boys chasing girls on the playground is a fun activity apparently. She said she fell twice. I asked her if she cried and she said "NO!" and almost rolled her eyes at me like I would never do that mom. Funny. I think this is the first time she has ever had a skinned elbow.

Right after school, we drove immediately to Kindermusik. Today was her first class of the semester. She was excited to receive a new bag and a new instrument.

08-24-2009 Hailey told me they started centers today in her Kindergarten class. She said she made a school bus and traced some letter a's with dry erase markers. She seemed excited about centers as she had me pretend to be her student, gave me directions on how to complete my school bus and all. It was pretty cute. I love how much attention she pays when asked to do specific assignments.
She also told me she and another little boy were apparently sitting really still and doing as the teacher asked so she got a few jelly beans. She told me she just really doesn't like the taste but she ate them anyway. I am so proud of her. Sitting still is a tall order for her. I am also glad she didn't refuse the jelly beans. Her teacher might not be so keen to praise her another time! I am so happy she is mindful at school. Makes me proud.

08-21-2009 I am teaching Hailey how to use the phone. I posted our numbers and 911 on the refrigerator in case she ever needs to use them. She has talked on the phone lots of times but never dialed and pressed talk on her own. I need to work on having her answer it too. New adventures!

08-20-2009 3rd Day of Kindergarten-
I asked Hailey what she liked about her day and she told me it was when the boys were chasing the girls on the playground. Nice. She is liking school so far except the part she said makes her tired. She is asked to sit criss cross applesauce on the carpet and put her hands in the hole it makes. Sitting still for long periods of time is extremely difficult for Hailey let alone having to keep her hands in one place. She has been in constant motion since birth. I understand why the teacher wants it this way but Hailey says she wouldn't touch anyone even if her hands were out. She is well behaved in large group settings. I think this is a good thing for her to learn.

08-19-2009 Hailey made a replica of the stoplight they have at school this morning and posted it on her dry erase board. She asked for some magnets to create it too. Red means don't talk. Yellow means whisper. Green means talk normal. She also created a pointer out of paper and gave it to her teacher once she got in class. She loves to create stuff. I love that she has a desire to make others happy too.

08-19-2009 Hailey saw me preparing to iron her clothes for school and she told me "Thank you for ironing my clothes yesterday." That comment made my morning. I told her thank you and picked her up and gave her a big hug. She told me she knew I didn't like to iron. I love that she recognized this and made an effort to thank me. It meant a lot.

08-18-2009 Hailey went to her first day of half day Kindergarten today! She was excited to go and I had butterflies for her. She had a good day.

08-11-2009 Hailey lost her second tooth tonight. It was wiggly loose and she couldn't stand it any longer so she asked Brady to pull it out again. Looks like the Tooth Fairy will make a visit tonight!

08-08-2009 Hailey has another loose tooth on the bottom!

07-23-2009 We took the children on a family reunion trip to Ogden, Burley and Yellowstone until the 31st of July. It was a great trip and we did not want to come back.

07-21-2009 Hailey told me she wants to start her own blog this morning and wants to know how to set one up on her computer. I just may have to do that for her!

07-20-2009 Hailey had another 6 month cleaning at the dentist today. She doesn't like the fluoride treatments but all went well. She was so happy to show the doctor her missing tooth. She also has more 6 year molars coming in on the top.

07-15-2009 Hailey asked me when we were saying her night time prayers if we had to pray in Heaven. I told her what I thought and she said, "Well can't we just open our doors and just tell him ourselves?"

07-11-2009 Hailey picked out a pink backpack at the office supply store today to use when she starts Kindergarten in August! We plan to go shopping for supplies soon. Crazy she will be in school. She was excited about it!

07-10-2009 Spent the 4th at the lakehouse. Kelsey, Michael and Whynama were there. Hailey enjoyed talking to Whynama and even helped her walk to the house from the car. I love how tender and sweet she can be. She made Whynama a picture of herself holding hands with her in the grass with the sprinkler on! Hailey enjoyed her time with everyone and getting to drive the boat to the big bridge we cross when we drive to the lake. It was pretty good weekend.

07-09-2009 Hailey finished her swimming lessons today. She only got 3 lessons out of the 5 her teacher had time for this year. Yesterday she cancelled because it sprinkled and she said the pool wasn't warm enough. She also had to cancel for Friday because she had plans come up. I was bummed and got refunded the money. I really wanted Hailey to have more training. She did well though. We just don't go swimming enough for her to be super confident I am afraid. I am proud of her. I did not enjoy swimming lessons as a child and don't particularly enjoy the water myself. I am not a strong swimmer. As a reward, Hailey wanted a box of chocolates w/sprinkles, a cardboard box she can turn into a hotel and a breakable picture of Heavenly Father. I got the chocolates covered so far. Working on the other two!

07-06-2009 Hailey started another session of private swimming lessons this afternoon. She did good!

06-29-2009 Hailey's tooth came out tonight via a little help from her daddy pulling it out. I posted an entry on my blog. She was excited for the Tooth Fairy to come. She came and even left some Pixie dust behind in the window!

06-23-2009 Hailey discovered she has a loose tooth on the bottom front this morning. She is excited. She said, "Soon the Tooth Fairy is going to come to my house!" Then she asked me if I would blog about it. That made me laugh.

06-01-2009 One of Hailey's 6 year molars have begun erupting. She discovered one on the bottom today on our Kubota ride!

05-23-2009 Hailey participated in her first ballet/tap recital tonight. She looked so pretty and I was so proud of her for getting up there and doing it on stage. We went to Build-A-Bear afterwards to pick out a special animal. She picked a cute bunny which she named princess.

05-12-2009 Hailey's last music class for this semester is over today. I told her she would resume again in the fall. She said "But she did that last year!" She doesn't quite get the concept of summer vacation. I think being in school all year long next year will fix that right up!

05-11-2009 Hailey had her first rehearsal at her dance studio for her performance tonight. She and her other classmate performed in front of a few other classes. They went through the whole thing twice. I could tell she was a little nervous as I watched through the curtained window. They weren't doing it with as much gusto! I told her she did well. Then she told me she didn't want anything to do with that stage fright again! Brady asked her later if she really knew what stage fright was and she indeed did. She said she heard about it on TV but in all actuality her teacher has mentioned it to the girls in the past few months. Hailey told Brady that she has never been on stage and basically that she might have it. I absolutely know she will but that doesn't matter. I have seen her do it in class with determination and it is cute. If anything, she will look super cute all dressed up for her first stage experience!

05-09-2009 Hailey threw up outside the car in the Tackle Box parking lot around 4. She complained of being hungry, her head hurting, needing to go see a doctor and not feeling well. We thought she might be carsick and hungry as she had been coloring for quite some time in the car over curvy roads. Lunch didn't help apparently. She asked for a sick bed on the couch. I put a movie in for her and she lasted awhile. Then I found her laying flat chocking on her own vomit. She looked freaked out. I carried her blanket and all to the shower and cleaned her head to toe. She continued to throw up about three more times until she was able to sleep around 11. She woke up around 4 am and continued to throw up ever hour and then went to every half hour until 8 am. She was throwing up bile at this point. I had horrible flashbacks of my pregnancy throwing up. I moved her to another room and made her sit up more, got her to eat some pretzels and marshmallows and a few sips of water. Seemed to do the trick. She slept peacefully until 11:30 and woke up with a pretty smile. I told her it was Mother's Day and she couldn't wait to go get her sweet gifts she had made me earlier in the week. Hunter woke up at 11:10 and couldn't wait to see his big sister. I let him peek in on her. When she woke up, he went and layed next to her. So cute. I love the half groggy, sleepy morning state when they wake up.
* I think she must have had some bad food or bad drink as the throwing up was her only symptom and appears to be fine days later. Crazy she might have had food poisoning!

04-26-2009 On the way home from church, Hailey asked me if when it is her time to go to Heaven and she is holding something (like her baby doll Annabell she was holding at the time) if it would go to Heaven too. I told her no that her baby doll wasn't alive and it would just be her. She is hoping that there will be toys in Heaven. I told her there would most likely be wonderful things in Heaven to play with. She said she likes her stuff here but seemed to understand. She thinks about stuff that I don't think I ever thought of when I was her age. She amazes me. I love this little girl.

04-23-2009 Hailey told me tonight as she was getting ready to brush her teeth "I am going to push your buttons if I can find them!" She went over to my back and searched. She wasn't quite ready to go to bed - but she never ever is ready for that!

03-27-2009 Hunter just whacked Hailey upside the head as she was watching television. Her back was turned and was unaware. He got her with his play screwdriver. She wailed and has a knot on her head now. Little booger!

03-16-2009 Hailey spent Spring Break at the lake house with us until 3/23. She had a great time!

03-03-2009 Hailey had her hair cut today. It looks super cute!

02-10-2009 A tornado passed a mile away from our house tonight and caused some damage. We spent about 2 1/2 hours without electricity. Too close for me and I am glad we were safe.
* Side note: This morning Hailey told me that she wished the power would go out for a really long time. I asked her why and she said so Hunter wouldn't find her in her room playing with her toys! Hmmm... did she possibly cause this to happen?

02-04-2009 Hailey went on her first long bike ride at Mitch Park today. I intended to go only for a short ride but we wound up doing 2 miles! She did so good.

01-26-2009 Hailey told me this when sitting at the kitchen counter doing an art project...
"Mom, sometimes I pretend weird things."
"Like what?" "Sometimes I pretend I can talk to people and I pretend they talk back. They come out when I flush the toilet." "They come out of toilet?" "No mommy! They come out of the vent up high when I flush the toilet." "Oh you mean the fan?" "Yes. And I tell them secret things." "Oh Hailey like what?" "Just secret things."
She then switched the conversation.

01-24-2009 Hailey had a race in the backyard with Brady today. She has been telling him for the past two days that she can run faster than he can. So they went out and proved it. I filmed it on the video camera. She agreed that he was faster. They had a second race in which she won.

01-20-2009 Hailey, today Barak Obama was sworn in as our new President of the United States. He is the first African American to hold this office. I hope and pray he serves us well.

01-19-2009 Today I took Hailey in for another 6 month cleaning. She did good as usual. This was her first time to have a fluoride treatment. It made her gag and she wasn't thrilled about the taste. My mom never allowed us to get them growing up and this time I wasn't asked if I wanted it or not. I have never seen one done. So next time, I will probably tell them not to do it on her. I was surprised she didn't throw up on the lady since she has a horrible gag reflex. She put the sucker tool in and helped clear her throat while it was sitting on her teeth. She also had x-rays taken and we got to see her 6 year molars underneath her gum line. The dentist said once those erupt she will probably start losing teeth. He also said she will let us know when they erupt. Ahh - lovely pain for her to endure once more! Brady kept Hunter while we were there. It was a nice little outing just the two of us even though we were at the dentist. I love going to the dentist-especially this one. They make it painless and they are excellent!

01-14-2009 Today Hailey attended her first gymnastics class on the big girl side. She was a little anxious a few days prior but after some conversations about the fact the girls would be her size and not "big" like me, she was ready to go to her class. I could tell she was listening well and doing just as well as her classmates. She loves going to gymnastics classes. It is her time to bounce around!

01-09-2009 Hailey was a great big sister today. Today is Hunter's birthday. She helped dress him, change his diaper and play with him. I love the fact that they are really enjoying playing together now and getting along. It has taken Hailey awhile to get to this point. She loves him dearly but from birth hasn't had an overprotective, smothering of love for her brother that I expected. She just turned 3 when he was born. Hunter on the other hand has always been drawn to her. He loves to be by her and can't stand it if she is sad. She was a great help to me today and I really appreciated it. Present time was a little hard for her to not intervene and play with all Hunter's stuff immediately. Grammy did bring her some clothes for her Mia doll and gave her a ladybug raincoat. So sweet to think of her too!

11-12-2008 Hailey went to see her pediatrician today for her 5 year well child check up. She did great. They tested her vision and hearing and she passed on both. She weighed 42 pounds and is in the 66th percentile for weight. She was 44 1/4 inches high and is in the 83rd percentile for her height.
She has had all her recommended immunizations but got a flu shot in her leg. I had already warned her about it. I knew she would be anxious because of the numerous pokes in her recent hospital visit. She cried but got over it minutes later. Hunter got a flu shot as well. We found a boo-boo bear at Ross afterwards that seemed to give her comfort!

11-05-2008 I took Hailey in for another hair cut today. She has wanted it to be shorter for a few months but I was holding out until after Halloween. Had to have cute ponytails for her Dorothy costume! She looks cute and is looking more grown up lately.

10-28-2008 Shortly after Hailey woke up this morning she told me this... "You know what good mommies do?" "No. What do they do?". "They put clothes on the bed for their kids." "Really?" "Yeah." "Well. I think good mommies teach their children how to go get their clothes." "Nah. Good mommies put clothes on the bed."
Obviously she saw a scenario like this on TV because you could tell it fascinated her. She loves to go get herself dressed in the morning. I usually don't censor what she wears in the house unless it is too cold or hot. When we go out, I usually go get her an outfit and she usually puts it on without a fuss. She knows what she likes in clothing too. It is completely opposite of what I would choose but it makes her happy. She like bright colors and stuff with sparkles! I do give her choices in what she would like to wear when we go out sometimes. She has always been happy go lucky in this department. I dread the day she becomes a pickle!

10-28-2008 We carved a pumpkin tonight into a cat. It turned out super cute. Hailey was really into digging out the seeds. Last year she didn't stick around until the bitter end. I washed her hands about half way through because they were starting to itch but she didn't want to quit. She wasn't too happy about me lighting a candle to take a picture. She wanted the lighting ceremony to take place on Halloween night. She got over that quick when she realized we could light it over and over. Sometimes she gets really particular about how things should go over. It was a fun night.

10-26-2008 Today was the primary program at church. I saw Hailey's index card in the car and I handed it to her when I got out. She handed it back to me and said, "Mom. I know my part! I don't need that!". It made me laugh because she has been practicing it but would always need help with the end and she would go get the index card I made her and then "read" my writing and finish it off!
She looked so pretty. When it was her turn she went up boldly but then she paused. I feared she would ask for help which is okay but I know she knew her part. She looked back at the adult sitting close by and then lifted up the microphone so it was better for her and then she rattled off her part with no problem! She cracks me up and I was beyond proud of her for doing it. She gave me a few waves and the occasional hand held up showing me her two fingers which to us means I love you not peace. At one point, I showed Hunter Hailey again and said to see her. He interpreted this as going up and seeing her so off he went. He made it halfway down the aisle! It was pretty cute. Anyway, I love you sweet girl. I am proud of you.

10-22-2008 Hailey's saying lately is "Can I talk to you alone?" Usually she adds on "in the closet". Whenever she doesn't want Brady or Hunter to hear something, she takes me aside and whispers whatever is important for me to hear at the time.

10-22-2008 Hailey started her second session of gymnastics today. Her teacher has changed and I am a little bummed out but her new teacher Lisa will do just fine. Hailey just loves going to gymnastics class!

10-14-2008 Hailey had her first cup of hot chocolate this morning for this fall/winter season. She loves hot chocolate weather! She looks so cute in her new pajamas too. Brady got her some bright yellow Spongebob Christmas pj's the other day. She was really excited to come home f rom dance yesterday and put them on! Brady wound up putting Hunter to bed so we read books together and pulled out the bed under the couch and snuggled in the living room until she fell asleep. I love you Hailey Rae!

10-13-2008 Today Hailey had a private Ballet/Tap lesson! The other girl who is enrolled in the class was not there. It is so crazy that Hailey and another little girl are the only ones in the class. She has improved over the past few weeks too. It is fun to sneak peeks through the door and watch her dance!

10-12-2008 Hailey is doing a good job at practicing her part for the primary program in church. Last year she was so shy. She is getting to be much more confident in front of people and needing me less each year to help her out.

10-11-2008 Hailey has always been fascinated at looking at her bowel movements. Today she had the biggest one I have ever seen her do. She said, "Does that mean I am growing up? If I left it would dad think it was his?" So funny!!!

09-27-2008 I drove the kids to get something to eat just a bit ago. Hunter is not feeling well and is running a fever. I gave him a drink and it did not sit well. He threw up in the car. Hailey looked over at him and wa-la did it too! She goes "Mom, I did it too!" She has a weak stomach for this kind of thing. So we now have a new rule. It goes like this... "If you see someone getting sick or throwing up, just turn your head and look away." Ahhh!

09-26-2008 Hailey told me this tonight. "I remember what it means to be fat. It means you are going to have a baby. I sure would like a baby to come out of you again. But only if it is a girl like me so I can be a twin." I asked her if she really wanted me to have another baby and she said yes. She thinks having another girl like her would make her a twin. On another note, when I am pregnant that is the only time Brady really calls me fat. My name becomes fatty. She apparently remembers this because I have tried to make a point to not discuss the fat topic with her. So many young people are often told the wrong things about themselves and worry for no reason. I want her to grow up with a good self image.

09-20-2008 Hailey asked me if you could put your hand through Heavenly Father today.

09-19-2008 Hailey ate the tip of her pencil today. The lead part!
I asked her to write her letter s's. I went to check her paper and was going to use her pencil but couldn't because the tip was gone. I asked her where it was because I didn't want Hunter to find it on the floor. Then she tells me that she ate it. What? You ate it? Hailey! Then I proceed to tell her that is how people get sick and then she begins bawling. After getting annoyed with her and calming her down, she tells me she ate it just to see what it would taste like! I asked her if it tasted good and of course she said "No." I don't think she will eat it again. I got pretty upset with her. Sorry Hailey. In my day, if you ate the pencil it wasn't good!

09-19-2008 Brady came home from work today with 2 new DVD's for Hailey. Since Hunter got something yesterday and she was a little bummed out, he got her the new Barbie DVD and an Ariel one. She saw a commercial on TV the other day for this new Barbie DVD and was excited about it. She was in heaven watching those DVD's! Daddy's love to spoil their children for sure. Love you Brady.

09-18-2008 Last night when putting Hailey to bed, I asked her what she liked better. Gymnastics, music class or ballet and tap. She said gymnastics and then tap. I asked her if she liked ballet and she said, "Not actually". I asked her why. She said, "It makes my whole body tired!". Funny thing is, she does better at the ballet part than the tap yet jumping up and down in gymnastics for 55 minutes doesn't tired her out a bit! Ballet requires more "holding" of the body in positions - something she just isn't used to doing! She has been on the go since birth. I love watching her learn each week in various classes.

09-02-2008 Hailey came in and told me all about someone she saw on tv with metal on their face. I told her it was braces. She said "I want braces!" No you don't Hailey. Believe me!

09-02-2008 Have been meaning to note this for some time... One of Hailey's favorite things to say when she is talking to us is "Ah Hello!". She inserts this quite often. I have started to say "Ah Goodbye!" just to see what she does. She is so funny with her sayings. It is always something out of the ordinary!

08-26-2008 "Mom I want to go to Karate school. They have this board you can break with your hands and if you train hard enough you can get belts but first you wear a white one. So will you sign me up for that please?"
"Do you really want to do that?"
"Oh, YES!"

08-26-2008 Hailey's Comments:
H: Mom you should call Jenny.
Me: Why?
H: Because they bring food to the door!
H: "Mom, I want to go to Karate school. They have this board you can break with your hands and if you train hard enough you can get belts. But first you wear a white one. So will you sign be up for that please?"
Me: "Do you really want to do that?"
H: "OH, YES!"
While channel surfing with Hailey she tells me to stop on a Hannah Montana commercial.
H: "Why do people buy Hannah Montana stuff?"
Me: "Where have you seen stuff to buy?"
H: "At Walmart today on those bags"
Me: "Sometimes people like to buy things that have people on it they really like."
H: "Can I buy Hannah Montana stuff someday?"
H: "How do people get stinky?"

08-26-2008 Hailey started another 15 week semester of Kindermusik today!

08-26-2008 Hailey's butterflies emerged today!

08-19-2008 Went and picked out 2 leotards for Hailey today at the dance store. She starts gymnastics tomorrow!

08-19-2008 The caterpillars are beginning to turn into a chrysalis!

08-19-2008 In the car the other day, I looked in the mirror and noticed that Hailey was using the mirror and combing her bangs into her eyes. I told her we needed to trim her bangs because they were too long. She went on to tell me that didn't I know that her hair was cool that way. "You know mom not in the air cool way but cool the fashion way." Well then! She saw a girl on a cartoon the other day with hair in her face and you could only see one of her eyes. Guess it made a huge impression on her. She did go on to tell me that she was never going to change it unless I told her we could move back to Norman. I told her no way! We happened to be in Norman visiting the pediatrician for Hunter. After that we went to the park. Upon getting out, I told her "Oh you better fix your hair so we can go play." She said, "Okay mommy!" Then she quickly fixed her hair and we were off. Guess she forgot about the hair thing!

08-14-2008 Hailey's anticipated caterpillars arrived today! Her Aunt Tessa gave her a butterfly container in June. We finally got around to ordering the caterpillars a few weeks ago. She has been checking the mail with me almost every day waiting for them. I can't wait to see if they go through the whole process.

07-16-2008 Hailey mentioned to me the other day when it was raining that it was "Raining cats and dogs!" We had a good conversation about this saying.

07-16-2008 Hailey asked me to fix her "scrapbook" (which is an old photo album). She had put some animal food in it when we went to Arbuckle in June. She saved it!

07-15-2008 Hailey went to the dentist for a regular cleaning. She was timid at first but then opened up. Last time her teeth didn't get cleaned because she was too nervous but she let them take x-rays which is more troublesome! She did great this time around and was excited to get a new toothbrush, sticker and a pencil.

06-16-2008 Hailey started private swimming lessons today. She did really well despite being very scared. She cried a bit but she still listened. I am very proud as she has not had any real training yet. I am not the best of swimmers so teaching her to swim would probably take years! She even put her face in the water and tried to blow bubbles. I do not like my face getting wet or going under and she even tried it through tears. Can't wait to see her improve. Way to go Hailey Rae!!!

05-21-2008 Hailey and I have been having fun playing Walmart shopping in her bedroom. We use her new cash register Santa gave her. The bed becomes the moving belt counter for her items. She shops around her room with her baby in the shopping cart and then she visits me the "paying lady". Then I get to load her groceries up and she is off. So fun to pretend play!

05-21-2008 Sometime this week while we were driving in the car, Hailey asked me if it takes wishes a long time or a little bit to come true. I told her that sometimes you have to wait awhile for them to come true. She said, "My wishes haven't come true." I asked her what she wished for just to see but she said, "My wishes won't come true if you tell anyone mommy!" I so hope they come true Hailey Rae.

04-16-2008 - We had the house inspected for termites last week and next week someone is coming to take care of them. Today Hailey called them "Tear-a-mites".
- McDonald's had princess stuff in their meals a few weeks ago. One toy was a mirror from Snow White. I heard her in the back of the car last week saying "Mirror, Mirror on the wall. Whose the prettiest in the mall?" Since she has only seen the movie probably twice and we don't own it, I tried to tell her what it really said but she insists it is her way. She still repeats it that way and it is pretty cute!
- "Mom. How do you get on TV?" I explained the best I could and then she tells me "I want to do that right now!"

04-09-2008 "Mom. Hunter is a good boy today. He didn't bite me!"

04-09-2008 I have been trying to teach Hailey how to spell her name out loud for quite some time. She will get most of it right but she gets so confused with her I and Y. She will say. H A Y L E Y. Ahh... So last night I had her try again for Brady. After quite a few times of mixing them up, he had her point to herself on the "I" part. She seemed to get it better this way. I hope it catches on.

04-09-2008 Hailey has been doing wonderful since she came home from the hospital wearing her underwear at night. She wakes me up most of the time if she needs to use the bathroom and even wakes up dry. I am so proud of her! At first she told me, "Whose idea was this to wear underwear when I go to bed?" We explained about the hospital trip and that she needed to start doing it anyway. Now she is such a big girl and it has become second nature...

04-09-2008 Everything lately coming from Hailey's mouth is poop talk. She adds the word poop to everything. For example, she will say, "Mom... a little poop help here." Anytime she can fit the word poop in she does! She also learned the word punk from TV. I don't like that word but she seems to sneak it in too. When I catch her saying it, she quickly changes it to something else and pretends she never said it!

04-08-2008 Hunter bit Hailey this morning. She was standing by the couch whining about the remote control. I was folding clothes. Don't know if he couldn't take the noise anymore or if she just looked tasty but he leaned over and bit her arm. She screamed. It wasn't just a little bite. It was a deep bite that bruised right then. He was a little upset I got on to him about the biting. Hopefully he won't repeat this behavior!

04-08-2008 Hunter bit Hailey this morning. She was standing by the couch whining about the remote control. I was folding clothes. Don't know if he couldn't take the noise anymore or if she just looked tasty but he leaned over and bit her arm. She screamed. It wasn't just a little bite. It was a deep bite that bruised right then. He was a little upset I got on to him about the biting. Hopefully he won't repeat this behavior!

04-05-2008 Tonight we were sitting down as a family watching a Harry Potter movie that came on TV. Hailey was on the couch with Brady at the time. She has an extremely difficult time sitting still for longer than 1 minute. She had been tossing and rolling every which way on him and over him. It can be annoying at times. I looked over at her and her cheeks were flushed. I asked her if she was okay because she did not look very well. Brady said it was because she had been moving around for the past ten minutes! She kept feeling her cheeks. Then she came over to me and said "Whiskers". I didn't quite understand. Then she left and came back with a colored pencil. Now I understood. She wanted whiskers on her face. I explained to her that using a colored pencil wasn't a good idea. So after a few commercial breaks, I came back with my eyebrow pencil and quietly handed it to Brady. She happened to be laying flat at the time so he began his handiwork. I thought she meant she wanted whiskers like her daddy so that is what I told him to draw but she quickly told us she wanted cat ones and 3 of them. She enjoyed being drawn on with the makeup pencil. Brady took her to the mirror to show her. She just laughed. Then she went and got her vanity so she could see herself easier. While she was gone, Brady quickly transformed himself into a cat without a mirror. She took one look at him and screamed a silly laugh. He then let her draw on him after carefully explaining the eye area. At one point she was having trouble on his cheek area and told him his "thorns" (his whiskers) were in the way! I snapped a few pictures of them. She told me that there was a cat on Harry Potter and somehow that made her want to be a cat right then! And Brady did happen to mention that this was a special pencil and that using other things wouldn't be a good idea. We can only imagine what might happen!

04-01-2008 April Fool's Day!

I knew this joke might work on Hailey. Saturday night I left Hailey to finish up brushing her teeth before bed. She has started this silly thing where she lifts the drain plug while she is washing her hands. I have told her not to do this. Apparently she did it after I left. The sinks in our house do not have that little drain hole for overspills. So early Sunday morning, Brady tells me what happened and to stay in bed. He had the shop vac out and was cleaning up the mess. Water had spilled onto the carpet and underneath the cabinet. It had been leaking all night long. As you can tell from the picture, at some point over the years, water has ruined a spot on the cabinet base. As for the mouse, when we first moved in I was pregnant with Hunter. I wanted all the cabinets cleaned. She was helping me clean up her bathroom and I told her I thought I found some mouse poop. She was really funny about it. Ewweh. No mouse poop now. We must have scared them away!
"Daddy - My tummy hurts. Will you rub it?"

When Brady came home from work last night, she pulled this one on him.

When we were in the car going to music class, she told me this:

"There is a mouse outside mommy!"

When we were walking to the mailbox, she said "A car is coming!"

On our way back to the house, she said "Your Yukon is rolling!"

I think she enjoyed this day of jokes but she did say "Why do we do this?" Crazy stuff but I just don't know why we have a day called April Fool's. Maybe I should Google it!

03-28-2008 We were listening to the primary songs on CD in the car today. The song Fun To Do came on and she was listening to it. When they said "Cleaning your room is fun to do...." She goes, "No it's not!" Then they said something else about painting and she said, "That is!".
Cute song to get children excited about stuff but shhh... she is right. Cleaning your room is NOT fun to do!

03-03-2008 Hailey began throwing up at 12:45 am this morning...
This is a journal entry from my website.

Apparently the "Yucky Bug" did not hear my wishes a few days ago which was to get out of my house and stay away from Hailey! She is the next victim of this horrible throwing up thing. She woke at 12:45 and threw up in my bed. After getting her in the shower and clean, she proceeded to throw up first starting every hour for the first 2 and then every half hour until 7:30. Brady did not get any sleep as he was the one taking care of her in the bed. I was with Hunter in her twin bed as he did not want Brady initially. She slept a little longer and Brady crashed. Hunter arose- drank a bottle- coughed and the entire bottle came up on me. Shortly thereafter, Hailey came out of the bedroom to find me crying. I set her up in my lazy boy chair covered it with blankets and a trash can and put it in front of the television. She got up to use the bathroom around 9 and threw up again. She is really thirsty and demanding water. Something we have learned about Hailey when she is sick is she is MEAN and GROUCHY. She did okay for the first couple of hours of this but now she has had it!

Over the past couple of days, I have washed a whole lot and have come to the conclusion that onsies and mommies t-shirts work best for easy removal of throw-up. I was thinking of something I would buy if someone created it for me. I want a disposable shirt. One like the pull-up kind but you can take the shirt off at the sides and it never has to come up above the head. Who wants throw-up in their hair? NO ONE!!!

So we are off to an exciting day. Hailey told me this a little bit ago. "I am having a terrible day." Hopefully it will end sweet girl. It is no fun.


03-01-2008 Hailey and Brady had a great morning playing outside. The weather was beautiful. I took Hunter in to see the doctor because he is sick and they took the opportunity to get some fresh air. She had a great time walking in the creek and looking for critters, their tracks and looking for signs of spring!

02-29-2008 I took Hailey in to the salon to get her 3rd hair cut ever! A few weeks ago she found a box in my hope chest that has my hair braid in it. She was fascinated by my cut hair in the box my mother saved. I put it up to her hair and it was exactly the same shade. It was a sweet moment. I thought my hair was a little darker then. Anyway, after her hair was done she jumped off the chair and was scooping up her hair. I was already on the floor picking it up and putting it into a paper cup! We paid and I put them in the car when she yelled "My Hair!" I left it in the store by the counter. Had to go back for that!!! Her hair turned out cute. I told her to cut 3 inches off but she really only took about 2.

02-26-2008 I now know how angry my father must have been when I decided to poop in the bathtub when I was little. Hailey did it about 20 minutes ago and I am livid! The bathwater was drained and she wanted me to help her out but I told her I couldn't because I needed to attend to Hunter and get him dressed, etc. I walked out of the bathroom. She was still in the empty tub and supposed to be getting her robe on. Came back in and smelled the horrible smell of poop. After yelling at her and cleaning up my hands, they still smell like feces. Ahh... I need to go drench them in clorox water!

02-23-2008 The other night Brady and I were trying to explain how you get sick and what "bugs" meant when you say, "I think you have a bug, etc." She was curious and asked a lot of questions. Well the next morning the first thing she says to me is "I think my bug died!"

02-15-2008 Some Dogs Do This...
Friday Hailey comes walking down the hall and tells me to guess what she is acting like. After some guesses, I tell her a cat. She is excited and then walks off. I can see her brain ticking away! She gets some paper, scissors and the tape and cuts like a mad little woman right on the kitchen floor while I am washing the dishes. She then comes over to me. She has taped "whiskers" to her face and wants me to tape on her "tail". She has a blast for a few short minutes being a cat and then she transforms herself into a dog. Since I had to capture this moment, I got my camera. This picture is of her saying "Some dogs do this!" as she puts her foot up to her face. Then she decides the game is over and the paper comes off and she is off to something else. Hailey can be very creative sometimes and will improvise when necessary. I love that about her.

02-13-2008 Today happens to be my belated mother's birthday. Yesterday while we were driving, Hailey saw another cemetery and said "Hey that is where Nana is!". We talked about how she was in another cemetery in Arizona and she said that we needed flowers for her grave and that we needed to go put them there. Oh how I wish I could today. So mom... the flowers Hailey and I make are for you. Hope you enjoy! We still love you very much and miss you deeply.

02-12-2008 Today is our 8th Wedding Anniversary. We didn't have any big plans so Hailey and Hunter got to enjoy going to Incredible Pizza. It is a pizza/entertainment place. They had a great time playing games and riding a few rides on our anniversary!

02-05-2008 Hailey is obsessed with skeletons and monsters right now. Her drawing and cutting abilities have really improved over the last few weeks. Today she drew a monster and cut it out. She told me it was "A monster that is tearing up this world". Hmmm... That doesn't sound very nice but her monster was very real like especially when she made it walk on the floor. Oh Hailey!

02-04-2008 Hailey has an interest in being and Archaeologist. She will beg to go outside just to dig in the dirt and to bury stuff. Today she played in the dirt while I raked up leaves. She covered up a lot of her toys in the dirt. Hope she remembers where she put them!

01-27-2008 We enjoyed a delightful day at the park as a family. It has been awhile since we all have done something. The weekends have been busy lately so this was a nice change. Hailey wanted to take her red playground ball to the park. So we did. She said that "this was the ball she always takes to the park for the first time". After our picnic, she and her daddy kicked the ball around while Hunter slept in my arms. He was excited when he woke up. We were outside! He really enjoyed walking around. Didn't care for touching the dried up leaves though. We played at the park for a long time and it was nice...

01-24-2008 In the car today Hailey asked me "How exactly am I going to get the 2 babies that are real out of my tummy by the doctor? Because after I get married I am going to have 2 babies at once and how exactly am I going to get them out?"
My reply... (not exactly sure how deep her thoughts were and not really wanting to find out just yet) "Well Hailey the doctor will help you get them out. They are really good at helping people out". Then she asks me, "Where am I going to find someone to marry that is nice to me so after that I can have a baby?" "Well, maybe you will meet someone at school or at church that is real nice to you. I am not sure where you will meet him but you will find someone real nice and treat you good." Hailey's reply, "Okay mommy".
Then this evening, Hailey says, "I know who I can marry. I can marry Hunter!" "Oh Hailey you can't marry Hunter. He is your brother and that is not allowed." She is still insisting that is Okay! Funny how fascinated children get when they learn about life and how it takes time to really understand how things work...

01-23-2008 Today I was driving to the bank to make a deposit and I ran over a curb on the road. It made the car tilt a little and I said "SHOOT! Is everybody okay?" Hailey replied, "Yes mom but SHOOT is a bad word. It means you are gonna kill someone. You shouldn't say that. You should say CRAP-A-MIGHTY. That would be better." So as I am laughing, I say "Hailey I think SHOOT sounds better. CRAP-A-MIGHTY doesn't sound so polite either." The conversation continues as we drive on better things to say!
(By the way, Crap-a-Mighty is not in my everyday vocabulary. Someone else I know uses it and my dear mother would say it. I can still hear her saying it loudly throughout the house when we got much older!)

01-08-2008 We flew to Arizona for the Fiesta Bowl Game that OU was playing in and unfortunately lost! Hailey had a great time visiting her cousins and aunts and uncles. She went bowling for the first time, celebrated New Years with family and went to the zoo to see their "zoo lights". They were actually really great. The best part was seeing her have so much fun and when we took a side trip for a couple of hours to see some ruins. We told her it was where some Indian people used to live. She even wanted her picture made. She has been reluctant recently about this and gives us oh so pretty faces when it is picture time! She asked Brady and me so many questions. This is the first time we have seen her ask so many questions and be so focused on something for that long. We will definitely have to go to other places like this with her.
While we were there, Michael told me that Hailey said she was going to beat him up as they were walking up the stairs. I laughed because I knew she did not have a clue as to what that meant. I explained that she meant she wanted to race him up the stairs. Too funny! She was extremely super lovable to Michael and every second she saw him her arms were all wrapped up in him! She really liked being around her cousins. Hopefully we will get to visit again soon before Thanksgiving rolls around.

01-08-2008 Hailey went to the dentist today for her 6 month cleaning. She did not want her teeth cleaned but they took x-rays and did a thorough check.

12-17-2007 I asked Hailey if she has been good this year again tonight and she replied, "A lot of good a little bad!"
Then we were watching television together and I was hoping she would drift off to sleep as I was rather tired myself. She tried to sneak off and said out loud "Santa Don't Look!" Oh Hailey...

12-15-2007 Hailey told me today that she wondered if she was going to get rocks in her stocking. I asked her where she heard about that and she said on TV that this little boy was on the naughty list. I asked her what list she was on and she said, "The Good List". There was a long pause and then she said "And the BAD list"! I explained to her that the rocks were coal and that I hoped she wouldn't get coal in her stocking!!!

12-15-2007 It is Snowing Today!
We had a lot of ice come down this week and many people were without power to their homes. We have been fortunate to have Grammy and Smokey come stay with us at the house. Their home has been without power and it is super cold outside! I think the kiddos had a great time playing with them. It was fun to have them here.

12-11-2007 Hailey has had pretend friends for awhile now and they will randomly change as she is talking to us but the one friend she always has is Callie. Callie does everything with her but she does not live here. We even take walks to her home!

12-05-2007 Hailey went to the pediatrician for her well child check and to receive her 4 year old immunizations. She got 5 shots (4 immunizations and a flu shot). She told he her feelings were hurt. She cried. It was so sad to hear her say that and watch tears roll down her face. What a horrible but necessary part of life today.

12-03-2007 I took Hailey to get her 2nd haircut today ever! We took about 2 inches off. Her hair was really long and so pretty but I wanted it cut and fresh for her 4 year old pictures I plan to get done soon.
Afterwards we drove to the Christmas Tree Farm and picked out our Christmas tree. I love this tradition. It is fun walking in the cool air and looking at all the possible trees that could be in your living room to decorate. I especially like picking out a fresh wreath afterwards. Hailey sat and enjoyed a cup of hot chocolate and Brady, Hunter and I had sips of yummy apple cider. This will be Hunter's first Christmas with us. Good memories...

12-01-2007 Hailey and I made gingerbread cookies this afternoon. She enjoyed decorating them but I think she liked watching them cook in the oven more. She was on the lookout making sure not one gingerbread cookie escaped from our oven!!!

11-17-2007 We drove to Houston to see Papa today. The children were really great during the long drive from our home to Houston. We had a great visit and the Thanksgiving food was delicious except for the part where Hailey threw up. Hopefully this will not be her Thanksgiving tradition. Last year we tried to get her to take a bite of lemon pie and she threw up. This year after a couple of bites, the mention of throwing up by some guests made her do it! It went all into her father's plate. How yummy. Brady took over cleaning what he could before everyone saw and tended to Hunter. I quickly snatched her up and tried to wash her off in the back bathroom. Hailey tells me "Why do I do this mommy?" It really upset her as she hasn't thrown up too many times. I had to put her in a quick bath because it was in her hair and just not coming out. Ahh what will next year bring???
Hailey had a great time playing with papa and playing with Rhonda's cats. We even got to take a quick ride on their 2 person bicycle in the cold air.

11-12-2007 Hailey has been interested in knock-knock jokes for about 2 months now. She told me in the bath one day that she didn't know any jokes so I told her the one and only one I know. "Why did the chicken cross the road? To get to the other side!" Not funny and doesn't really make any sense but all in all that is the famous joke. So as she has repeated this one it morphed into "Why did the chicken cross the road? I don't know. To pick some apples!"
It is so funny to hear her answer!

10-26-2007 We took the children all dressed up in their costumes to Lake Arcadia to walk through Story Book Forest. It was done well. As you walk along the path, there are scenes from stories to look at and candy to take out of plastic pumpkins. At the end you may participate in some carnival games and ride on a hay ride. Hailey wore her butterfly costume from last year to this event. Hunter was dressed up as a cute chicken. Afterwards we went and ate at Denny's. Hailey enjoyed her macaroni and large glass of hot chocolate with whipped cream!

10-20-2007 Today we planned to take Hailey and Hunter to a pumpkin patch here in Edmond but when we arrived they were closed for the day and a blue grass festival was going on. Since Hailey looked so cute (and mommy was ready to pick pumpkins), Brady found us another place to go. When we arrived, there were all sorts of things to do. There was a carousel, pony rides, a train, a maze, a petting zoo, play ground and a hay ride. She had a really great time with her daddy in the maze and on the train but her favorite part I think was when we paid $3 for her to ride a pony. The man asked her if she wanted a little pony or a big one. She of course said the big one! It was a pretty horse too. I think it was the best $3 ever spent. She loves horses. It was her first time on one. She had the biggest eyes at first and then the most beautiful smile. It was like she was savoring the moment. It brought tears to my eyes. When we went on the hay ride, we were led to a field where they had put pie pumpkins in it and we all went and chose one. It wasn't my ideal situation of picking a pumpkin off of a real vine but it worked. She loved it anyway! We had a great day.

10-13-2007 As we were preparing to get in the car this afternoon, Hailey looked up into the sky and said, "Look Mommy. A shooting star came out to see us!" It was the trail of a jet plane. I explained it to her. I think she liked the idea of a shooting star better!

10-12-2007 I took Hailey and Hunter to Frontier City tonight. They were doing a trick-or-treat trail. I had to explain it to her when we arrived at the first person and as to why everyone was dressed up! They both visited 8 people and got treats. Only 2 rides were open but she didn't seem to mind too much. She rode the roller coaster 4 times by herself. She looked a little scared the first time but then she opened up. In the past she has gone on it with either Brady or I but since I had Hunter that wasn't an option. She was all smiles! We all rode on the carousel. She rode the rabbit and Hunter and I sat on the bench.
She even went on the teacups with 2 other little girls. She is getting so grown and coming out of her shy shell. I heard one of the girls as her Hailey's name and she sweetly smiled and said "Hailey" and looked away bashfully. She was very excited when she got off. She said, "Mommy I went on that with two friends!". She fished for a shark and brought home a stuffed lizard. After watching some silly teenagers and kids dance, we left about 8:45. Hunter was getting cranky. He wanted to go to bed!
She looked in her treat bag on the way home and tried to fall asleep but Hunter was screaming so it didn't work out so well. It was a fun evening.

10-12-2007 Hailey was sitting down at the kitchen table this morning making a picture with her foam shape stickers. When she completed her picture she brought it over to me and said, "Look a J!". She had made the letter J out of stickers. I didn't know she knew that letter yet so I asked her to go find the letter J on the refrigerator. She went and pulled the magnetic J off the fridge. Great job Hailey!!!

10-11-2007 MORE 3 Year Old Observances:
- Loves to sing, dance and be LOUD
- Loves to pretend and make up names
- Had pretend friends whose names change all the time except for a few
- Enjoys playing with her dolls and dressing them up
- Loves to pack things in backpacks and suitcases for her pretend trips to places
- Likes eating chocolate!
- Starting to get into knock-knock jokes.
- Goes to a Kindermusic class once a week

10-04-2007 I took Hailey to the Sam Noble Museum today to see the dinosaurs. Brady and I took her once before but now she is a wee bit older and I think she liked it more. She had a great time exploring in the kids room. We basically had the whole place to ourselves. It was very quiet- until the teenagers arrived! We ate in the cafe afterwards. It was a fun, relaxing time with my girl (Hunter came along too of course!).

09-03-2007 Brady and I took Hailey to see her first movie at the movie theater today. It is Labor Day and we decided to have a family day! We took her to see Ratatouille at Quail Springs Mall. I think she enjoyed it. She got restless and tired near the end of the movie and we only had to take her out once to use the bathroom! Hunter did pretty well. He slept for most of it but I had to take him out near the end as well. He wanted to talk :) We stayed near the entrance so I could watch the rest of the movie!

08-20-2007 I enrolled Hailey in a music program for this fall semester. She was so excited to attend her first class today. She seemed to really enjoy it. I hope it will be good for her. She got a cute backpack and some stuff to take home and enjoy. We listened to the CD this evening and she was already retelling me what she had learned. It was cute to see her act out what she heard to her daddy too!

08-15-2007 I took Hailey to the Edmond Historical Museum today to see what is was like. They had a children's section which she loved and a horse that you could brush. The place was so quiet and only 2 workers were there. There was a purse display going on so one of the workers offered to help Hailey make a play purse out of foam. She liked putting it together with the lady. We had a great day exploring.

05-20-2007 Hailey took an apple to church today to give to Sister Merkley. She loves her now!

04-13-2007 I was sitting in the rocking chair this afternoon feeding Hunter and talking to my sister on the phone. Hailey was watching T.V. or so I thought. At one point, she stood up and told me she had itchies. I said, "Yes I know". After I hung up the phone, Hailey walked over to me. Her face and hands were covered in white stuff. She said look at my soap! I knew it wasn't soap. It was the diaper ointment I had left on the fire place rocks from a diaper change earlier. Her baby Annabel was covered from head to toe too! Had to take a picture and film her. We got in the bath after that. Diaper ointment is sticky on faces!!! Silly Hailey!

04-06-2007 Hailey is really into Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles right now. She knows the song and loves them so much. The Happy Meal toy at McDonald's is turtles so it has been fun to go see which turtle she will get. Brady watched the series when we were first dating. He has episodes on our computers for her to watch. It cracks me up when one episode ends and another begins. She runs to me dancing with excitement saying "Another one came on mommy!" She will watch several episodes in a row if we let her.

03-23-2007 Took Hailey to the library today to get her first library card. She was so excited to get it and some new books. Had to explain to her though we were just borrowing them!

03-19-2007 First trip to the OKC Zoo with little brother Hunter and the R.S. President and her two grandchildren. Hailey had a great time even though it was a little crowded. It was the first day of Spring Break here in Edmond.

03-05-2007 Hailey had her first Haircut today!

02-25-2007 We went to the lake house for the weekend. Hailey really enjoyed herself. Today she went on a walk with Grammy down the big hill to the beach area. On the way, she noticed her pool was in the bushes down the hill. She couldn't think about anything else until her pool was saved. Brady went to rescue it when they saw a plastic monster below it. It was played up that the monster was trying to drag her pool off. All she could talk about once she got up to the house to tell me was that the monster was trying to drag her green pool off! It was too funny to hear and her expressions were so serious. Brady washed it off for her and she talked to it telling it not to take her green pool. That monster was in several places over the next couple of hours amusing her. When we left, it was in her car seat! When we returned home, she did not want that monster in her house. We then had to tell her that it was just a pretend one and that he was a nice monster. He became "Fluffy Buns". He was dressed in baby clothes and a diaper. Now he is a part of her doll family!

02-19-2007 Today Kelsey left to go back to college after visiting us and little Hunter for the weekend. It is also her 19th birthday!
I took Hailey shoe shopping today. I knew she needed new shoes but haven't gone and purchased any yet. When I saw she had her shoes on funny yesterday, I decided we must go. She was wearing size 8's and she is a 9 now. So we bought 9 1/2's! Sorry little Hailey. Now that your big brother is here I will be better :)

02-13-2007 Today the Bathroom Fairy came to visit Hailey. She left a green ducky and a note on the back of the toilet for her. Hailey got all her stars on her chart for going to the restroom and taking care of her business without any help. Way to go Hailey. When she woke up, she checked the restroom and came running out to me and said, "Camey- she did come!" I read the note to her and she was excited that the fairy knew her name.
The note said:
Good job at going to the bathroom ALL BY YOURSELF! Here is the green ducky you asked for as a present. Ask you mommy to take you to the store to find new underwear. I want you to pick them out. Keep up the good job! See you again. Love,
The Bathroom Fairy

02-12-2007 Hailey left her star chart in the bathroom for the Bathroom Fairy tonight. Hope she comes!

02-09-2007 I got Hailey a $4.88 Pet Parlor at Walmart today when we were shopping. She played with it all afternoon. She loves to talk and pretend play now. She added it to her Little Pet Shop she got for her birthday. Funny how lots of little things can entertain a 3 year old!

02-07-2007 Hailey made Valentine cards to mail for everyone today. She loves to make cards!

01-28-2007 Hailey calls Hunter "Little Buddy" and "Buddy Boy". She imitates me taking care of Hunter as she tends to her dolls.
Yesterday she came out of the bathroom with the feet in the bottoms of her pants laughing. She had them on upside down! She cracked herself up.

01-26-2007 I water painted with Hailey this afternoon. I am trying to spend more time with her. We went outside and fed the birds and squirrels. She needs more time with me and I have been with the baby non-stop it seems...

01-09-2007 Hailey became a BIG SISTER today! Her little brother Hunter Lewis Tucker was born. She was so tender and excited to see him. She wore her big sister shirt I purchased her and gave her new brother his first stuffed animal- a small, sweet Winnie the Pooh Bear. Brady gave one to his little brother when he was born. Hailey spent the day at the hospital with us and her Grammy and Smokey. They were there to help entertain her and help us out.

12-19-2006 Went to Bass Pro Shops tonight to see Santa. Met Grammy, Smokey and Kelsey there. We took a family picture while the family entertained Hailey to make her smile! She didn't want to get on his lap but she did give him a hug and tell him what she wanted for Christmas. He gave her two peppermint candies.
Gary gave her an mm cookie...
Went to BRU to buy Hunter some necessary stuff...

12-15-2006 We went to the airport tonight to see Kelsey come home from college for the holidays. Hailey made her a welcome home sign and drew Kelsey, her airplane and her college. She has missed her aunt and talks about her a lot. Hope they get to spend a lot of time together in the next couple of weeks. We love you Kelsey. Boston is too far away but I know college is a must thing to do!!!

12-14-2006 Brady and I went to a Christmas party tonight for one of the people he does work for. It was fun to be out for a change with just my husband. The last time we went out was on our anniversary in February and the time before that was when she was 10 months old! Too long. Grammy and Smokey came over to babysit. It sounded like they had a great time. I know Hailey enjoys playing with them. She even wanted to go home with them! Grammy brought her new books which she loves, a little Christmas tree for her room and gave Hailey and Hunter snowmen ornaments that had their name on it. I didn't see these until the next day when Hailey told me all about what they did. She loves her grandparents! Thanks for coming to babysit. We had a great time.

12-13-2006 Grammy and Smokey came over to see Hailey this evening. I think Hailey had a good time visiting with them. She was a little wound up at first and even showed off her new I can do everything myself attitude. We had pizza and salad and enjoyed the evening visiting. After they left, Brady and I put our first ornament we got together as a married couple on the tree and then we all put up our ornaments and the star. Hailey has been wanting the star up on the tree since we got it last week. She had fun looking at all the different ornaments. Her ornament this year was an owl. We saw one a couple of months ago on our drive to the lake. Every year, it is a tradition for me to get us all one ornament and label it with the year. It was always fun for me to look at all of the ones I received through the years from my family and I want Hailey to share that same tradition.

12-09-2006 Went and got an "O Christmas Tree" with Hailey this afternoon at the tree farm here in Edmond. It was cold outside but we had fun walking through all the trees looking for the perfect one. I think Hailey had more fun playing with a stick in the dirt though! After Brady cut down our tree, we went and had hot chocolate and cider. The cider was soooooo good! Hailey was so exhausted though that she fell asleep on the way home with her cookie in her hand. Brady put her on the couch and when she woke up she saw her tree in the living room. An "O Christmas Tree" was one of the things she told us she wanted for Christmas.

12-07-2006 While reading a Christmas book, Hailey saw some presents under a tree and said, "Santa does that!"

12-03-2006 Made a really pathetic snowman with Hailey in the front yard this morning. It was so cold and I had a hard time bending over with my large pregnant belly and all! He wound up being a couple of inches tall and was more of a blob than anything but Hailey loved it. She got a carrot out of the refrigerator and put it in place. She found acorns for the eyes and sticks for the arms and put my hat on his head. He stayed for a long time. Hope it snows again so she can make a bigger one!

11-30-2006 Began sleeting early this morning. We took Hailey outside briefly to feel it. COLD!!!

11-08-2006 Happy 3rd Birthday Hailey!
We had a great day today despite the fact you had your 3rd year shot and a flu shot this morning. You were brave and didn't even cry. You did say "ow" and that your legs hurt as we were walking out of the patient room.
Grammy, Smokey and Gary came over to celebrate with you. We had pizza and salad and opened up presents. You were so cute to watch and very politely said thank-you to people.
Mommy and daddy gave you a shopping cart which you have wanted in such a long time, a pirate ship, elephant ball pool, and a play iron. From family you also receive the Biggest Littlest Pet Shop, play dough, puzzles and castle blocks!

11-02-2006 We moved into our Edmond Home tonight.

10-15-2006 Hailey named one of her new cheap horses from Walmart "California". She usually calls everything by its original name.

10-10-2006 I went to Edmond yesterday and today to drop off a load of stuff. I painted with Grammy and Hailey in her new "pink" room. I love the color I chose. It is called Garden Pink and surprisingly it makes me very happy. I usually don't like too much pink but it is a pleasant color to look at. Hailey had fun painting H's and a house but had more fun playing with some tape. It was everywhere!

10-03-2006 Hailey wants to be "A Beautiful Butterfly" for Halloween.
Those are her sweet words.

10-03-2006 Think I know where the campfire thing came from... Hailey was watching a Strawberry Shortcake DVD on the way back from the lake last weekend and the episode featured them going into the woods roasting marshmallows, etc.

10-03-2006 Went and checked out the Edmond house this evening to see what needs to be done to prepare it for us moving into it soon. Hailey seemed to enjoy it. She liked the outdoors and the atrium. We even all had to hide with her in the closet. She liked the swinging doors and the fact we were all hiding with her.

09-21-2006 Brady had flowers sent to us at the Houston house. Hailey received a cute balloon with a small bear on it, flowers and a stuffed bear. I received some flowers too. I made our day. He loves and misses us so much!

Hailey has also been going around saying "Nippy Neutron". She has been watching Jimmy Neutron and this is her version. Whenever she disagrees with something she looks at me and says "Nippy Neutron" It is her bad word!!!

09-17-2006 Brady drove Hailey and I to Houston today. Arrived around a 6 pm. Brady turned around and left for Home. Hailey threw a big fit when it was time to go to bed. She wanted her dad and didn't understand that we were staying the night- plus some!
I am here to help my dad go through some stuff to prepare Rhonda for living here.
Hailey has been screaming MOM!
Brady hooked the tv up for dad before leaving. He had to be back to go to work. It was nice of him to drive us here.

09-15-2006 While standing outside waiting to wave goodbye to Brady for the day, Hailey began gathering up sticks from underneath the bushes. She said, "I'm making fire. I got some camping fire." She had neatly stacked them up in a really nice tee-pee style campfire. It shocked both Brady and I to see it on the porch and the fact that she knew about campfires. Must have seen it somewhere because I know we haven't talked about that yet.

08-29-2006 Hailey is starting to have more pretend play conversations with herself and us. It is so much fun to talk to her lately and hear what she has to say.

She also loves cheese. She was begging for some today and said that she wanted "Two minutes of cheese!" I have to limit her to so much cheese. She would eat the whole block if I let her.

08-23-2006 Brady, Hailey, Kelsey and I went to our ultrasound appointment today at 9 AM. Kelsey met us at our house. She came to help out with Hailey while Brady filmed and took pictures. Hailey wasn't really cooperating though and was being somewhat of a pickle at times. She sat on the table with me and watched for a bit. It was nice to have Kelsey come and see with us though. Hope it didn't freak her out too much! The technician took all sorts of pictures and gave us a few to take home and share. We are officially having a little boy. She said he was about 11 ounces and projected to be due 3 days earlier than January 15th. So now the name hunt is on for Baby Tucker!

08-07-2006 Went to the lake house this weekend with Chris and his family. Hailey had a good time playing with the boys.
It was a really hot weekend though. I am ready for fall to arrive. It is my favorite season.

07-29-2006 Took Hailey to the Dinosaur museum today with Brady. It was okay. It was really crowded and we managed to get out of the house finally during Hailey's nap time. Not a good time to go but we did.

She enjoyed playing in her plastic pool and in the mud later on that day more than the museum. She loved the fact I let her dump mud into the pool and pour water out on the ground to be able to squish the mud all around!

07-28-2006 Today Hailey played in her plastic pool outside, went to Luke and Madeline's house to play and entertained me by finding a snake in the living room this morning. Yes a SNAKE! Guess it crawled in through the lovely sliding back door... We captured it after we took pictures. I flung it over the fence :) Don't care for snakes much but that probably wasn't so nice.

07-25-2006 Hailey took her baby back!

07-24-2006 Hailey gave me her baby this morning. She transferred her baby in her tummy to my tummy!

07-12-2006 Brady took Hailey to Perfect Swing while I went to YW's tonight. She had fun. She came home with a bracelet, seashell and a snake.

07-11-2006 Hailey was invited to go to a party today. A friend from church named Reagan. It was her second birthday. Hailey had fun playing in the plastic pool an on their trampoline. She was so excited to show her daddy her goodie bag when she came back home.

06-27-2006 Went to go get my blood work done this afternoon. Grammy came and picked Hailey and I up. Grammy watched Hailey while I had it done. They went and got snacks at the pharmacy store. It went pretty quick. I tried not to look. It makes me sick to my stomach! I couldn't take the silly tape bandage off and while I was helping Hailey go to the restroom around 10 pm Brady ripped it off! I screamed. Hailey got a little upset because she knew it was my boo-boo!...

06-21-2006 H told Brady she wasn't a baby.

06-07-2006 Hailey drew on herself with a pen that was left on the living room floor. She had a great time inking up her arms and legs!
She also drove me nuts today. She kept throwing her toys all over the place and refused to pick anything up when it was time. Throwing them in the trash helped her get the incentive to pick up though! (Mean-Mean-Mommy)

She did make a pretty neat tunnel by herself today as well. She took the bar stools and put them flat on the floor. Got her blankets and covered them up and got into the holes of the stool to hide. She was pretty proud of herself and her "tunnel".

05-23-2006 Brady told his parent's we were expecting another baby tonight. I went to YW and he took Hailey up to OKC to his parent's home. He put a shirt on Hailey that I had made for her before they went into the house that said "I'm going to be a big sister". They were all downstairs and Brady said Grammy, Kelsey, and Michael all saw it about the same time. Smokey read it but it didn't sink in. Grammy held it up to him so he could soak in it. Then he got it! Brady said they had a good time. Hailey got to spend some time with Michael. He came into town tonight. Kelsey is Graduating High School tomorrow. Growing up... Very sad. I will miss her next year.

05-19-2006 Your Grandmother Wilson's birthday is today. She is 90 years old.

04-27-2006 Hailey is doing really well potty training this week. For the past two days, she has not had an accident and has even told me she needs to go to the bathroom. Way to go Hailey!

04-25-2006 Hailey was sitting up on the bar stool at the kitchen counter this evening and pounded her fists on the counter top and said, "We want dinner!" over and over. It was funny. Brady showed her how to do it recently and apparently she likes saying it :)

04-15-2006 I painted Hailey's toes pink for the first time this afternoon. She loved it. I sat her up on the toilet seat to do it. After hers, I did mine. I thought I put the lid back on the pink polish. When I looked up at her, she was polishing her foot. Drips of paint were on the toilet seat, her arm and the rug! Her little toes looked cute in her white sandals.

We went to see Kelsey leave for Prom tonight. She looked so good in her outfit. She made it herself. Way to go Kelsey!

When we got home, we colored Easter Eggs. Hailey really enjoyed dipping (dropping) the eggs into the colored water. I only did 12 for her but she would have done more. She dropped one and it cracked so we had to eat it. She enjoyed taking the shell off the egg. We told her to eat a piece and she tried the shell! Then we got her to eat the egg white. She didn't complain to much about it but did not want another bite. I love coloring eggs so it was fun for me too!

04-14-2006 Hailey likes to go outside and water the "matoes" with me. We planted some tomatoes and some okra a couple of weeks ago. She also likes to feed the birds our stale bread and crackers! They get crumbled up and put into the bird feeder on our picnic table.

04-14-2006 Hailey started singing the Boomer Sooner song really well a few days ago. She has this bottle opener that plays the song. Grammy bought it for Brady I think. It became hers when she was about a year. It entertained her! She licks it to make it play. It is so cute to hear her sing really loud- Boomer Sooner, Boomer Sooner!

04-12-2006 Grammy helped us out today and watched Hailey while I went to the dentist to get my teeth cleaned in Edmond today. After my appointment, I had to be back in Norman to drive the YW to our activity. Grammy filled me in our how things went. It sounded like Hailey had a really good time. Thank you Grammy!
When I got home around 10:15, Hailey was waiting up for me. She and Brady were in bed reading books. She gave me the biggest and longest hug. I haven't been gone for that long since last year when I had to stay overnight at girl's camp. It was so sweet. I actually felt missed. I just love her...

04-09-2006 We went to the Dora the Explorer "Pirate Adventure" concert at the Oklahoma State Fair Arena today. Hailey loved it! Brady purchased tickets for us a couple months ago. I dressed her in her Dora outfit that Grammy made for her on her birthday. We were not allowed to take pictures which was a bummer because her expressions were something to see. Before it started, Brady went and got some popcorn and a drink. He came back with a cute straw and a Dora flashlight. She loves it. When the concert began, she was bugged eyed for about ten minutes then she got all into it. She would wave her pirate flag and repeat the phrases with them. It was so much fun to see how happy she was.
She still says "Give Us Back Our Treasure!"
We went over to Grammy's house and visited with them for awhile afterwards. Then we went and got some ice-cream. It was a good day. That makes 2 weeks now that Brady and I have had "Family Time". Hooray!

04-03-2006 Can't remember the exact day this entry is for in April...
2nd morning Hailey woke up dry.
Sat her on a public toilet seat for the first time. It grossed me out. Fount the cleanest stall at BRU and put paper seat cover on it. She went! We washed up really well. Got a portable seat for her to use at the office and when we travel. She was excited to try it out. Got more underwear at BRU for backups too! It was a rainy day today.

Last Thursday, I drove to the lake house with Hailey in the late afternoon. It lightly rained on us for 3/4 of the drive. Hailey was excited to be there. We haven't been there since Jan/Feb. After climbing to the top of the stairs at the lake house, she said, "This is Great!" She was excited to check out her room and her fish light.

Grammy, Hailey and I went shopping on Friday. We first went to the "Junk Store" as I call it. It is called the Resale Barn. We got 28 dollars worth of new "junk"! A new wooden cradle, toys, clothes, baby hc... Then we went to the mall to take Hailey to the mini carnival outside it. It was closed so we went in the mall. We went in the Dollar General to find a lake house baby she could play with. They didn't have an acceptable one but found other toys. I told Fran that she didn't need them and that it wasn't Toy Day. Hailey heard me talking to her and said, "It is too toy day!" It made us both laugh. We then went and got cheese sticks and a drink. Snack time!
Finally we went to the Nursery- our main objective was to buy plants for the lake house planters. It was hot. All Hailey seemed to want to do was to go walking back to the truck. Even when we had a really fancy wagon she could ride or pull around! At one point, I had her on my back. She kept wiping her sweaty forehead on my shirt!
Brady and Gary arrived late. Brady brought Hailey a new movie and a fishing pole. She was so excited to see him.

Saturday the boys went sailing. Hailey also fished with Brady for a bit. Hailey and I drove around in the boat with Smokey to get gas and sight see. She loves the boat. We were out a long time.
Fran and I started working on the flower beds. The liners were too short so we had to go back to the nursery to exchange them. We took Hailey back to the mall carnival to play 10 dollars worth of rides! She took one look at it and said, "Ferris wheel!" She knows all about them from Dora. Had to go to Walmart for a few things and came out with a new baby doll and clothes. Hailey was so tired and fell asleep on the way back to the lake house. So I started to plant the plants while Fran kept an eye on Hailey sleeping in the car.
Sunday we all went on a nice boat ride to the Islands. I had never been there with Hailey. We docked and played in the sand for a bit. Hailey had fun digging in the sand with her daddy. They even made a sand turtle.
Hailey was in big girl underwear and had and accident but we dried them out in the wind on our way to the restaurant on the lake. While Hailey napped, I packed and cleaned. Then we drove home to Norman. She watched her new movie on the way back. It was a really fun weekend!

04-03-2006 Hailey looked out the window today and said, "Look mommy. A robum. A robum." Sure enough, it was a robin!

She had fun eating butter tonight while helping me cook dinner. She snuck into the refrigerator and grabbed the stick of butter. She was sitting on her stool happily digging her fingers into the butter and licking away. It was so funny that I had to get it on film.

At the store, she also saw lots of plastic eggs and would annouce "Easter Doggy Eggs, Easter Doggy Eggs!"

04-01-2006 It was Family Day today! Brady and I took Hailey to Lake Thunderbird. We fed the ducks bread, collected seashells and explored. It was a beautiful day. She saw some boats across the way and told us "We need a boat. Too far away." She wanted to go over to them! On our way home, we decided to go into Perfect Swing. We ate pizza and played lots of games. She loved throwing the balls into the mouth of the dinosaur game. She was really interested in the alligator game where you have to hit them before they disappear back into their holes. She was a little scared of them but enjoyed watching Brady and I whack them on the head! It was a good day. We gave all our tickets to a little girl in line with us. Made her day...

04-01-2006 Hailey loves to watch Peter Pan. It is her favorite movie now. She sings "We can fly", marches and sings "Leader" as the marching scene comes up and loves when they say "How" and "Many Moons". In one scene, the children are tied up. I think this is why she has been tying everything up including me with belts, etc. Funny how much she really is soaking in on a daily basis.

03-31-2006 I put a plastic Easter Egg in the bathtub for Hailey to play with today. She looked at me and said "Easter Doggy is coming!" She has been watching the Charlie Brown Easter special and loves it. She thinks the eggs are "Easter Doggies!"

03-17-2006 Hailey saw about 10 minutes of the movie Peter Pan at Tessa's house in Arizona while we were visiting. When we got home, I noticed that Hailey was pretending to fly and would say "Fly Mommy". Well she got to see the entire movie today several times and absolutely loved it. I especially enjoyed seeing her raise up her arms and tell me "We Can Fly!"

Hailey also has love of butter. She keeps taking the same stick of butter out of the refrigerator door. Tonight she took it and hid underneath the kitchen table. She was digging away in it and enjoying herself! She did not want to give it back. I put it back for another time. Can't use that stick of butter anymore. It is all hers :)

03-17-2006 Hailey retold a story to me for the first time. It was the story "Are You My Mother". She would look at each page and say the name of the animal and repeat the phrase and then say "Nah". At the end she gets excited to see the worm and the baby birds mommy. Night time story time is fun. She is very attentive and calm.

03-10-2006 I took Hailey to the library for the first time this afternoon. She enjoyed our short visit. Apparently it closes at 5:00 on Friday's! We went about 4:40. She picked out 4 books. All of them had to do with animals. She liked the toy tables and enjoyed looking at the gerbils and frogs. Will have to take her again soon and spend more time.

03-04-2006 Hailey and I came back from our trip to Arizona to see our daddy today!

03-01-2006 Went to IKEA with Daenon, Jennifer, Kaelee and Kimber in their car... Had a great time! Got a stool, plates and cups for Hailey and bibs for Tessa. Loved the place...

02-27-2006 I drove to Scottsdale in Tessa's car this afternoon to go visit mom's grave, see Grandmother Brewer and Alice and the boys. I took Hailey with me when I went to go visit grandmother. She was horrible. She said, "I don't like that Grandma". I don't think grandmother heard and I wanted to melt away. She was not being very cooperative. Dan was there and he gave her cookies which she enjoyed. I did get a picture with grandmother before we left. Dan took it for me. I am glad to have it. Wish I could have had a longer conversation with my grandmother...
We had a get together at Daenon's house later that evening with Ryan and Daenon's family. Went to the park and then ate dinner. Wished we could have hung out more... I miss seeing them. Hailey had a great time playing with everyone.

02-25-2006 Baby Nathan was born today. 6:50 A.M. 9 pounds 5.4 ounces. 21 inches long.

Hailey stabbed Michael with a pencil while making cards for Tessa, Rob and Michael. She had a major time-out. Ahhh!

02-23-2006 Went to Superstition mall with Tessa to walk the mall in hopes of encouraging Nathan to come out! Found Hailey's Easter dress at JCPenny. Got some white sandals and a white shirt and matching ties for Nathan and Michael at the Children's Place. Tessa treated us to a cookie on our way out.
Hailey and Michael had a good time playing in the dirt in their backyard. She loves playing with Michael.

02-22-2006 Tessa, Michael, Hailey and I went over to Jenn's to play with Kaelee and Kimber and visit with Daenon and Jennifer. It was nice to see them. They treated us to pizza and carrot cake. Hailey had a really good time. She loves looking at all the girls things. Especially the stuff in their closet! It was nice to see everyone.

02-18-2006 Started snowing and sleeting Friday night. My meeting was canceled due to bad roads on Sat. Church was cancelled on Sunday.

02-03-2006 Hailey water-colored with me for the first time ever tonight. She really liked dipping her paint brush into the water- so much that sometimes she forgot to dip it back into the paint before putting it on the paper!

She also likes to cut paper. I have some safe scissors that are on her desk for her to use. She likes to put the little scraps in one of her play cups.

02-01-2006 Brady ordered Hailey a train set that is supposed to be compatible with the IKEA train set she got for her birthday. It came in the mail today. We all had fun combining the sets and playing with the new bridges, people, and animals. At one point during our play, she told Brady "That's Amazing Daddy!". She is really starting to use big words. It made us both laugh.

02-01-2006 Yesterday Hailey pushed her push car doll walker up to her clothes dresser and stood up on it to see what was on the top. She discovered that her hair clip box was a lot of fun to play in. She got out all sorts of bows and was playing with them on the floor trying them all out. Today she got back into it and brought them out into the living room. When I looked at her next, she had about 6 or so hair bows on at once. She looked so funny. I had to take a picture!

She also likes to feed her plastic animals (especially the ducks) cat food. She will go get cat food out of the can and fill up little play cups and make the animals eat the food. Good idea Hailey! Sometimes I find miscellaneous cat food pieces on the carpet. Not such a good idea for later when the bugs come to eat it!

01-27-2006 We went out to dinner at AppleBee's with Brady's family before driving to the lake house for the weekend. As we were leaving our table, Hailey pointed with her middle finger at a man next to our table. He took one look at her and thought she was flipping him off. He glanced over at Brady and I. Brady had to tell him that is how she points!

01-26-2006 At bath time, Hailey pretended to be Ariel. She said,
"Look Mommy. Ar-re-rel!" She laid on her tummy and began to make swimming motions. She then turned over to her back and tried to roll in the tub like Ariel swims! We just purchased the DVD of the Little Mermaid. It is one of our favorite movies. She has a bath doll of Ariel that Jennifer gave her a year ago. The doll makes more sense to her now that she saw her in the movie. She has really taken a liking to her!

01-26-2006 Hailey had a play date today. Megan Roberts came over at 10:00 to play. She is 19 months. It was their first time to play together. They played well with each other. Hailey needs more friends so I hope we get together again soon.

01-07-2006 Hailey rediscovered my broken finger tonight and said boo-boo and went and got me a band-aid.

12-22-2005 We had our pictures taken with Santa at Bass pro shops tonight. Didn't get her to take them alone again but the family portrait will do. Maybe next year.

Hailey's favorite saying right now is "EIEIO" over and over. She also still loves Swiper and Dora.

12-15-2005 Hailey and I went shopping at walmart today. A lady who was working in the hunting department stopped me as we were browsing nearby and asked me if she could give Hailey a candy cane. I said that would be okay and she got excited and said she had a whole stash of them to give out.
Hailey enjoyed opening it up and seemed to enjoy it until we walked away and around the corner. Then she spit it out and said yucky!

12-14-2005 Took Hailey to get her portraits made at JCPenny today as a surprise. She was horrible! The lady touched her dress to straighten it up and she freaked out. Big ole tears and everything. She didn't want to cooperate at all. I ordered the shots that were not so teary and one with her famous scowl! Will have to re-take them again soon. Sorry Hailey. I should have told the lady not to touch you. You are so sensitive to other people.

12-13-2005 Hailey and I went to lunch with Grammy. She was very lovable to Grammy and even ate some ice cream. She has refused ice cream since she got ill.
Grammy taught me how to make fabric postcards at our home later.
Later on that night she yelled to Brady from the living room and said, "Come on Daddy!". It was time to eat macaroni and cheese and she wanted his company.

12-11-2005 Brady and I watched a Harry Potter movie tonight on television. Hailey kept asking me what the characters names were. She said, "Name is?". She would point to the television and ask until I came up with the name.

12-07-2005 Today I took Hailey outside briefly to see the first snow of the winter season! She felt it, made tracks with her boots and said "snowy". When she feels a little better, we will play longer. It is so pretty outside. I love seeing the snow blanket the earth. Looks so beautiful.

11-30-2005 Wednesday- Coughed a lot but was happy.
6:00 P.M. Developed a fever. Gave Motrin
10:00 Threw up all liquid and dinner from the night.
Woke up the next morning w/fast breathing.

11-29-2005 Tuesday and Wednesday Hailey coughed more.
Called the Pediatrician's office on Tuesday but the were all booked up for the day.

11-28-2005 Monday- Hailey coughed a few times in the car on our trip home from visiting Houston for Thanksgiving. We saw Papa, Daenon, Jennifer, Kaelee, and Kimber.

11-17-2005 Hailey is getting her top 2 year molars.
2 year old stats:
100% height

11-13-2005 Today Hailey told me goodbye when I dropped her off in Nursery class at church today. It surprised the teacher and me! He said she was a good girl and kept giving him hugs and talking a lot.

11-08-2005 Happy Birthday Hailey Rae! You are two years old today.
This morning your dad and I sang Happy Birthday to you as you were waking up. Then we played a game like on Dora the Explorer where you had to read a map. Hailey had to find stars hidden in our house to get her new tricycle, which was hidden in the shower. Then we took you outside to your new swing set. You saw it a couple of weeks ago but I have not let you play or see into the backyard since then. You were so excited to see it again! Every little girl and boy needs a swing set...

11-02-2005 Dad "Papa" sent Hailey a birthday card in the mail today. We opened it up together and began looking at the cute card. It had stickers in it and a one dollar bill. Hailey took one look at the card and screamed, "Ahhh Money!". She quickly snatched it up and wanted her card. She was very excited. I tried to put it up at one point but she wanted to keep her card and dollar bill close by. We called papa on the phone later and told him thanks for the money and the card. When Brady got home from work, she proudly showed him her money and card.

10-31-2005 Happy Halloween! Today was Hailey's second Halloween. She was a little cow. We went with Grammy, Smokey, Kelsey and Miguel. I think she had a good time. She seemed to like going door to door trick-or-treating. She would run every now and then, swing her pumpkin and candy would splash out. She even learned how to say trick or treat tonight! No one could touch her pumpkin though. She became quite possessive of it. We even ate GOUL-ASH for dinner.

10-27-2005 We carved pumpkins with Hailey tonight. She was interested for a little bit. Didn't like the stuff on her hands. She had more fun playing with a bucket of pennies while Brady and I carved the pumpkins. Brady made an OU one and I carved a little one for Hailey. She did enjoy blowing out the tea candle inside them later on then. She wanted to do that over and over!

10-22-2005 We took Hailey to a pumpkin patch this afternoon. It was on a beautiful farm on West Highway 9. Hailey looked cute wearing her orange striped pumpkin shirt. She picked out her own pumpkin out of the field, went on a hayride, talked to lots of animals and climbed haystacks to slide down a slide! We had a really great time. I came home with 3 pumpkins. Two large ones and a white "ghost" one! On our way home, we stopped off at Sonic and we all got Lemon Slush-es. Yummy! It was a little warm out in the sun today.
Hailey was asleep by the time we got back home. The rest of the day was spent playing, relaxing and watching the O.U/Baylor game. Thanks for the good day daddy (and all my pumpkins!).

10-18-2005 After about 3 hours after Hailey woke up this morning, she remembered that there was a swing set out back. She went over to the window and pulled up the shade and said "See it!"
That was the only time she did it today so hopefully she will forget about it for some time. I want to film her getting excited about it in a few weeks.

10-18-2005 Hailey has learned to say my first name as of yesterday. She has been calling me "Camey" throughout the house today. It is strange to hear! Brady taught her to say it. She has been saying Brady's name for quite some time now however.

10-18-2005 We went to the lake house over the weekend. Hailey and I sailed with daddy on the sailboat and spent lots of time with Smokey. Hailey liked seeing the water splash from the boat. We tied a rope onto her life jacket so she wouldn't wander to far. She liked exploring on the sail boat but it was making me nervous at times. It was a good outing with Brady. I know he liked having his family there with him sailing on the lake.

10-17-2005 I went to Walmart this afternoon with Hailey to get her a swing set. Every time we go there she says WEEE! They don't have any left in the stores now since it is out of season. You can order them online but they still had their display out. I asked and they sold me the display one. I pulled the truck up so the men could load it into the back and Hailey saw the men taking the last few parts off and she began to cry. She cried so much she got all hot and red eyed. She kept looking into the back of the truck where it was. I wanted to keep it a secret for her birthday but it just didn't work out that way. When we got home, she went out and showed Brady. He put it back together for her. It was hard to keep her out of the way as she wanted to play on all the stuff! I finally had to take her in for a nap because she was so hot and getting cranky. I will re-introduce her to the swing set in a few weeks!

10-14-2005 Hailey drew Brady an "H" for him on her little doodle board this afternoon. He asked her to draw one and she made 3 pretty good attempts at it. You could definitely tell it was an "H"!

10-14-2005 Hailey ate a candy corn today! My sister Tessa sent back a few things for her with my father when he returned from his trip to Arizona to Aunt Judy's funeral. She thought Hailey might like candy corn since they are soft. They are my favorite Halloween candy!
Anyway, she has refused to try them on several occasions and even spits them out if I put one in her mouth. I was eating a handful of them on the couch today and just handed her one while she was watching T.V. She licked it and bit it and said, "MMMM"! She turned around and smiled at me. Then she ate the rest of it and gave another "MMMM". Then she said, "MORE CANDY" and ran into the kitchen to where I have been keeping them. She was practically jumping up and down. She finally figured out they really were good!

10-09-2005 Hailey has really taken a liking to the large Strawberry Shortcake doll my mom gave her for her first Christmas. She left it in her swing at Thanksgiving when they were here visiting after her birth. Hailey calls it "Straw Wars". At least that is what it sounds like to us!

Her Aunt Tessa made her a patchwork quilt for her first birthday. A few of the squares have the Strawberry Shortcake doll on it. Hailey was looking at it tonight and noticed that the strawberries on the quilt looked just like the large one on her doll and went over and pointed it out to me. She was really excited and said "Strawberries". It doesn't quite come out like "Strawberries" but I knew what she meant. So observant you are little Hailey.

10-09-2005 I found an orange balloon in Hailey's diaper at 11:00 this morning! It freaked me out so much looking at it; I had to call Brady at work right away. Yucky!

Hailey was playing with balloons over at Grammy's the day before. Apparently one orange one looked rather yummy!

10-08-2005 Happy 23 Months To You!
In just one month you will be TWO years old. I love this stage in your life right now. You are becoming a real toddler and the baby stage has ended. You love exploring and having people play with you. Your dad and I have been enjoying your kisses and the "secrets" you whisper to us in our ears.
Love you bunches,

10-08-2005 Hailey enjoys eating noodles with her dad. She gets so excited and says "Noodles, Noodles!" They sit on the floor in the living room on a table tray and lap up noodles and sip the broth. It is like she can't get enough of them. She loves to do this with him. Too precious!

10-07-2005 Cancelled my appointment to see the doctor. I could bend my foot and walk on it so I have declared it NOT BROKEN (even though it probably is). It is all blue and nasty looking and hurts some to walk but I will live. It will heal and they will just say pretty much the same thing. (I think!)

Anyway, we headed to the city to hang out with dad for the day and to shop with Grammy! We went on a mission to look for Fiesta fabric for Hailey's Birthday Party. Grammy has graciously offered to make Hailey a Fiesta dress. Hailey is having a Dora the Explorer Birthday party this year.
We had a really good afternoon evening with her. Hailey got to feel lots of fabric, destroy displays and throw numerous pattern books around. She spotted Thomas the Train everywhere it seemed. She is really into Thomas right now. We even tried to look for a swing set at Toy's R Us but the people who worked there were NOT HELPFUL at all and we thought rude. We found a tricycle though and Grammy got Hailey a really neat puzzle with latches all over it. She seemed to really enjoy it already. We love hanging out with Grammy. Although I am sure we wore her out with how "Busy" Hailey can be and how slow I can be at times!

10-06-2005 About 11:30 I was walking out of the bathroom and walked right into the door frame. I caught my right "piggy" toe underneath the door frame. It hurt so bad and was sticking out for a long time. I scared Hailey by screaming and crying. She was up on our bed watching T.V. and was not about to come down. She started to cry. I calmed her down and explained that I hurt my foot. I probably shouldn't have but I got in the bath with really warm water to soothe it. Then I limped out to the couch and iced it. I was pretty much a vegetable for the rest of the day. I got to get out my cane though which Hailey though was neat. I didn't miss that cane though. I don't want my toe to be broken. I remember the pain of the last break. AHHHH! The ice pack was stinging my old injury so I couldn't wrap it like I wanted. I just iced the "piggies". Anyway, I could walk on it without the cane later on in the evening so I think I will live. I made an appointment to see the doctor.

10-03-2005 It was rather late. Brady and I were in the computer room watching Monday Night Football, working and hanging out when we saw Hailey quickly closing the bedroom door and running full speed into the computer room with the biggest smile on her face. She ran so quickly that she fell when she got to me. She was totally asleep. It was the funniest thing. She held on so sweetly as she looked around at us and the T.V once in awhile. I rocked her back to sleep in my computer chair and put her back to bed - After Brady and I kissed her about a zillion times. We just love her!

09-29-2005 Hailey and I went to the airport to pick my father up. He was returning from Aunt Judy's funeral in Arizona. Dad gave Hailey a bag of airline snacks. It made her very happy. She later ate the whole bag in the car. She wanted Papa to hold her after she saw him.
We stopped off at KFC for a bite to eat before returning to our home. Hailey enjoyed playing with him. At one point later on in the evening, she made him get up off the chair and put his shoes on. She wanted to go outside for a walk. It was almost dark but we went anyway. I am going to miss having dad around. Fun for a change...

09-28-2005 Hailey climbed the banister in the living room today and sat up on the top. She has climbed it before but this time she sat on the very top. Brady and I were there. She really wanted to walk across the top beam! Little monkey. She was really proud of herself. She also climbed up on the kitchen stool and sat down to eat her lunch. She looks so grown up sitting there eating. Very strange to see...

09-21-2005 Bottom two year molars in all the way now.

09-21-2005 Today I needed to run errands. I put Hailey's shoes and socks on to go shopping. I needed to check something out on my computer before leaving. Hailey came up to me and said "Shoes Hurt". She held up her foot to me. I took them off and sure enough they were cutting into her. I guess she has outgrown her size 5 shoes now. This is the first time she has communicated to me about how she is feeling with words. Too bad it had to be that her feet were hurting. Sorry baby. Mommy didn't know!

09-21-2005 Hailey does not like Brady to tell me secrets. She will cover both of my ears up so he can't do it. She gets mad and says no no mommydaddy daddymommy. It makes us laugh. She likes to give us both secrets now. The mommydaddy daddymommy thing is also new. She runs them all together and sometimes adds another name!

09-18-2005 Made a table for Hailey to use...

09-18-2005 Brady has been whispering secrets to Hailey for some time now. Today she started to whisper secrets in his ear and then put her hands over her mouth and laughed. It was so precious. She shared a secret with me later on.

09-17-2005 I made a blanket at the lake house today. OU lost their game but Hailey looked cute!

09-17-2005 Both molars are in!

09-16-2005 Michael came to the lake house to visit. Hailey goes to Grammy and Smokey more. Ate a bit of carrot. She doesn't care for them much.

09-16-2005 Hailey saw a live frog for the first time by the pool at the lake house tonight. She was really interested in it. She laid on the concrete and got face to face with it!

09-16-2005 Hailey and I went to the office with Brady today. I wanted to go to Babies R US. I like to buy her diapers there. It is cheaper in the big ole boxes!
After our trip, Grammy came to visit us. She took us back to Babies R US and took Hailey shopping for clothes. So sweet. Hailey got several new fall/winter outfits and a pretty new yellow coat. When browsing the toys, Hailey picked up the ugliest jester dolls. She had 3 of them in her hands and would not let go. We tried to distract her with other cute animals but she liked the ugly dolls! Slowly the dolls disappeared as we continued to shop. It was replaced with a singing glo-worm baby which she snuggled with at bedtime tonight. I had to turn off the sound though. It kept lighting up and singing to her! She loves looking at it in the dark.

We also went to eat at the Olive Garden with Grammy and Kelsey before coming home. She brought in her purse Kelsey gave her with her glo-worm in it. At dinner, they saw her cross her eyes. I didn't get to see it but it seemed funny!
Thank-you Grammy for the clothes and the fun day.

09-10-2005 I was supposed to chaperone a youth dance tonight in Oklahoma City but the girls that I was to drive/chaperone cancelled. So... I wound up not going! Brady had taken Hailey to his parent’s home to visit for the evening. I called Brady and let him know what happened and decided I would drive to OKC to be with them as well for the evening. They had already decided to go to Chuck-E-Cheese. We had a really good time. Hailey seemed to enjoy all the ride-on toys and even ate most of her pepperoni pizza. Hailey and I climbed in the tubes and slid down the slide. She had a good time with Grammy and Kelsey. They love playing with her. Daddy and Kelsey played Ski-Ball for awhile. Hailey liked putting the money in the machines too. At the end of the night, we traded in our tickets and got a light up bracelet, a Nemo ruler, and 2 Smarties (candy). One of the lady workers gave Hailey a balloon to take home. It was a good night!

08-30-2005 Hailey got a big goose egg on her head today. We were waiting on my car at the car dealership. I was getting my oil changed. I was sitting at one end and she was at the other end on a big leather couch. She leaned over to look at something that fell and slid right off onto her forehead! We got her some ice from a man at the front. He happened to have a cooler full of drinks. After lots of hugs and kisses, we went on a walk to Lowe's to break up the time. I felt so bad...

08-21-2005 Hailey has been cutting the left bottom two year molar for about 3 weeks now. This is the first of the four two year molars that need to come in still.

08-20-2005 Brady and I went sailing together today while Smokey kept Hailey. It was very relaxing and a lot of fun. There was a little wind and once we tipped over some. It made me get butterflies! I think Hailey enjoyed herself too. They seemed to have had a good time while we were out.

08-19-2005 Hailey has been enjoying licking everyone for about two weeks now. I think ever since the cow licked her in Idaho!
But then again she did lick the little boy in the park before we left on our trip to Idaho.

08-10-2005 Hailey ate a doodle bug/rolly polly this morning. Yucky Hailey. Bugs = yucky stuff !!!

08-03-2005 Couldn't sleep in the hotel long. Woke up early and took a bath. It woke Hailey up. She came in rubbing her eyes to see me. We ate breakfast downstairs with Papa. People commented on how cute she was... We ate more at Grandmother's. Grandmother was making waffles. She is a wonderful cook. Mary Kaye was playing with Hailey while I was helping grandmother. I went outside to look for them and freaked out because I couldn't find them. I know how wiggly and how fast Hailey can be and I was afraid she got away from Mary Kaye or someone stole them! So silly but I don't have many chances to leave Hailey and I got so panicked about not finding them. I apparently was screaming Mary Kaye's name and she heard me. They were out in the orchard picking up fruit. Mary Kaye was holding her and didn't let her down. I started to cry and even hugged them when we re-united.
Hailey napped in the organ room. She woke up crying. I was out back with grandmother hanging out the laundry. I asked dad and Mary Kaye to listen for her. She brought her to me. Dad and I went through mom's stuff. I kept some of her clothes. Made a salad with Mary Kaye. Hailey showed off. They said she was smart. Hailey tried to put a chair by the door to try to get out of the house.
Dad and Grandmother watched Hailey while I went across the street to get her some juice.
Hailey bonked grandmother on her forehead with her own head when we were leaving. She thought it was funny at first. It was embarrassing. It just about knocked her over.
She also had to have a time-out for throwing- too tired. We went to the hotel and took a bath. She splashed everywhere. Put her to bed and loaded up the suitcase.

08-02-2005 Arrived in Salt Lake City at 10:30. Waited in baggage claim till 1:43 with Hailey for dad to arrive. We are going to visit Grandmother Wilson in Idaho. We have plans to go through some of mom's stuff and go to the yearly reunion.
Hailey recognized Papa right off- She didn't want me to steer the cart I had with all of our luggage. She wanted Papa to do it. We drove to Burley in a rental car. Stopped at Burger King on way to Idaho. Hailey slept for about an hour. Dad wanted to stop and get gas. It woke her up. It rained heavy for a bit in Snowville. We checked into the Super 8 in Heyburn across the river. It was nice. We went to see Grandmother after that. Mary Kaye and Grandmother were there but Don was out looking for a part for his computer. We had chicken salad and jello for dinner. Hailey loves the baby in grandmother's room and the cow and her baby in the highchair. She also liked the piano stool. We ate ice-cream and "cement". It was a cinnamon cake that was hard as a rock but good! Mary Kaye said it didn't look done so she cooked it some more. She has been doing the cooking while she visits her mom for a few weeks.

07-21-2005 Hailey and I went to the Andrew's Park Splash Pad today with Alicia and her family. She licked a little boy at the playground. Not sure why. Guess he looked delicious! She had such a good time at the splash pad and playground. Can't wait to do it again.

07-11-2005 I drove 3 young women from church to girl's camp about 2 hours away from our home today. This is the first time I have not been with Hailey since she was born. I stayed overnight and left Tuesday around 11:00 a.m. I was anxious about leaving her and excited to spend some time getting to know some of our young women in the ward. I left a silly note for Brady telling him what to feed her etc. I was worried about her at naptime and bedtime since she has not allowed Brady to put her to sleep in quite some time. At night, she wants her mommy and in the morning she wants her daddy. It is so precious to see her roll over and get upon his chest in the morning and smother him with love. She makes "lovey" noises and gives him kisses.
I called a few times to check in on them and they were doing a-okay which put my mind at ease. Aunt Kelsey came over to visit. Brady said they had a good time. When I came home Tuesday, Brady and Hailey were asleep in the bed. She looked so sweet sleeping. I laid down beside her and chatted with Brady until she woke. When she woke, she crawled over me and laid on Brady. After about a minute, she looked over and realized it was me and said, "Mommy"! I got lots of love, which made me happy. Apparently they worked out the nap/bedtime thing because she was a really good girl. Thank-you Brady for letting me go spend the day/night with the girls!

07-04-2005 We spent the Fourth of July at the Tucker Lake House. Hailey liked the fireworks a lot more this year than last and even clapped for them. Usually she can stay up late but all she wanted to do was sleep. When she woke up, I just brought her outside because I wanted to see the rest of the fireworks Brady and Kelsey were shooting off. Hailey would look every now and then but she just wanted to go back to sleep. She slept on my chest until they were over. She would make noises at me when they were too loud!
We had a really good weekend. Hailey especially loved the pool. Brady took her down the pool slide over and over again. She loved it. She bit a hole in her plastic floatie so it had to be mended. She loves the water and would just jump right in if we would let her!

06-28-2005 Hailey has been going around saying "No Monies" for about two weeks now. She uses it when she is upset or disagrees with something. I say "No Mam to her and we think this is what she is saying. At first, it was kind of funny to hear her say it but now after about the billionth time she says it in a row, it is a little wearing.

06-25-2005 Brady and I were inside standing in the front entry way of our home when Hailey looked up at Brady and said "poop". She stuck out her finger to show him. She had a finger full of poop! (I got the lucky task of cleaning Ms. Hailey up.) Yucky Hailey Rae!!!

06-21-2005 Hailey put herself in time out at the end of the hallway today. She looked up at me and smiled when I saw her. Then she put her baby in time out. She was pointing at her baby and talking to it to stay there.
Hailey has been getting time outs lately for hitting and pinching. She has a really strong pinch and it hurts! She thinks it is really fun to pinch our skin anywhere!

06-09-2005 Happy Birthday to Me!
Hailey had fun playing in the water sprinkler with Brady this evening. Dad, Ryan and Daenon called to wish me Happy Birthday. I went and got a haircut while Brady watched Hailey. We went to Walmart and shopped. Hailey got 3 new pairs of pajamas. They are cute!

06-07-2005 Hailey got her first blue plastic swimming pool today. She went nuts with excitement!

06-05-2005 18 Month Observances:
- Opens our interior home doors easily
- Likes to say ouch and no!
- Is a chatter box
- Goes constantly
- Likes to do things on her own- doesn't like much help anymore
- Takes longer naps (about an hour now) Hooray!!!
- Hair is getting longer and thicker
- Always seems to have scraped knees from falling on our walks around the block
- Likes to dance to country music and push buttons on the microphone
- Likes to sit on daddy's desk to play with his pens, papers, look out the window and use his phone
- Likes to ring our doorbell
- If daddy's phone rings she likes to go take it to him.
- Likes to take her baby everywhere and won't leave it in the car sometimes when we go shopping
- Seems to be going through a growth spurt- eats everything

06-01-2005 Hailey pulled out her snap beads out of her toy bin and played with them for a bit early this morning. She put one in successfully by herself and she got so excited. She has finally mastered putting them together. She makes this cute face when some of them are hard to put together. She played with them all day long.
Went around asking where "G" was. "G" is Gary. She learned his name at the lake house. Daddy and Gary are putting her swing set together. Grammy taught her to say "fast".

05-20-2005 Likes to say ouch!

05-17-2005 Hailey did her first scribble on daddy's desk tonight with a permanent marker! She even helped clean it up :)

05-08-2005 Happy 18 Months Hailey Rae! You are 1 1/2 years old today. And... Happy Mother's Day to me :)
We went to Grammy's house to celebrate. We had dinner together...

05-02-2005 We went to the lake house with Brady over the weekend. He got started on building the playhouse swing set that Smokey bought for Hailey. There are a lot of parts so it will take a few days I am sure! Hailey got a little sick. Kind of congested, runny nose and a horrible cough.

04-25-2005 At 8:41 p.m. tonight, Hailey opened up the computer room door for the first time! She loves closing his door or any door in fact. She had closed it about a minute earlier and was messing with the knob. I was in the living room and could see her. I then noticed that she went into the computer room. I followed her and asked Brady if he opened up the door. He said no and that she came in full speed and had a huge smile! Won't be long I guess until she gets it mastered. Way to go Hailey!

04-22-2005 17 Month Observances:
- Likes baby dolls a lot. She talks to them, pats them, feeds them, says shhh as she puts them to sleep and likes to wrap them up in blankets.
- Is starting to take an interest in putting on her own coat. Can actually put one arm in the correct sleeve and tries really hard to get the other one through.
- Loves to close doors. Can reach up and turn the knob of most doors now.
- Dances when almost any type of music is being played. She does this up and down thing and goes in a circle!
- Likes to turn on the microphone by my computer and push the musical buttons. Will make noises as she moves to the beat.
- Has warmed up a lot to people and will even go to them sometimes.
- Still has her famous scowl!
- Learned the word Ouch!

04-21-2005 Hailey and I went to the park this morning. We haven't been since the fall. The weather was beautiful. She had a great time on all the equipment. We even saw a train up close. Her mouth was open wide and a little concerned at first but then she got really excited and said "Choo-Choo!"

04-09-2005 Hailey and I went to go visit Grammy and Kelsey today. We went shopping and played at their house. Brady is off hunting turkey this weekend with a friend. We had a good day with them. Grammy pushed her around in the stroller as she played with her new baby that she bought her. She is really into babies right now. Glad to see Hailey "warming" up to other people. It has taken her a really long time to go to other people and not complain!

04-08-2005 Happy 17 Months Miss Hailey!
I started getting you used to the potty today. You seemed to like your new potty seat. I think you liked flushing the toilet more though!

04-06-2005 Hailey learned how to say the word "Boo-boo" today. She had a hurt and I mentioned it was a "Boo-boo" and she really liked this new word. She would find them on her and go "Uh-Oh - Boo-boo!"

03-30-2005 Hailey and I went back to Houston this afternoon to visit Papa. His neighborhood is having a garage sale on Saturday and I am going to help him go through some stuff. We will be staying until Sunday. Short trip this time.

03-28-2005 We spent Easter at the lake house this year. I think Hailey had a good time even though it was a little chilly. I had planned for her to wear her Easter dress to hunt eggs, etc. but opted for her bunny costume. After she had been hunting for eggs for awhile, Brady went into the house and got her Cozy Coupe Car we bought for her. She has wanted this for a long time. She was busy hunting eggs at the time and actually had two in her hands when she saw it. She immediately dropped them and headed for the car. She didn't squeal like I have heard her in the store but it was fun to see how excited she was. She did not get out of it for a long time. Once she did, Smokey hid it and the look and noises that came out of her were of deep concern. She was happy to be reunited with it!
We were invited to go to the neighbors for their Easter parade and egg hunt tradition. All in all, I think everyone had a good time, even though it was a little strange at first. By then, Hailey had the egg picking up down and enjoyed collecting eggs up off the ground. Her elephant basket got so full! Grammy bought her an elephant Easter basket that made an elephant noise when you pushed a button. It was a really good day!

03-20-2005 On our way back from the lake house, we stopped off at a gas station to fill up with gas. Hailey and I were in the store looking around. A lady was at the machine where you can put quarters in and try to win a stuffed animal. She tried at two but no luck. Hailey enjoyed watching her. The lady turned to me and asked me if it was okay if she went out to her truck and got her a stuffed animal. I told her she didn't have to do that but she really wanted too. So we waited in the store for her. She came back in with a brown bunny rabbit. She was taking the tag off it as she walked in. Hailey was sort of shy at first but then gave her a smile and hugged the bunny tight. I thought it was really sweet of her. She said she likes to give them to little children. She likes to see their smiles. We thanked her again and off she went back to the machine. She said she was going to "waste some more quarters".

03-20-2005 16th Month Observances:
- Plays by self more. Does not need to be "entertained" all the time.
- Is repeating a lot of words
- Has "Funny Thoughts". Will laugh out of the blue sometimes.
- Loves the Lake house - especially the Kubota
- Will cuddle up with her blanket when we go "Night-Night". Is not putting up as big of a fight when it is time for naps and bedtime now. She seems to understand what it means.
- Likes to carry her baby around and will give it kisses/hugs and even hold conversations with it.
- Wears size four shoes and diapers now!
- Has had all her teeth since she was 12 months old except for her 2 year molars.
- Likes to go get green olives out of the refrigerator with her dad. Their deal is to get two. But sometimes she sneaks more! She loves olives.
- She also likes to get Elephants. Grammy gave us an elephant cookie jar. We put Nilla Wafers in it. She loves kissing the elephant and getting out two! She got introduced to Nilla Wafers in Houston. Papa loves them too!
- Seems to understand most of what we say to her and will follow directions most of the time.
- Likes to hide from me so I can find her.
- Loves to be chased. Her scream in delight is so loud!
- Runs away at diaper changes and will laugh. It is very funny. She likes to put her diaper in the pail too. Soon we will start potty training.
- Likes trains. She hears them in our house and says Choo-choo!
- Likes to walk around in our shoes.

03-19-2005 We went to the lake house this weekend. Hailey really enjoyed it there this time. We played outside for a long time. She even fed Mr. Pirate a rock. Guess he looked hungry! Daddy showed her where you get ice too. So when we were playing out front, she decided she needed more ice in her cup. She came up to Smokey with a really funny look and had her hands on her shirt. It took us awhile to decipher what it was all about. Apparently an ice cube went down her shirt and it was cold!!!
Likes to go over in the field across the street. Dad and she had fun exploring and finding "treasures". He put a ladybug on her arm. She made noises as it crawled up her arm. Then it flew away. She wanted it back but they couldn't find it. Brady said she seemed so sad.

03-13-2005 Brady and I were looking at a book with Hailey and asking her to find the objects on the page. Tonight was the first time she used her finger to point to the object we were talking about! It made me so happy. She usually will put her whole hand on it or look at the object.

She also showed picture cards to her baby like I did with her in the car earlier. She rambled on talking as she showed her baby the picture cards.

03-10-2005 Brady and Hailey went outside tonight to listen to the train. We can hear the train passing by from inside our home. I can always tell she is listening for it because she will get real still and looks at me as she is listening. She has a thing for trains now. While they were outside, Brady showed her the stars. They came in and got me and Hailey showed me a star. She was so proud of herself and clapped. Too cute!

03-08-2005 Happy 16 Months to you, Miss Hailey Rae Tucker!!!

03-05-2005 Hailey got her first splinter while outside today. She had her hand on the fence. We got it out with no problems and tears though :)

02-21-2005 Hailey crosses her legs at her feet now when she is sitting down. She looks so sweet when she does this.
She also has started to yell at the cats (like I do!). OOPS!!!

02-17-2005 Hailey likes to bribe us with kisses now. We went on a brief walk and she repeated everything we said. She said the word cat real clear and likes to say "Wow".

02-16-2005 I went to Walmart to do some shopping and the checkout lady asked me what Hailey's name was. Hailey was in the cart standing up holding her new play baby bottles. Apparently she was listening to us because I noticed she put the bottle package down touched her head with both hands, said her name and then picked her package back up. It made me laugh!

02-15-2005 Brady and Hailey put together her new toddler bed tonight. Hailey had fun helping Brady with all the parts! I can't believe she is getting so big now she needs a big girl bed.

02-14-2005 Happy Valentine's Day Hailey! We enjoyed watching you eat a cupcake tonight and opening up presents from Grammy.

01-25-2005 Hailey said oops today over and over!

01-08-2005 Happy 14 Months! It seems like a really long time since your birthday but it has only been two months. You have changed a lot since then too. You have been talking more and seem to soak up everything rather quickly. Love you!

01-03-2005 Went into the pet store to buy something and at the check out counter Hailey decided to take off her shoe and give it to the lady. The lady laughed. Not sure why she did this but it was funny!

01-02-2005 Hailey's new thing is to call me dad! She will yell it down the hallway, in stores, where ever. She knows I am mom but likes to say "DAD" really loud now.

01-01-2005 Hailey figured out how to flush the toilet today. She was so excited she flushed it three times!

12-30-2004 Some of the words Hailey says right now:
mom, dad, papa, fish, shoes, Santa, ball, baby, thank-you, deer

- Likes to sit in her Lego box
- Makes kiss noises now
- Calls me dad and loves to yell "Dad" loudly
- Holds hands out for us to pick her up and tilts her head
- Loves to beg for food and will butter you up if she did something wrong. She has this look she gives and will follow it with a smile and a wave
- Calls cat with fingers like we do
- Likes the cats to chase her while she is holding the measure tape.
- Tries to walk in my shoes or anyone's she can snatch

12-18-2004 Brady and I took Hailey to Sooner Fashion Mall this afternoon to visit Santa. The line was of course about a mile long so Brady stood in it for awhile while Hailey and I browsed around. We showed her Santa and she enjoyed looking at all the Christmas decorations. I got a big kick hearing her say Santa all day prior to going to the mall. When it was our turn, Brady sat her on Santa's lap and boy did she let out a scream! Her Christmas picture captured it all. She looked so pretty in her cream and pink colored snowflake dress. We were both kind of disappointed. We wanted pretty pictures to send out to people.
Later that evening, we went shopping at Bass Pro Shops and low and behold another Santa! So we took a family picture. She was still uneasy about the Santa so close to her but we got a family picture anyway! At least she is not crying in this one :)

12-17-2004 While shopping at Walmart, a man passed by us and said "That's a good looking kid!"

12-17-2004 Hailey had her first taste of chocolate and peanut butter today. Brady let her taste a peanut butter M&M. She loved it! She liked crunching the candy shell in her mouth a lot. Brady smiled and let me know it really wasn't her first taste of peanut butter though. When he eats peanut butter crackers, she gets a taste every now and then! I haven't given her peanut butter yet. She had to be a year old before I could give it to her since peanut butter sometimes causes allergic reactions.

12-16-2004 On our way back from Houston, we stopped at a McDonald's restaurant for a bite to eat and to let Hailey run about for a bit. There were some older kids playing in the playroom. They were having a great time and would yell loudly at each other every so often. She thought this was funny and would laugh and yell back every time they made noises. She seemed to really enjoy her first visit to the McDonald's playground.

12-09-2004 Uncle Daenon bought Hailey a My Little Pony at Wal-Mart tonight. She liked it a lot!
Dad also fed Hailey her dinner tonight. She welcomed this change!

12-08-2004 Happy 13 Months Hailey! We are in Houston visiting Nana and Papa Brewer.

12-07-2004 My cell phone quit working after Hailey played with it for a few moments. SLOBBER is dangerous stuff!!!

12-06-2004 Hailey put more food in her hair today when Ryan and I were out eating at Luby's. She thought it was great fun smearing it all around.
She also went to bed earlier than usual tonight.

12-05-2004 Hailey says Papa now. It is so cute to hear her say it.
She also tried to put the linking blocks together for the first time.

12-04-2004 Hailey likes to play with the wagon, horse, See-N-Say, rocking chair and sleep in the toddler bed here in Houston. So many new things to see and do!

12-03-2004 Hailey and I have been counting everything today. She likes the plastic shape sorter box. We count the shapes as we put them in. She especially likes to count with me going down the stairs. It is so cute to hear her count with me. She tries so hard to say each number.

12-02-2004 Hailey and I met the lady and their 20 month old little girl across the street this evening. We were out getting some fresh air and they invited us over. Hailey liked playing with their basketball. I had a few things to do inside and wanted to go but the mom insisted we come in and eat Ramen with her little girl. Hailey has never had Ramen and liked it. She also shared Scooby graham cracker snacks with us. Hailey especially liked this.
Hailey also saw the lighted up Santa and deer next door to my parent's home and just about went silly on me. She loves them so much!
- Put mashed potatoes in hair at dinner time on purpose.
- Seems to love Papa and hold his finger and says his name.
- Bumped forehead on the computer keyboard on left side.
- Bumped head on the mirror shelf on the right side while playing with dad. She walked right into it!
- Still congested from Thanksgiving.

12-01-2004 - I like seeing Hailey drinking from her sippy cup! Such a big girl.
- Did the Hokey Pokey for my mom and dad.
- Took my father's hand and led him around. They played on the car a lot. She likes to be pushed around.
- Said "Papa" two times and even let him hold her. I think she likes him...
- Has been sleeping in the toddler bed here in Houston and is sleeping very well. I can't wait to buy her one of her own once I get back to our home.
- Was less grouchy today. (Probably getting adjusted to a new environment)
- Saw the lighted Christmas Rudolph next door and said "Deer"!
- Had her major fit. Upset about something (not sure what) and threw cup on the kitchen floor! Dad and I just looked at each other and sort of chuckled. She was mad and let us know it!

11-30-2004 Hailey mastered the sippy cup FINALLY!!! She actually tilts her head back to drink. She has been using her cup with the straw just fine but they are not leak proof so I was very happy she figured out how to drink from the other sippy cups. Way to go Hailey!

11-30-2004 Hailey sat up onto of the toilet for the first time today. She was so proud of herself!

She was kind of grouchy this afternoon too. She cried in the car ride over to the doctor's office. I was a little frustrated too. She was just tired and instead of falling asleep in the car she wailed! She finally fell asleep about 5 minutes before we got to the office so I stayed in the car with her until she woke up from her nap.
Once she woke up, I decided to let her walk around outside and enjoy the fresh air. Well... she wound up falling down on the sidewalk. The sidewalk was a mixture of concrete and bumpy rocks. She scraped up her cheek and eyebrow. This is the first time she has had an accident where blood was drawn and it wasn't due to teething. Poor baby. She screamed for a very long time. When she was finally settled in, a nurse talked to her and she began screaming again. She just wanted to let everyone know about it. Poor baby!

11-29-2004 Hailey and I arrived in Houston today. We came to visit Nana and Papa Brewer. Hailey enjoyed playing with her cousin Michael. At one point she wound up hitting him but quickly gave him a hug afterwards. Michael got up on the coffee table and Hailey looked at me and grinned like we can do that mommy? She was quick to get up there with him!
They had lunch together at the table. Hailey liked sitting in the wooden chairs. I want to find her some of them now!
Tessa and Michael leave to go home to Arizona tomorrow. We will have to get together soon. Hailey sure loves to play with other children.

11-21-2004 My friend at church asked me today where my little girl has gone! She's growing up and starting to look like a toddler now and I actually am starting to miss some of her earlier stages.

11-20-2004 Hailey went to her friend Luke Bell's 2nd Birthday party today. She had a good time interacting with all the children it seemed. They were all older than her but she seemed to love it. They had cool toys she liked too. She even got a kiss and hugs from a little boy!

11-16-2004 Hailey discovered that her finger can go up her nose tonight while sitting in her high chair.

11-13-2004 I bought Hailey her first large puzzle today. She likes it a lot. She knows the ball, ladybug and frog on the puzzle.
She also screamed at me in Walmart because I took away a mozzarella cheese stick she was eating. She was chewing on the plastic. I was just going to unwrap it for her and she let me know she was mad. Just about this time, I saw someone I knew from church. Nothing like a screaming child in a store!

11-11-2004 Hailey tried whole eggs with Brady today for the first time at breakfast. She liked them!

11-11-2004 12 Month Observances:
- Tickles bottoms of her own feet and ours when we say the "This Little Piggy" rhyme- high pitched giggles
- Has learned where her belly is and will pull up our shirt, pull up hers or look inside her shirt to see it
- Drags my sewing tape measure behind her to make the cats chase her. They bite on the ends...
- Will hide now when she gets a hold of something she is not supposed to have- like the newspaper, etc. She will even run off with the item if we are right behind her.
- Knows what football is and will clap, say yeah, hold her hands up in the air, say OU and get real excited if she sees football.
- Reaches out for our finger and leads us to take her places. She usually goes to the front door
- Really enjoys the game of Peek-a-Boo now and will play it by herself!

11-10-2004 Hailey turned herself in circles with her hands up in the air while watching T.V. this morning. They were singing and she liked it!

11-08-2004 Happy Birthday Hailey Rae!
Today we went up to Brady's office for the day. We shopped at Babies R Us for a bit. We had a birthday dinner at Grammy and Grandpa's house. We sang Happy Birthday to her as she dug into an iced cookie. She liked it a lot.
She also liked the whipped topping for the strawberries at dinner too. Brady squirted it into her mouth and of course she wanted more!!!
When home we were playing with her ball machine and putting them into it. I was telling her the colors and when she heard me say yellow she thought I said Elmo. She went over to see her Elmo that Gary/Lauren gave her!

11-06-2004 We celebrated your birthday today at our home with family and friends. Grammy, Grandpa, Kelsey and her friend Hayley came. Our friends Gary and his daughter Lauren also were present. Your friend Luke and his mommy Teresa came as well as your friend Olivia and her mom Heather. We decorated the house all up and hung balloons everywhere, which you loved. We shared snacks and had birthday cake. It was a good day. Happy Birthday Little ONE!

11-02-2004 Hailey went with us to go vote for the next President of the U.S. this morning. I dressed her in Red, White, and Blue! She even received her own sticker that said "I Voted!"

On another note, she has complained a lot today. Her bottom teeth are really red and swollen. I can also see four more teeth in her upper jaw that are bulging.

10-30-2004 Halloween is on a Sunday this year so we celebrated it this evening. Hailey was Blue from the show Blues Clues. Blue is a blue girl puppy on the show. She has loved watching it this year. She looked absolutely adorable to me all dressed up in her costume. We went over to Brady's parent’s home for the evening. She really enjoyed carrying her Blue's Clues pumpkin. She held it like a purse. She even added an acorn seed to it! We only visited a couple of houses since she is only one and can't eat it anyway. It was fun. Brady and I dressed up as Great Value Mom & Dad. He made us T-Shirts that were too funny to me.
Mine said, "Ingredients: Sugar, Spice All Things Nice, Natural Red Coloring. Inactive Ingredients: Cash, Sleep, Paycheck. Maw-Mart guarantees a 100% refund if you are not satisfied with this mother."

Brady's shirt said, "Ingredients: Snips & Snails & Puppy Dog Tails, Money, glucose, FD & C Yellow #5. Inactive Ingredients: Lawn Mowing, Windows, Taking out trash, ironing.
Paw-Mart guarantees a 100% refund if you are not satisfied with this father."

Great Value is a product of Walmart. Anyway, it was a lot of fun to wear with him!

After we went Trick-Or-Treating, I helped pass out candy at their home. Hailey liked seeing the people at the door and would get upset when they left! I think she wanted them to stay. Every time the door closed, she would complain. All in all, it was a good 1st Halloween!

10-30-2004 We watched the OU/OSU Sooner football game on T.V. today. Hailey has learned all about football already. She watches us get so excited and will even clap, make noise and raise both her hands up in the air. She knows what to do when we say "GO OU!" It is the cutest thing.

I usually dress her in OU colors but today we are celebrating Halloween so I had her in an outfit with pumpkins on it topped off with an orange bow. Brady didn't like it much since OSU's colors are orange/black! I had to go find some red to stick on her for the game. My solution was OU stickers. I put them on the back of her outfit. A few minutes later, I looked over at her and Brady had stuck them to her forehead and cheek! He showed them to her in the mirror and she laughed. She didn't even try to take them off. Of course we had to have a picture of it too!
This digital camera is a fun thing to have. I love capturing Hailey moments...

10-29-2004 Brady, Hailey and I went to the pumpkin patch to get pumpkins this afternoon. Hailey seemed to like touching all the pumpkins and walking around the pumpkin covered field. She even picked out her own! We told her they were pumpkins. Later on at our house, I asked her where the pumpkins were and she went over to them. So smart!

10-28-2004 When Hailey woke up this morning, she looked up at her pictures and said "Baby"!

She also fell off the bed when daddy and her were playing. I was in the other room painting and I heard the thump. She didn't cry much. Tough baby! Sorry little Hailey...

Dad also taught her how to lick the plate after they finished eating some cinnamon rolls. She really thought that was neat and said "MMMMMM"!!!

10-27-2004 11 Month Observances:
- Is Walking!
- Can throw objects now
- Is starting to jibber jabber
- Still loves to give us hugs and kisses
- Knows where her ears and nose are located and loves to point them out on other people
- Likes to "Bonk" her head on purpose on the wall or other objects
- Throws herself backwards when upset- unaware of the consequences of a painful head bonk!
- Loves to open anything with her teeth especially her snack containers. Will use her teeth to remove the protective teething rail covers on her crib
- Knows where the food boxes are located in our home and will get our attention to try to make us give her some
- Likes to eat cereal with her daddy. He gives her bites!
- Loves to eat bites off big food. Makes her smile.
- Is learning to use utensils
- Tries to put the lids back onto containers
- Likes to read books and enjoys eating them now
- Grabs for anything up on top of Brady's computer desk- It is fair game!
- Is starting to ask to go outside. Gets upset if we go out and she doesn't!
- Shares bites of her food with us!
- Can put rings on her stacking spindle

10-27-2004 Hailey said vacuum tonight with Brady at least 5 times!

10-25-2004 At the lake house, I was packing my bags to go home and I put the hair dryer we borrowed from Grammy on the bed. Hailey took it down and was inspecting it. She walked over to the electrical outlet and sat down. She inspected the end for a bit and then tried to remove the outlet cover to plug the hairdryer in! I never would have thought she would know what to do with it. I guess she is watching us pretty closely! Luckily I had put the outlet covers in that room the previous day... Neat she seemed to know what to do and scary at the same time.

10-25-2004 On our way home from the lake house, we stopped off at McDonald's to eat with Smokey. Hailey sat in his lap and enjoyed eating bites off a hamburger. Good stuff! She was so happy. Getting to be a big girl...

10-22-2004 Hailey fell and hit her head in the same ole spot again this afternoon. This time she was busy playing and her toy slipped out from underneath her hand and she smacked her forehead onto the wood beam. She got a big goose egg this time. Poor baby! Couldn't keep the ice pack on her so I had to put it directly on her forehead.
We were just about to leave to go to the lake house for the weekend too. She was so tired and of course I couldn't let her go to sleep for a bit just to make sure she was okay. Once we left, she was asleep before we got out of the addition!

10-20-2004 Brady and I went to the Nora Jones Concert tonight. Brady received concert tickets from his mother on his birthday to go see her. Hailey stayed with Grammy and Kelsey at their home. This was the first time BOTH of us have left Hailey ever! I have gone to the dentist etc. while Brady or Grammy has kept her but never for a long period of time. She did pretty well. I thought she would cry continuously when it got to be her bedtime but she just complained a little. She slept for an hour after dinner in her new crib at their home. Apparently she knows what Ma-Ma means because they told me they could not say it. Hailey was saying it! We did not know she associated the word with me yet. Anyway, the concert was great and it was nice to be out with my husband. Maybe we can go out to dinner sometime too! We got back to their home around 11 P.M. and Hailey had just finished enjoying some Key Lime Pie Dessert Yogurt. She apparently loved it because she ate the whole container! I have started to give her bites of yogurt lately. She has never had that one yet but it didn't seem to affect her other than a few burps. She fell asleep shortly after beginning our car ride home.
I was nervous about leaving her to begin with but felt comfortable after a bit. Can't believe how attached I have become to my baby. I just love her...
Thank-you Grammy and Kelsey for taking care of Hailey so we could enjoy a night out!

10-20-2004 I was cleaning the bottom of Hailey's shoes in the bathroom today. Hailey reached up on the counter and grabbed one of them. She went over to the toilet and threw it in! The toilet might need a lock on it now...

10-18-2004 Today Hailey carried a golf ball into the bathroom. She dropped it and it bounced. She started giggling. This discovery led to her repeatedly throwing the golf ball onto the floor. It was cute to see her get so excited and laugh each time it bounced.

10-17-2004 Hailey's lower right cuspid has cut the surface as well!

10-16-2004 Hailey's lower left cuspid has cut the surface today!

10-16-2004 The box that Hailey's new car seat came in has become a wonderful clubhouse. She is having a good time crawling in and out of it! The cats are enjoying it as well... Freidrick promptly claimed the top.

10-14-2004 I had a ton of chores to do today so I moved Hailey every where I went. She was a good sport and pretty happy playing about. When I was in the bedroom hanging up clothes, she crawled under the bed for the first time. She got all the way under until just her feet were hanging out. She must have got a little uncomfortable because she backed straight out. Her face was all blushed from working herself out backwards. She did not know I was watching her so I got down so she could see my face when she lifted up. I just smiled at her and she grinned with this look like "I went under there mommy!"

She also likes to climb into her swing if it is open. Well I let her do it and then I closed the lid so she could swing for a minute. The play yard was close by because I was using it as a blocker. I put the fan in the window for some fresh air and did not want her little hands near it. Well as she was swinging she realized she could reach out and grab onto it. She was giggling away so I went and got the camera. By this time, she was working on escaping the swing. She wanted out. So I let her do it. I just had to film it too! I couldn't help but laugh because as she was crawling away, I could hear her feet step on the plastic mat I put down to keep the cat from destroying the carpet in that area. Looking at the scene later, you would think that that area is that way all the time!

As I was working out in the garage, I came across Brady's bag of golf balls. I gave one to Hailey to explore. She had a good time with it. Slobbering it all up! When it was time to go back inside. I picked her up and her ball dropped. She just about came unglued! She wanted it back. I quickly retrieved it and she was a happy camper again. Back inside she carried that ball everywhere she went.
So later I went and got some more and washed them up for her to play with. (She also got upset when I took her original one away to wash as well!)

She must have gotten bored watching me do the dishes too because she fell asleep in her high chair. I think the running water put a spell on her. She stared at it for a long time.

Hailey also talked to her father for the first time on the phone tonight. She usually just listens and smiles to what he is saying. This time she made noises along with the smiles. Brady told her "Kisses" and she kissed the phone. It was so sweet. I am sure it made his evening. We just love you soooo much!

10-14-2004 Brady and I have pronounced Hailey walking now. She now tries to walk everywhere she wants to go. If she falls, she gets right back up and continues. She is using her crawl less and less.

10-13-2004 Grammy bought Hailey a new car seat for her birthday. We went together and picked it up at Babies R Us. She and Grammy palled around together while I browsed the store with them. Thank-you Grammy for the new car seat!

Hailey, Grammy, Smokey and I went out to eat at a diner. She was entertained by Smokey. He fed her bites of dinner. She even shared her cracker with him. He gave her a piece and she put it in his mouth. I told him she was sharing so he ate it. Then he gave her another piece and she shared again. It was so sweet.
As we were walking to the car, Hailey was walking holding onto Grammy and Smokey's hands. She had the biggest smile on her face and she was laughing. When I went to try to put her into her car seat, she resisted and grabbed onto Smokey and smiled! She did not want me or that car seat. She was having too much fun playing with her Grammy and Grandpa!

10-12-2004 Most successful walking day thus far.

10-11-2004 Said the word "ball" for the first time!


10-07-2004 Hailey was called a boy for the first time. We went shopping at Toys R Us. She was wearing a cute pair of blue jean overalls with Minnie Mouse on them and a cream colored shirt with a small bow in the center top. The checkout man said, "What a cute boy." Guess he missed the cues!
Then at Sonic, the carhop commented on her. She was busy eating her shoe and she say's "Ahh how cute. He's eating his shoe!
Funny thing before Brady went to work he also said, "She looks like a boy today."
Sorry little Hailey. I thought you looked adorable.

10-06-2004 We went out to dinner with Brady's family tonight. I gave Hailey a stalk of broccoli to try for the first time. The minute it touched her lips she made an awful face and pushed it away. She did not even want to try it. This is the first time she has not put a food item in her mouth. It must have smelled horrible! She is such a good eater so I was shocked. It was really funny when she had the same response after several attempts to get her to try it. No broccoli please!

She also gave out kisses to Grammy!

And she said "Stinky" at the dinner table. I was telling them that she says it and she repeated it. When I change her diaper, I say "Stinky, Stinky, Stinky!" It is something I say for fun. Funny word for a baby to say too!
She had a great time bouncing back and forth from her Grammy, Grandpa and Kelsey all night. She is getting used to them and is becoming so sweet with them. Finally she shares the love...

10-06-2004 I went to the dentist for my 6 month cleaning today. Hailey stayed with Brady and his family. She was busy and happy. She was asleep in Grammy's arms when I returned. Hailey has been a "lovey" baby lately. She even gave Kelsey a hug!

10-02-2004 We stayed at the lake house this weekend. Fall was in the air this morning - windy and chilly. Hailey looked so cute all bundled up in her new jacket and cap. We took many walks in her new backpack down to the beach and around the property. I just love Fall. It is my favorite season. I love the colors of the trees and PUMPKINS! We had a good time and I even got to get in the hot tub! It was very nice and relaxing - just about put me to sleep. I am sure it will be a lot of fun when the weather turns colder.

10-01-2004 Hailey visited the TDP (Tucker Deer Preserve) in Calvin for the first time tonight. We went to check on the deer feeder, see the land and to fill up the feeder with more corn. I purchased a backpack so I wouldn't have to lug her around on my hip but the grass was so high that I didn't get to use it. Plus it was getting late. The TDP is very enjoyable when the weather is nice and the bugs are not out! Can't wait to go camping as a family with her.

09-28-2004 I made Hailey a few hair bows this evening. She just has to have a Halloween one!

She has also been practicing her walking skills a lot today.

09-27-2004 Ate Cheerios for the first time today. She seemed to love them. I have been hesitant to feed them to her before now. I felt like she needed more teeth. She wanted to eat them all up!

09-26-2004 Hailey is working on cutting number nine and ten of her teeth on the bottom. You can see them but they haven't cut the surface yet. These ones have bothered her a whole lot. She has been fussy on and off and had a slight runny nose for almost two weeks. Teething is a miserable experience for little ones!

09-23-2004 Brady was holding Hailey tonight when I asked her "Where is my nose?" She reached out and touched my nose with her pointer finger. We have been working on learning where our nose and ears are located. She knew. I knew she was smart!

09-20-2004 Hailey said DA-DA for the first time! We say it all the time but she has never attempted it until today. Way to go Hailey!!!

09-20-2004 10th Month Observances:
- Hailey is a wood eater. She has chewed off the corners of my entry way table! She has even chewed off pieces of the wood beams in the living room. Yucky, Yucky!
- She loves to climb on anything. The coffee table has been mastered as well as the cat climber.
- She goes and sits on the step in the living room and pushes herself up to stand.
- She loves to push around her buggy and car and has figured out how to get in them both and how to turn it around if it gets stuck.
- She still enjoys to wave at everyone and anything. She has the Princess wave down and it is precious.
- Still enjoys poking her finger into any hole or will just use her pointer finger to inspect anything.
- Words she says: Kitty-Kitty, Ma-Ma, Da-Da, blah, meow, hello (not real well but we know)
- Does actions to Itsy Bitsy Spider
- Makes clicking noises with tongue, grinds teeth and sticks out tongue
- Likes to touch the light switch and turn them off. She is still working on the "ON"
- Knocks on objects
- Answers "Hello" (Dad and Mom know what she says!)
- Is Stubborn (According to Mom)

09-20-2004 Hailey loves Fletcher, our cat. She will give him hugs and is learning to pat him gently. When I am sitting at my computer holding Hailey, he will jump up in my lap as well. She loves this! And sometimes she will scream in excitement. It is the loudest thing ever!

09-17-2004 Hailey's favorite song lately is The Itsy Bitsy Spider. After Dora comes on in the morning, they sing it as a short commercial. She gets so happy. We will sing it and she will move her hands to the motions.

She still also enjoys watching the Baby Einstein movies.

Oh and my computer took a beating today. Hailey knocked it over! Glad it still works :)

09-16-2004 Hailey pushed herself up to a standing position from moving from a sitting position to getting on all fours and then standing up. Quite difficult if you ask me!

I found out Hailey can climb up into my childhood rocking chair and stand this afternoon. I was changing her bed sheet in her room when I turned around to check on her and she was standing up in the rocking chair moving it back and forth! What a little busy girl...

09-15-2004 We went shopping with Grammy this afternoon. We were looking for a crib for the lake house and a baby shower gift for a friend of mine. Hailey was such a sweet girl. Grammy entertained her for a long time while I browsed Burlington Coat Factory. Hailey didn't even mind her holding her for awhile. I think Hailey likes shopping!
She even showed off her new talent - her ability to stick out her tongue!

09-14-2004 Hailey has a runny nose and a slight fever. Not sure why yet.

09-14-2004 Hailey took 5 steps today! It is amazing to see her determination. She has been attempting to walk all day.

09-13-2004 I needed to give our cat Fletcher a bath because he had about a pound of dirt on him so I put Hailey in her excersaucer while I bathed Fletcher. Fletcher hates being wet unlike Freidrick who tolerates me bathing him. I have to hold Fletcher by his neck to keep him from flipping out. Well the minute Fletcher let out a scream, Hailey got real concerned and immediately began crying. It was a different cry. This one was fast and she meant it. She just about jumped out of the excersaucer trying to reach for me. I couldn't let go of Fletcher so I hurried to get it done. Once Fletcher was out and wrapped in a towel, Hailey stopped crying. I let her see him. She touched his wet hair and smiled. It was like everything was okay now.

09-13-2004 Hailey took one step this morning. She was getting off her new play car and wanted to go over to her play mattress in the living room. She held out her hand to steady herself and stepped over to it. She sat down on the mattress and smiled at me. Not sure if she realized she took a step but it is a start.

09-11-2004 We watched our first Sooner Football game as a family on T.V. tonight. Hailey got to experience us getting all excited! We played Houston and won 63-13. It was the second game of the season. GO OU!

09-10-2004 Hailey climbed up on the cat climber/scratching post this evening. She is such a little monkey. She climbed underneath, went through a hole to the outside shelf, turned around and climbed up on the top!

She also climbed up on the coffee table all by herself without standing on anything for this first time tonight as well. AHHHH!

Hailey has also figured out that she can stand up on her tippy toes and grab for stuff on our computer desks. Anything is fare came now :)

09-08-2004 Happy 305 Days (10 Months) Miss Hailey Rae! You have been out in the world just as long as you were in my belly!

Today we went to the Little Tikes Outlet store in OKC with Grammy. We had fun looking at all the toys. I found the push/car I have been wanting to get you and Grammy pushed her around in this buggy that was way too cute! She just had to get it for her along with some other cool toys.
Brady put the ride on toys together when we returned to his office. I did not think Hailey would be able to push the car around but she stood right up and walked away with it! It was the cutest thing to see. I know she enjoyed it a lot. She would complain when she got it stuck against the wall!

09-07-2004 Hailey seems to have discovered that she can stick out her tongue tonight! She started off rolling it around and chewing on it a little. The she began sticking it out. It was such a silly sight. We would laugh at her and of course she would do it more. So many things to discover...

09-03-2004 We spent the Labor Day weekend at the Texoma Lake House. Her Grandfather Smokey bought her a play yard (we call it a jail) that has about six panels that lock together. She had the best time in it plus I did not have to chase her all over the place! He found it in their neighborhood at a house that was selling some baby stuff. It was in really good condition too. Mommy loves it!!!

While at the lake house, Hailey began knocking with her right hand for the first time on the window. She knocked on several objects after that.
She let just about everyone hold her too. She is slowly coming out of her shell!
She also bit her arm in two places leaving bruises and a set of 8 teeth marks! If you looked at her you would think she had been in a war. She already had a bruise on her forehead from the previous week when she fell into the coffee table. She had a scratch on her nose from her fingernail and a scratch by her mouth from the park where she tried to eat a stick and missed. Not to mention a mosquito bite her on the forehead as we were getting out of the pool! Oh... add in a couple of bruises on her shins because she likes to kick her high chair underneath. If this is a sign of things to come, I need to wrap her in bubble wrap to keep her hurt free!

AND... Hailey gave her daddy Kisses when she woke up one morning. He said "Kisses" and she leaned over and gave them to him. It was so sweet. We have been working on them!

09-01-2004 Hailey and I went to our first play date in the park. We have been invited to go there every Thursday at 11:00 with some friends from church. She absolutely loved it. We swung on the swings and played on the big equipment. I think she liked watching the big kids run around more than anything.

08-31-2004 Hailey and I went over to Cindy's house this afternoon. We have not seen her in a long time. She got to meet a Great Dane dog and a little dog. She was very curious about them. She wanted to touch and play with them.

08-30-2004 Hailey put the phone up to her ear all by herself when she was playing by herself and did it over and over again. She kept making sounds like she was talking when she would hold it up to her ear.
When Brady calls home, I always let her talk to him and she has several play and real phones that we pretend talking on. I was amazed that she did it all on her own and I did not initiate the play. Pretty smart baby!

08-26-2004 Hailey and Brady had fun learning how to turning on and off the bedroom light this morning. He would turn it off and she learned to flip it back on. She thought it a pretty neat trick!

08-24-2004 9th Month Observances:
- Drinks from a cup with a straw
- Can blow a whistle
- Recognizes words
- Learning what No means
- Opens objects with teeth especially the box with her snacks in it!
- Bites self on arm/hands
- Says Blah, Ma-Ma, Meow and Kitty-Kitty
- Likes to read books still and turn pages
- Can climb stairs really fast
- Enjoys eating anything just about- working on eating more finger type foods
- I can get my hair wet now and Hailey does not get upset
- Puts feet up on anything especially while eating in the high chair and in the shopping carts at the store. She gets comfy!
- Getting better at letting people hold her.
- Likes to sing with her dad and say AHHH really really LOUD!
- Gives Kisses now
- Talks on phone (will hold it up to her ear)

08-21-2004 Hailey and I went shopping for baby food and a new cup with a straw this afternoon. She loves to drink out of my straw so I decided to get her one of her own. She gets so excited to do it. This is new so she needs to learn to regulate how much she intakes. She can take such big swigs!

While we were shopping, Hailey was sitting in the cart. She turned around to look at the stuff in the cart and she put her hand through the metal bars. When she pulled her hand out, she got her elbow and upper arm stuck in between the metal bars. She was screaming! I quickly unstuck her arm. Unfortunately it already bruised. I went and asked for a bag of ice. I just about lost it in the store. It makes me feel so bad when she get a hurt. It apparently did not faze her too much because a mommy stopped by with her little boy. He was curious as to why she was crying. Hailey took one look at him, stopped crying and started waving! We went out to the car and iced her arm for awhile before we ventured home. I know things will happen but I never expected her to get her arm stuck in the shopping cart!

08-20-2004 Hailey woke up at around 9:25 this morning. Brady and I were telling her good morning when Freidrick our cat (two minutes later) jumped up on the bed. She looked at him and said "Kitty Kitty". We both looked at each other in amazement! We could not believe it so we said Kitty-Kitty and she did it again. We got her to say it occasionally throughout the day too. Kitty-Kitty is a hard word to say. Way to go Hailey!

08-14-2004 We drove to the lake house yesterday afternoon. Brady's brother came in as a surprise to see him. It was really nice to see him especially so that Hailey could meet her uncle Michael again. She even let him hold her for a bit! We had a great time and stayed there until Tuesday afternoon when Michael had to return home.
A Weekend of Firsts:
- Ate a whole jar of third foods.
- Discovered that she could scratch her teeth together. (Makes an awful noise that bugs me. It sounds like a metal rake on concrete... AHHH!)
- Started to play with her balance. Will stand for a few seconds by herself before falling.
- Began putting her head on the floor while she crawled.
- Got her own swing to play in. She loved it and Brady and I had fun watching her giggle loudly!
- Ate a piece of a plastic Walmart bag. Very bad... Mommy knows babies shouldn't play with plastic bags!
- Met her uncle Michael Tucker (again).

08-13-2004 Daddy's Birthday and Hailey's 9th month doctor visit.

On the car ride to the doctor, the sun was shining on us in the back seat. Hailey and I were busy talking, when I discovered two new teeth erupting on the bottom. Now she has 8 teeth. Four up top and four on bottom!

Growth Stats:
Weight - 18 pounds (45th%)
Length - 29 inches (90th%)
Head Circ. - 171/2 inches (60th%)

The doctor said she looked good and with so many teeth was ready to eat steak! She told us she was a "smart" baby but of course she said we probably already knew that. And... well we being proud parents believe it!

08-11-2004 8 Month Observances:
- Pushes self off objects
- Can crawl fast and walks on feet sometimes
- Can climb stairs
- Eats finger foods
- Stands up on own (pulls self up)
- Likes to investigate and explore
- Likes to play in her crib (stands up and shakes the rails)
- Has two new upper teeth
- Had to lower crib because she can now get out of it
- Likes to climb over objects, especially me!
- Had to buy a safety gate to keep her out of the kitchen
- Is learning the "safe" bounds in our home and will stop when we prevent her from doing something.
- Had her first blood accident when learning to stand up on her own - Teeth cut her lip
- Loves to talk to people and will wave at anything
- Loves talking to the vacuum, flag, deer and cuckoo clock in our home and the moose at the lake house
- Is mimicking really well. Loves to "sing" with daddy
- Can say Ma-Ma, Ba-Ba, MMMM after she eats something and Moo!
- Likes us to chase after her and will scream in delight if I say "Where are you going?"
- Likes to be tickled sometimes
- Learned to blow raspberries on my skin in the bath
- Likes things her way and will get upset if she is denied anything; Starting to throw fits
- Still enjoys water and seems to have no fear yet of heights
- Is very active. Eats a lot but has remained pretty steady around 18 pounds the entire 8th month.
- Hair is getting longer. Mom will get to add other cute stuff to her head besides giant BOWS!
- Is starting to let people hold her for short periods
- Sits in shopping carts now
- Will crawl off from me for short periods but comes back to check and see if I am still around
- Puts objects underneath her hand and uses it to slide on as she crawls across the floor (usually books)
- Does not like it when my hair is wet and slicked back. She cries. She looks at me like Who Are You?!
- Still has stranger anxiety but is slowly getting better.
- Still does not like being in her car seat for long stretches.

08-10-2004 Hailey does not like it when we pretend to cry. She gets very upset. I thought it was just me but she got upset when Brady did it tonight. Little tears and all!

07-27-2004 Hailey was having fun practicing walking along the couches today. She even found her way underneath her high chair twice! She makes this noise when she wants down and needs some help. She will sometimes hold out her hand like she is going to try to go down on her own but then she changes her mind and yells "Mommy come get me!" She is getting so brave on me...

07-23-2004 We went to the lake house for the weekend. Brady had some work to do. We all had a great time. We went for a drive in the Kubota. Hailey loved it. She does this thing where she bangs her head against my chest. I think she liked the wind in her face and trying to grab the steering wheel! We played in the pool and even lit some sparklers. Hailey really liked that. We "talked" to the moose upstairs, climbed the stairs and played, played, played! She seems to talk to anything now. The vacuum cleaner, a statue... She makes this noise that Brady and I recognize. Of course, the wave tops it all off!

07-21-2004 Hailey was extremely fussy today. Finally around 6 I looked in her mouth. She had what looked like a tiny "boil" where one of her front upper teeth are trying to come in. I went and got her cup because it was cold. She was enjoying that for awhile when she wound up hitting herself in the mouth with it. Well, that "boil" popped! Boy did she scream. It did not bleed much but I felt so bad for her. Maybe this will help that tooth come on out now.
Then she and dad were playing while I was cooking dinner, Hailey wound up biting her tongue with her two bottom teeth on the coffee table. This time blood was everywhere- mostly on Brady's shirt! Poor baby. What a painful day.

07-19-2004 Hailey likes hearing Mambo No.5!

07-18-2004 Hailey entertained everyone at church today by spitting!

07-17-2004 Hailey had her first blood accident today. She has learned to stand up on the coffee table and was there busy chewing on it as usual but this time she decided to bang her head up and down - another favorite thing to do only this time it came with a painful consequence. She bit her tongue! She cried for a little bit. We went to the bathroom to inspect- it did not bleed very much. I was actually more worried about her breaking her teeth. Her father has scared me with all of his teeth accidents!

07-15-2004 I held Hailey over the grass this afternoon and let her feet touch it. She let out a screech! She did not like it at all at first. I helped her move her feet in the grass and she moved her toes a little. A new experience- grass is pokey! Can't believe I haven't let her explore it before now.

07-14-2004 Hailey likes making noises on my skin. She loves to blow/spit/make raspberries noises - especially on my belly! She can do this for a long period of time. I always know when she wakes up in the morning because it is her first sounds!

07-13-2004 I bought a safety gate for our kitchen this afternoon. Hailey's new game is to crawl from the living room to the kitchen. I don't really want her in there just yet... I also purchased some safety locks for the cabinets and walls. Baby proofing as she explores... Don't really want to make everything off limits- just the major dangerous stuff! She has to learn and discover our home too.

07-12-2004 Hailey has a set of Fisher Price play keys. One of them plays music. Hailey pushed the button until she heard the Wheels on the Bus song. Then she would shake her head from side to side until it stopped and repeat the process over and over. Too cute!

07-08-2004 Happy 8 Months on the 8th Hailey Rae!

You were everywhere today. You even crawled from the living room to the computer room.
Brady lowered your crib this evening and it did not take you long before you were up and standing happy as could be!

07-08-2004 7 Month Observances:
- She is eating jars of Gerber 2nd Foods and is getting better at using her cup and actually sucking juice from a bottle (small amounts)!
- She is starting to crawl and perfecting it everyday; sometimes "fast"
- Can give you 5's!
- Uses her pointer finger to inspect things
- Likes to play Peek-A-Boo
- Likes to bite our skin!
- Can sit up from a laying down position now
- Is beginning to get bruises from being so active
- Likes to stand up on anything- especially us and the couch
- Can reach for things up on the coffee table now
- Is even more vocal
- Still likes tags and labels on any object
- Likes to "taste" anything!
- Whenever Hailey hears music she bobs her head up and down and if her feet are free she kicks them
- She also likes to bang her head backwards!

07-07-2004 Hailey has decided to try to stand up on anything today. She is pulling herself up on us, the couch, the coffee table, her crib, cradle... AHHH... Our baby is getting so grown in a hurry!

07-05-2004 Another upper front tooth has cut the surface!

07-04-2004 We spent the July Fourth Weekend at the Lake Texoma House. Hailey had a good time with everyone. She learned how to sit up from a laying down position. I am so proud of her. She noticed the freckles on my arm for the first time and spent a long time trying to touch each one. She'll be busy for awhile! I had fun helping her crawl up the stairs. Probably not such a good idea but it is good exercise and will help her motor skills out! We went swimming again and I even ventured out into the lake and went on Big Bertha, the inner tube, with Tessa. It was so much fun. We boated out to watch the fireworks on the lake. They were so pretty to watch. They fired off fireworks from the house but Hailey did not like them too much. She like the colors but not the sound. She held on tight to me and even shook a little. Next year she'll be bigger and hopefully we can enjoy them more. It was a fun weekend.

07-02-2004 Hailey met her Aunt Tessa and Cousin Michael for the first time this evening. We picked them up at the airport. They are going with us to Lake Texoma for the Fourth of July Weekend. They gave her a fuzzy monkey, a cute bunny that said RAE, a teether, a pair of sandals and two fun outfits! Thank-you guys... I think Hailey liked them. She loves to talk to people. She still did not want to be held - maybe next visit. I was happy to see my sister and Michael for a few days.

07-02-2004 Hailey was very cranky all day today and only took one nap. She fussed about everything. Finally around 6 I looked in her mouth and she had what looked like a tiny boil in her upper jaw where her front teeth are coming in! It looked so painful. I gave her something cold to drink and she was loving that until she smacked herself in the jaw with it. This of course made that boil pop and her scream. We took care of it and it and there was hardly any blood. I am sure this will help the tooth come out better now. Poor baby. Teething is a painful process!

Then while I was cooking dinner, Hailey and daddy were playing. Hailey was enjoying banging stuff on the coffee table. She wound up smacking her tongue into her two bottom teeth. This time blood was everywhere - mostly on Brady's shirt! She cried for a little bit but was fine after that. What a horrible day for her.

07-01-2004 Hailey pulled herself up to a standing position in her cradle twice today. She had the cutest look on her face once she did it! She also crawled up the step in our living room for the first time as well. I would ask her "where are you going?" and she would make her giggle noises!

Hailey has successfully bruised herself. She fell into her play piano onto her cheek and kicked her legs up under her high chair and left marks. She also has insect bites on her right arm and leg from what I do not know. She looks like she has been in a mini battle!

06-30-2004 I bought a 98 cent blue rubber ball at Walmart today for Hailey. She and dad had a great time kicking it all around the living room. This is her first ball and she loved it. Brady would hold her up and she would laugh so loud when she kicked it.
This was also the first time she crawled "fast". She saw the blue ball and went for it!

06-30-2004 Hailey gives her daddy hugs. She wraps her arms around his neck and plays with his hair in the back with her two fingers. It is so precious. She has not given me a hug yet and it is really sweet to see this.

06-22-2004 Her upper front tooth is poking through today!

06-14-2004 Mom gave Hailey some gifts she had saved. I also got some new earrings and the Magic Bullet Blender for my birthday. I miss being around my mother. I wish we did not live so far away. 7 1/2 hours didn't seem like it before but with Hailey now it seems like years away.

The airplane ride home was not as fun as the one to see my parents. Hailey refused to go to sleep or eat. She was being a little pickle. She finally fell asleep 5 minutes before we landed!

06-13-2004 Hailey had her first teething biscuit at Nana and Papa's house in Houston, Texas this afternoon. She loved it and made a huge brown mess all over her face and hands!

My mother and father, Brady, Hailey and I went on a walk in their neighborhood to the duck pond. She saw ducks for the first time. We feed them crackers. It was around dusk so the sky was just beautiful. It had been raining earlier in the day and we did not think we would get to go see them. It was a perfect ending to the day.

06-11-2004 Hailey went on her first Airplane ride on this day. We set our alarm for 4:15 A.M. to prepare for our 6:45 flight to Houston, Texas. We went to see Nana and Papa Brewer. I had everything ready and was prepared to get dressed and change her and then be off to the airport. Well... Hailey has never heard our alarm. She just about sat straight up from a deep sleep to the sounds of music playing in our room. I quickly rushed to turn off the alarm but it was too late. She didn't like that wake up call!!! She stayed awake until right after take off on the airplane. She was a very good girl. She woke up once and played with us and then went back to sleep. We made it through the airport to baggage claim where we met my father. After our luggage was retrieved, we headed off to the car to meet my mother. She stayed asleep until about half way through the car ride to my parent's home.

I was very excited to see my mother and father. I haven't seen them since January and it made my day :)

06-11-2004 Mom had lots of toys Hailey liked playing with. She went on her first car ride in their living room. I held onto her shirt as I pushed her all around. She likes to go fast! She also liked this musical toy that had buttons. She would push the blue button over and over. It was pretty funny.

06-10-2004 Hailey fell asleep in her high chair shortly after eating today. A first of many probably!

06-09-2004 I am 32 years old today! AHHHH...

06-08-2004 Happy 7 Months Sweet Girl! Glad you are a part of our little family...

06-08-2004 I can feel 4 teeth buds in Hailey's upper jaw. She is going to look funny! She has been biting a lot lately. She has even resorted to biting herself and leaving marks!

06-06-2004 Brady cooked us steaks on the grill tonight. They were delicious. It reminded me of spending our Wedding Anniversary together. He always cooks us steaks on the grill and they are so good.

Yesterday, we bought a DORA the Explorer bath puppet at Walmart for Hailey. I saw it there the other day and showed it to her but didn't buy it. When we were browsing the baby department, he saw it and thought she needed it. Anyway, she loves looking at it and will laugh at her from across the room. Too funny!

And... The Baby Einstein DVD's are a big hit. She loves watching them. I will move her high chair in front of the T.V. so she can see them as I feed her meals. Probably not a good idea but I can tell she is soaking in information. She loves certain parts of each DVD and when they come up she laughs and kicks her feet.

06-06-2004 Hailey has learned how to stop her swing. She likes reaching out for it and holds on tight. I had pictures hanging from the sides for her to look at but they had to be removed as she can now reach out and grab them!

She has been putting three fingers together on one hand and tapping them onto the palm of her other hand. She will also use her pointer finger and tap it on the palm of her hand. Watching her explore is so much fun. She gets really focused sometimes.

At night, she has been rolling onto her side to sleep for about the past two weeks now. One time she rolled onto her stomach and I think it surprised her because she looked up have dazed at me like WHAT JUST HAPPENED!

Her "spitting" has increased dramatically the past couple of days. This is one of the first things I can recall her doing and she delights in it. Not so much fun when I am trying to feed her dinner but she likes it. I can still remember taking her to the mall for the first time in February and her making that noise. People would just laugh at her.

She is investigating things up high now. She is starting to reach up for things ON the coffee table and she stretches to reach her mobile at the changing table. Pretty soon things will be flying off the coffee table if we are not careful!

06-02-2004 Hailey heard thunder for the first time today.

05-28-2004 We drove to the Tucker Lake House at Lake Texoma for the Memorial weekend this afternoon. Hailey went swimming for the very first time. She loved it! We purchased a float designed for infants her age. I even didn't mind getting in the pool. My "girlish" figure has gone by the wayside :) but it was fun being with my baby (and daddy too).

We had a good time at the lake. Brady got to play and fish a lot. He really enjoyed the fishing part. Hopefully he will get a lot in as time goes by.

And... in time Hailey will sleep better and mommy can go enjoy something as well. Right now she has Separation Anxiety REAL BAD and doesn't want to go to anyone else but her mom and dad. And she doesn't sleep long throughout the day. She usually takes about 4 or 5 30 minute naps. Makes it hard sometimes especially when I am exhausted but I know it will get better. I have tried so many options to get her to sleep longer but nothing has worked. It is almost better sometimes not to try to put her to sleep. She gets all worked up and MAD, MAD, MAD!!! She lets me know when she wants to sleep and we go from there. I would like to have her on a regular sleeping schedule during the day. She has taken to the regular feeding and night time bed schedule -- just not the nap thing.

05-23-2004 Hailey and Daddy made their first play tent tonight out of two couch pillows and her blanket. She loved it, especially when he would drop the covers and say BOO!

Brady has a bird whistle that he blows sometimes for her. Tonight she had it in her hand and put it to his mouth and he would blow it. She would take it out after he finished making the sound and put it back to his mouth. It was neat to see that she figured out he would make the noise if she put it back in his mouth!

05-22-2004 Hailey and I went to the mall today to shop for 4th of July stuff. This was the first time I have used my stroller at the mall. We haven't done too much shopping since she was born and I have always carried her so it was nice to take a leisure stroll without my arm falling off from holding her! We found what we were looking for and even some more bows. Big red and navy ones!

05-20-2004 6 Month Observances:
- She is working on learning to use her cup better.
- She can sit up now.
- She is putting more consonant vowel sounds together. Sometimes we think we can hear Ma - Ma!
- She likes to play "peek-a-boo" with daddy. He will put the covers over her or a blanket and remove it quickly and she will just giggle.
- She likes to be "scared" a little. If we hide and then come at her with a noise and a smile she thinks it is funny.
- She has learned to fake cough. At first she might have a real one and then she will practice it over and over. She will do it for attention now!
- She still likes to chew on the tags of any toy!
- Her pincer grasp is getting better. She will now grab for the diamond on my ring and reach out for the ball earrings I wear.
- She recognizes the sound of Brady shaking his keys when he comes home and especially the sound of his voice if he is hidden from her sight. She will immediately start to smile and kick her legs when he comes home.
- Brady has a Cuckoo clock hanging in our hallway that she loves. He will make the bird come out and sing and she smiles real big and bounces up and down as he holds her up high to see it.
- She still enjoys banging her toys on other objects.
- She is learning how to wave Hello and Goodbye. When Brady leaves for work, I help her wave to him. She waved on her own at the lake house to Grammy!
- She has been inspecting her hand lately. She will hold it out and move individual fingers and look at them like she has never seen them before.
- She has been opening and closing her mouth over and over for fun lately too! She will do it and look at us and smile.
- She is getting better at mimicking sounds as we play with her.
- She still likes to be outside and likes to look at shadows on the ground. Especially when I wave to her and the shadow moves!
- Her favorite songs are still I'm a Little Teapot and the Dora the Explorer song even though we sing soooo many others.
- She still likes to watch Dora on T.V, Blues Clues, and Little Bill but we are venturing out and have been watching Mr. Rogers and the P.B.S. station lately! Something a little more educational now :)

05-20-2004 Hailey tried pears for the first time this morning. She appeared to like them. They are similar to applesauce which she loves!

I tried to make Hailey a play blanket this afternoon. I finished most of it until I went to put the trim on it. I am making a mess out of it too! Somebody is going to have to help me figure out what I am doing wrong with my machine :)

05-19-2004 Hailey has been sitting up really well today. I can put her on the floor with some toys in front of her and she will play with them for a long time. Her tummy muscles are getting so strong now and she is getting some sense of balance. If she wavers to one side she will catch herself and straighten back up. It is amazing how quick skills are learned. One day you see something and the next day it is something else.

Today Hailey was playing with one of her plastic books that she has had since the first few weeks of her birth. She was lying on her back turning the pages and making a face then smiling. It was so precious! I went to grab the video camera and film her and of course she noticed I was filming her and she stopped. She just loves the camera. Probably because it has been in her face documenting every moment from the time she entered this world.

Carrot update... She is learning to like them. Today she ate more than she has in the past two days. She seems to eat foods better cold. (Just like her mommy daddy says!)
If I mix them with her rice cereal, I think it cuts out the awful bite!

05-17-2004 Started carrots today. She did not like them at all!

05-14-2004 Today we drove to Lake Texoma to visit the new Tucker lake house. She was a good girl on the car trip.

05-13-2004 Hailey went to her 6th Month Doctor visit today. She received her vaccinations. This time when she received her shots, she cried in pain. She held on to Brady's neck and shoulder tightly after them. I felt awful. She went to sleep in the car after we left the doctors office. We all went to Brady's office for the day. She was in a silly mood there at the beginning. We took a short video clip of her laughing extremely loud at Brady waving an American flag and singing to her! It was so funny.

6 Month Stats...
Weight: 16 pounds 8 ounces (60% Ranking)
Length: 27 1/4 inches (90% Ranking)
Head Circ.: 17 1/8 (75% Ranking)

Something else she has started recently is opening and closing her mouth over and over. She is not trying to say anything though. I think she has discovered this new action she can do with her mouth.

And since last Tuesday, she has started sleeping for longer periods of time at night. HOORAY!

05-09-2004 Happy Mother's Day to me. Hee, hee!

05-08-2004 Happy 6 months Hailey Rae! It seems like the first few months were so long and now it seems like time is flying by the more active you are becoming. You are growing so fast and getting prettier everyday! I love you.

05-06-2004 Watching Hailey play with her toys, I have noticed that she likes to touch and suck on the tags if they are on the toy. She will spend longer doing this than exploring the toy itself!

05-06-2004 Hailey and I have been having a lot of fun "screaming" with each other. She has been playing with her voice a lot lately. She will play scream and I will scream back. She thinks this is fun and will do it over and over. Probably not a good idea for the future but she loves it.

05-06-2004 Second day of trying bananas... same reaction... not that excited to eat them.

05-05-2004 We gave Hailey bananas for the first time today. She was not real eager to eat them. Her mouth would close and she would turn her head away at times.
I am very allergic to bananas. Hopefully Hailey won't be!

05-04-2004 Hailey slept through the night! She has been winding down for the night the past week about 10:30. She slept from about 11:00 until 7:50 without waking up. She has done this only occasionally. I got to catch up on some sleep but I still woke up at her usually waking times to check on her!

04-30-2004 Hailey tried apples this morning. She seemed to like them.

04-28-2004 Hailey had her first play date today with Olivia Hess. She is four months old. We played at our house and went to the Beadery to make baby bracelets. They look so cute on them! I want to go back and make her one for the Fourth of July.
Hopefully we will have many more play dates in the future!

04-27-2004 Hailey and I went to Eisenhower Elementary to visit my friends at work for the first time since she was born. It was nice to see everyone again and show them little Hailey!

04-24-2004 We gave Hailey squash for the first time this morning. She ate it all up! I am glad she is taking to vegetables.

She has also been rolling over like crazy today. Rolling this way and that -- even multiple roll overs!

04-23-2004 Hailey decided to chew on my arm tonight and wound up biting me leaving TEETH marks!

I put on my sunglasses and let Hailey see me before we went outside. She started crying. She has never seen me with them on. I took them off and she would be okay but the minute I put them back on she cried. So funny because she sees Brady with his on and doesn't even care!

04-21-2004 I took Hailey to the doctor today because she has been running a low grade fever for four days. She seems okay but she has been crying during the middle of the night and seems uncomfortable. Well by the time the nurse took her temp she of course didn't have one! The doctor checked her out and said she was HEALTHY! He said she might be cutting teeth and that can sometimes cause a low grade fever. So... I won't worry unless other symptoms show up.

04-19-2004 We gave Hailey peaches this morning. Boy did she make a face. It was okay going in but the face after she swallowed them was all puckered up! The after taste must be overwhelming. We took some pictures so we could remember her funny reaction.

04-17-2004 We had some of our pictures developed that we have taken with our digital camera today at Walgreen's. I have seen them on the computer but it was really fun to have copies of them. I am going to send some to my Grandmother Brewer and Grandmother/father Wilson who have not seen her yet. I sure wish I lived closer to them so we can show her off to them. I know they would love to see her.

We also purchased Hailey's first cup! We gave it to her tonight with some water in it. She chewed on it for awhile and then actually sucked on it. I think it surprised her. I was very proud of her. I was hoping this would go better than the bottles did. She resists the numerous bottles I have tried to give her.

She is getting better at moving on her stomach too. I put out a toy in front of her and put my hands on her feet and she used them to push herself forward to get the toy. It was cute seeing her try to crawl to the toy. She'll get the hang of it soon I am sure.

She ate more peas this afternoon. I gave them to her cold. I think she likes it this way because she gobbled them down! So far she has had only sweet potatoes, peas and rice cereal. I think I will give her a fruit next.

04-15-2004 5 Month Observances:
- She pats our backs now while we are holding her and is starting to clap her hands together.
- She knows when you leave the room and looks for you. Sometimes she gets upset when I walk out of the room for a minute but right when I return she gives me a big smile.
- She has been nodding her head for the past couple of days. It is almost like she is agreeing with what is going on!
- She gets mad if toys are taken away or fall out of reach. She will even cry. She loves the remote control to the television!
- She is getting good at reaching for her toys- especially if they are just a little beyond her reach. She will work to get what she wants. I can tell what toy she wants to get now.
SHE, SHE, SHE... I think I have said the word SHE plenty now!

04-15-2004 Hailey had her first bite of peas this morning. She ate it but you could tell she didn't like it as much as the sweet potatoes. She made a few faces. Oh the fun of trying out new foods!

04-14-2004 Today Brady and I left Hailey with her first baby sitter!
She stayed with her Grammy while I went to go get my hair cut. I haven't had it cut since October and it was driving me nuts. It was hard for us to leave her and felt kind of strange but it has to be done sometime. Silly how attached we have become in 5 months. Anyway, she did pretty well
for her first time away and so did Grammy. Thank-you GRAMMY!
Grandpa also helped us out by putting Hailey to sleep after we had dinner at their house. Thanks GRANDPA!

04-11-2004 Hailey's First Easter... Happy Easter Beautiful!
This morning Hailey woke daddy up and gave him an Easter egg full of jelly beans that said Daddy on it. We showed him his "Surprise". We looked at the pictures we had taken at the Walmart studio the other day. I received a disk to use to show to people. The photos won't be in for a couple of weeks.

I made her an Easter basket and she got a new toy dog that barks! Both Grandparents gave her gifts. - Thanks everyone!!!

We went to see Grammy, Grandpa and Kelsey that afternoon. She was a good girl at dinner too. It was a little cold outside today but we just had to take some family photos by the pretty flowers. Next year, I am sure she will be walking and picking up lots of eggs in the yard!

04-09-2004 Hailey has been bouncing up and down like crazy today. She stands up when I am holding her and then bounces her little legs. I think the likes this new "dancing" action.

04-09-2004 This afternoon Hailey had her first bite of sweet potatoes. She finished the entire portion I put in the bowl! No ugly faces so I think she liked it. Yippee! In three more days, we will try another item.

04-08-2004 Happy Five Months Hailey Rae! We love you so much.
You rolled over again this morning (Back to Stomach). This time you giggled once you made it all the way over. You are getting to be such a big girl! Tonight we are going to go buy lots of jars of baby food. It is time to start eating solids now. Hope you like fruits and vegetables. I know you like your cereal!

04-08-2004 Brady, Hailey and I went to Walmart tonight to buy our first jars of baby food for Hailey. We got four jars of every kind of fruit and vegetable they had on the shelf! We plan to give her a bite to eat in the morning. What an exciting milestone.
She has also discovered more of her voice. She loves to make really loud sounds now!

04-08-2004 I took Hailey to the Walmart Photo Center today to get her pictures made as an Easter surprise for her daddy and grandparents. She has become a little scared of people now so I was afraid she would cry the entire time but she did well. They took a few poses and I ordered some prints. It was a good first experience. I am sure I will make many more trips to get her picture made!

We also went to the mall to see if we could take pictures with the Easter Bunny. Apparently prices have gone up dramatically. They wanted 44 dollars. I said forget that. She might not even smile for that price!

P.S. I now know to make sure to tell the picture person that you want to keep certain pictures. The silly man deleted a few really cute ones of her actually smiling. Oh well... there is always another time.

04-05-2004 Today I had two doctor appointments. One at 9:20 and the other at 4:00. Daddy kept Hailey each time for two hours and she was an angel! She loves her daddy. Every time I saw her she was smiling and laughing at something.

She is starting to step more with her feet and even seems to "dance" to music as it is being played. It is really cute to see her feet and bottom wiggle to the beat!

Hailey is also starting to bat more at objects with her hands.

The antibiotic was also finished tonight. No more pink stuff!!!

03-30-2004 Hailey is getting fast at grabbing for her dad's eye glasses. She also now is the proud owner of her own keyboard. She loves to bat at the keys!

03-29-2004 Hailey got an excersaucer today from Grammy, a new musical toy and a pretty dress! She loves the excersaucer and new toy. She got so excited when we put her in the saucer for the first time. Her feet were stepping away!

She also got to show off for Nana, Tessa and cousin Michael over the webcam. She was a good girl for them! I can't wait to see them in person someday.

03-28-2004 Hailey rolled over twice tonight at separate occasions from back to tummy! (8:07 p.m. to be exact on the first roll over) Brady and I were there for both times. It was so special.
And... I think she recognizes her name now. She turns toward us when we call her name. (Makes me feel good even if she is just turning toward the sound we are making.)

03-28-2004 Brady informed my last night as he was backing up my online journal that I have been writing in here for over a year now. I can't believe that. Someday she will have a lot of reading to do! Hopefully she will enjoy reading about herself and how much we love her.

03-26-2004 Hailey started the antibiotic this morning. Her nose and chest were not improving. I hated to start this on her so young but this needs to go away! She is miserable. Sometimes bubbles even come out of her nose. Ahhh! Hopefully she won't have a sore nose with all this drainage. Poor sweet baby. GO AWAY YUCKY STUFF!

03-25-2004 More things we have noticed about Hailey:
- She likes to watch cartoons (Dora the Explorer, Blues Clues and Rolly Polly Olie to name a few...)
- Doesn't like her toys to be taken away now and gets mad when they fall out of reach.
- She is also getting good at grabbing for items immediately when they are handed to her. She even tries to reach for objects we have in our hands while we are holding her. She really likes to grab for daddy's Dew! It is really funny. You can see her determination to get whatever it is we have!
- Her legs and torso are getting stronger
- She laughs when you rub the bottom of her feet
- She will play with a pacifier now. She puts it in her mouth, takes it out and chews on the opposite side more than anything. It is more of an entertainment for her!
- More of her hair is coming in on her head. I can see baby hairs and some long ones! I sure hope it stays red.
- She likes it when I bounce my ponytail up and down and all around for her especially when I move far away from her and move in real close. She just giggles!
- She likes me to sing "Flies in the buttermilk"
- Her teeth are getting bigger now. They were just tiny little buds weeks ago. It is amazing how she can even bite with just two little teeth. She has learned to put her fingers on either side of her teeth now too and can still put her whole fist in her mouth!
- She still "toots" a lot!!!!
- She doesn't like strangers now. New faces used to delight her. Now she looks at them and then cries! I knew it would happen but not this soon.

03-25-2004 Hailey had an okay day but wasn't very happy tonight. She coughed and sneezed all day but tonight it has lightened up. Hopefully whatever she caught is working its way out of her system. I keep checking on her while she sleeps. She has congestion in her nose and she makes sounds when she eats and sleeps.

03-24-2004 Hailey is still coughing but not as horrible as yesterday. Her temperament was a lot better. However, her nose is still stuffy and runny at times. If she isn't any better by tomorrow, we will start her antibiotic.

Hailey has discovered her daddy's keyboard. Yesterday she was reaching for it. She loves to put her hands on it. We gave her an extra one to bang around on! Pretty soon she'll be a pro like her dad :)

03-23-2004 I took Hailey in to see the doctor today. Her cough is still hanging on and her nose seems to be bothering her as well. Our regular doctor was booked so we saw someone else. She said that her ears were a little pink. She gave us a prescription to use is she develops a fever or seems to not be doing any better in the next couple of days. I hope she gets over this horrible cough and an ear infection does not develop. It makes me feel bad for her.
She has also been chewing on her hands, fingers and lips more. I think she is preparing to get her top teeth but I don't know!

03-22-2004 Hailey developed a cough today. You can tell she doesn't feel all that well. Hopefully this will go away quick. She doesn't sleep much as it is and now it is even more limited.

03-21-2004 Hailey did not sleep well last night. She was up every hour and seemed miserable.

03-20-2004 Daddy went with Hailey and I on our walk this morning!

03-16-2004 Hailey and I have been enjoying going on stroller walks lately. By the time we are back home, she is usually asleep.

03-15-2004 Tonight when I fed Hailey cereal, she kept grabbing for the spoon. She smiled real big when I gave it to her at the end.

03-13-2004 Hailey got to feel Brady's face tonight and she laughed in delight. She was lying on the bed with her arms stretched up on his face. You could see how excited she was to be touching him. It was really sweet.

She had more rice cereal tonight. This time she ate it all. We are starting with small watery like portions. Eventually I will thicken it up. I want to make sure it agrees with her tummy!

03-12-2004 Daddy fed Hailey her first taste of rice cereal tonight. We think she liked it. She ate almost all of it up! Of course we recorded it on video and took some still shots. Our pediatrician told us that our goal is for her to be eating 1/2 cup of rice cereal a day plus fruits and vegetables by 6 months. I can't believe she is getting to be so grown up. She even has little fat rolls on her tummy now!

03-11-2004 Hailey has been pulling her socks off today.
She put her feet in her mouth this evening too!

03-09-2004 When I give Hailey a bath, I sing her this song that I have made up. Last night I sang it while Brady and I were playing with her. She smiled real big. I think she recognized the song. So I sang it again!

03-09-2004 When I give Hailey a bath, I sing her this song that I have made up. Last night I sang it while Brady and I were playing with her. She smiled real big. I think she recognized the song. So I sang it again!

03-09-2004 Hailey is getting so good at grabbing for objects we put in front of her. She brings both hands together. Sometimes she misses but most of the time she gets a hold of the object and holds onto it!

03-09-2004 Hailey and I went to Wal-Mart to buy rice cereal. She was extremely happy to be there it seemed. She laughed out loud a lot at the beginning of our shopping trip. It feels good to get out for a bit. She is starting to tolerate car rides and places out now and it is a lot of fun!

03-08-2004 Hailey has been actively grabbing at her feet for the first time! She has seen them but today is the first time I have seen her to grab at them over and over. She is 4 months old today! Happy Birthday Hailey. We love you.

03-08-2004 Hailey is four months old today. She got to celebrate by getting her four month shots at the doctor's office! She did pretty well. She is now 25 inches long and 14 pounds. She's just "growing like a weed" the doctor said. We also were told that we could start her on rice cereal and by 6 months be eating cereal, fruits and vegetables. So exciting!
Hailey and I went to Babies R Us to check out their exersaucers and to buy spoons and bowls for the big first taste of food event! I saw way too many items I liked. She fell asleep in the store so I walked around forever just looking at all the stuff. I found the perfect Easter dress and just had to get it. It is light purple of course!
We visited Brady's family afterwards for awhile. She was extremely quiet on the way home and fell asleep not long after we began the trip home. She woke up in our home with this look like how did I get here! She had a pretty good day despite having yucky shots in her system.

03-06-2004 Hailey, Brady and I enjoyed being outside today. The weather was beautiful. We watched Brady change my brakes and even helped clean up some of the leaves. We heard the Ice-Cream Man coming so we just had to get a delicious treat! Then we went to Toys R Us to look at stationary entertainers. We also visited Petsmart. I think she liked looking at all the stuff there. It was a good day.

02-29-2004 Hailey went to Chuck E Cheese's for the first time tonight! We met up with Grammy and Grandpa. She did pretty well. So many things to look at. I think she was so exhausted that by the time we drove about a mile away she was fast asleep! It was a nice outing and a first at eating out with family.
Dad and I had fun pitching a few balls at the Skeeball machine too... Oh what fun we have to look forward to when she is older!
And... sometime this week Hailey amazed us both. She was lying on the bed talking to us when she lifted herself straight up like she was doing a sit-up. She did not make it all the way up but darn close!

02-23-2004 Hailey has another tooth on the bottom!
She was not happy about it at all today either.

02-22-2004 Brother Creson brought over a gigantic box of Pampers for Hailey today. His wife works at the hospital and thought we could use them! They came just at the right time. It was very sweet.

02-20-2004 I laid on the floor and set Hailey on my legs and lifted her up and down like an airplane this afternoon and she loved it. She laughed out loud. We just had to show dad her new trick once he got home from work. She did it again. She is getting so silly lately.

02-20-2004 Took a picture of Hailey's first tooth tonight!!!

02-19-2004 Hailey had her longest laughing session tonight. She was laughing at Arthur. He is the Tucker family dog. Every time he would bark, she would laugh. It made my stomach hurt seeing her laugh so much.

02-19-2004 11:20 P.M.
As I was rocking her to sleep tonight, we were smiling at each other and talking. She kept putting her hands in her mouth so I began playing with her bottom lip (she loves that) and I pulled it back to see her gums and to my surprise I saw what looked like a tiny tooth. So I felt it. Yep... it's a tooth alright and it is already poking out a little. Called dad in to inspect. So silly but I actually cried. "Hers only 3 months and one week!"

02-19-2004 Hailey, daddy and I were playing with a toy turtle tonight. She was having a good time but was winding down and getting tired. Then she did something funny. She pushed the turtle away! Just to see if it was true or not, we gave it to her again a couple of times and she actively pushed it away. Ahh... her first toy push away. "Don't want it. Leave me alone please!!!"

02-19-2004 Today Hailey and I ventured out to the mall for the first time. We were on a mission to look for a gift for her aunt Kelsey's 16th birthday. She was awake in the car and was an angel. I carried her into JCPenny's and Dillards. She seemed to enjoy looking around at everything. We stopped to look at some items on a rounder and a sweet lady stopped walking and said she was a pretty baby. She then called to her husband, who had already passed by, to come back and see her. She told me she looked just like a doll. Made me feel pretty good. On the car ride home, she talked to the balloon we got for Kelsey and eventually fell asleep. It was a good outing.
I was debating about whether or not to drive to the city with her but I did not want to miss out on Kelsey's birthday so I made sure she was asleep and hoped she would not wake for the long car ride and off we went. She woke up about 1 minute from Brady's office. Until now she pretty much has not enjoyed being in the car. Not sure what it is but she hasn't enjoyed it much. Anyway... after celebrating Kelsey's birthday we went home. I followed Brady home and she slept the entire time. Once we got home, she woke up. It was a very good day.

02-18-2004 Hailey has been putting her fingers and fist in her mouth for some time now. This evening she had her whole fist in her mouth and was rubbing it back and forth so much that it was making squeaking noises. It was really funny to hear!

02-16-2004 Hailey seems to hold onto her rattle longer with her right hand than her left. She is also getting better at turning her head to look in all directions. Today she lifted her head straight up and looked at daddy.

02-16-2004 We call you "Parrot Baby". You sit on daddy's shoulder and look all around. You love to be up high!

You also like to watch us eat. Probably because we make all sorts of "sounds" for you as we eat. Hope you will like to eat rice next month!

02-15-2004 I am the assistant librarian at church. Today Hailey fell asleep while I was holding her making copies for people. I think the warm sunshine coming through the window and the hum of the machine lulled her to sleep! She is getting better at church but is still fussy.

02-14-2004 Happy 1st Valentine's Day Hailey! We just love you sooo much...
We went to see your Tucker Grandparents this afternoon. You laughed out loud for Grandpa for the first time!
You received Valentine's from both sets of your grandparents. They just love you...

02-12-2004 Today is our 4th Wedding Anniversary. Late last night Brady told me he ordered a book and that it might come today or tomorrow. So the doorbell rang this afternoon and it wasn't a book but a beautiful flower arrangement! The lady said they were for me and Hailey. There were tulips, roses and all sorts of other flowers I can't name and even a card! It made me very happy. Hailey was napping at the time. I just had to show her what we received! Some book... I just love him....

02-10-2004 Took Hailey to the doctor to get checked out since I have had a sore throat. She has been a little moody. Probably passed some of my sickness to her. Anyway she checked out great thankfully!

02-06-2004 I went to the doctor today. I have had a sore throat for a couple of days. Last night it hurt very bad but this morning it was not as bad. Anyway, it is nothing serious and the doctor said it would probably go away on its own without medication. Hopefully little Hailey will not get sick. I haven't been too many places and haven't been sick for so long.

02-06-2004 Hailey seems to recognize where she is in each room now. She looks around for familiar objects immediately. Her favorite place to be is in her room on her changing table. She likes to talk and play with us there.

And... she likes to taste POPCORN (Daddy's favorite snack!)

02-06-2004 Hailey laughed really loud several times yesterday evening. I was holding her while Brady sang and acted out "I'm a little teapot". She really enjoyed watching him act it out as he sang. It made our day!

02-04-2004 Hailey is continuing to sleep in her cradle. HOORAY!!!

02-01-2004 Hailey slept in her cradle for a long period of time last night!!! She hasn't slept there for more than a half an hour since the first two weeks of her life. I am so happy because she is beginning to squirm out of her bouncy seat!

01-26-2004 It snowed a little bit here today.

01-22-2004 Hailey and I had a really good day all day today. I did not even have to go into the bathroom and turn on the fan to calm her down. She didn't fuss too much and even sat with me for long periods of time and seemed to enjoy it! It made me feel so good. Yesterday we had a really bad day so this was a welcome change. I just love her so much. Larissa came to see us. She was so happy and smiled a lot. She still did not take but 3 half hour naps due to her tummy moving but it was all worth it. My baby is growing up!!!

01-16-2004 Hailey got a slight fever from the shots she received yesterday. It has made her really sleepy too. I am not used to her sleeping this much. I almost don't know what to do except sleep myself. We have been giving her baby Tylenol for it. Hopefully this won't last much longer. I feel bad for her but I know the shots are for her benefit. I am a VERY NERVOUS MOMMY when it comes to my baby!

Hailey woke up at 1:30 and I asked her if she wanted to play and she gave me a huge smile! That makes me feel so good. I just love interacting with her. She still has a slight fever but I could tell she felt a little better.

I called the doctor's office just to make sure... even though the paper work clearly says that this is normal. In some way, I think I needed reassurance from a doctor's voice. Anyway, she said it was normal. Some children do not get a fever and some can get a temp to 101. I asked a whole bunch of questions and she said she was fine. I told her thank you and that I was just a nervous first time mommy!

01-16-2004 Hailey rolled over on her side several times on her changing table this evening! (From her back)
I recorded it for daddy since he was at work. Can't wait to view the footage...
Hailey is also starting to put her lips together to make noises.

01-16-2004 Things that bother/disrupt me (Hailey):
- the automatic cat box running
- the T.V. cracking as it cools down after the heater shuts off
- noses being blown
- plastic sacks being moved
- the toilet (but am getting used to it)
- the phone ringing while I am sleeping
- mom's squeaky computer chair
- my tummy moving and waking me up from a nap
- burping
- Daddy's ankle/knees popping while I am drifting off to sleep
- Mommy sucking my nose with the bulb syringe

01-15-2004 Hailey had her two month vaccinations today. She played for a long time on the exam table before the doctor came in to see her. There was a long mirror which she enjoyed studying herself. She even stared at her feet. I think that was the first time she has seen them.
She weighed 11 pounds today. Her head size was
15 1/4 and she was 23 3/4 inches long. At her two week visit she weighed 8 pounds 4 oz. was 21 3/4 inches long and her head size was 14 inches. She is growing!
The doctor visited with us and then the nurse gave her the shots. She cried for about 8 seconds and then Brady picked her up and then she gave us a smile which made me feel good.
So BRAVE and such a good girl!!!

01-12-2004 Things we have noticed and learned about you so far...
- You are producing more saliva- your shirt sometimes gets wet
- You are talking a lot to us.
- You like looking at our faces. You smile when we stick out our tongues.
- Suck fists and look at them a lot
- Brought a toy up to your mouth yesterday
- You want to sit up to look around
- Pulls self forward a lot
- Does not like to be cradle held unless eating
- You get "cranky" sometimes and we don't know why!
- Love to look around
- Enjoys looking at bright lights
- You like looking at the television
- The bathroom fan, dryer, running water, and singing can calm you down
- You prefer to be bounced up and down
- If we move like a metronome and hold your head still you can be put to sleep. Daddy also can put you to sleep playing music from his computer while he sings to you as you are rocked
- Don't really like your back rubbed but like your neck and legs to be massaged
- You are extremely hard to burp. Seems to make you mad. You will wake up from a nap upset if you still have a burp in you...
- You are alert a lot during the day and sleep more at night.
- Won't sleep in your cradle, pack-n-play or crib but will sleep upright in your bouncy seat. You like the vibrator on too!
- You like the Dean Martin singing character- Probably because it looks like daddy - you just smile at it!

01-10-2004 Today Brady, Hailey and I went to Toys R Us to find plastic picture books... Didn't find any but we found lots of other good stuff for entertaining Hailey!!!
She is talking more every day. She is starting to put her lips together to make noises. It is so fun to watch her.

01-09-2004 Hailey and I went to Walmart for an outing today. She talked to her car seat cover for a long time. It was really funny. I wish I could have recorded that moment. This was our second trip together out by ourselves. I put up the baby car mirror in the back window so I could watch her while I drove. Funny how having a baby changes everything you do...

01-08-2004 Today you are two months old. I can hardly believe it. I am learning so much about you. Your hands are starting to unfold more. Occasionally you have been catching on to my hair and shirt. Today you talked a lot. I am amazed how much you like to explore. I have been working on trying to get you to sleep in your cradle. You slept there for the first two weeks and haven't since. I can only get you to sleep there for about 30 min. Today it was for 5!

01-06-2004 Hailey talked a lot to her picture books today. She smiles real big at the blue whale, green frog, yellow chicken and the yellow cat. Funny how a simple picture book can excite her. We sang many songs today too. She likes singing.

01-01-2004 Happy New Year Hailey! We are looking forward to watching you grow and discover many new things this year. You are already so big. You have discovered your fist, which you love to suck on! You also love looking at your "pictures" that we have made for you. They are posted all over our home. Your favorite one is the one with all the circles. You can stare at it for about 15 minutes. Your eyes get so big just looking at them.
Oh... and Daddy made pancakes for breakfast. They were delicious. Even Great Grandmother Wilson says he makes wonderful flapjacks!

12-25-2003 Our first Christmas with you! We spent it at the Tucker Grandparents home... We had a good time opening gifts and eating lots of good food.

12-24-2003 Hailey actively put her fist to up to her eyes to try to look at it. She missed a couple of times and hit her cheek. She gets cross-eyed just trying to look at it.

12-22-2003 Your Brewer Grandparents came to see you today on their way to Arizona to visit family. They gave you lots of stuff!

12-21-2003 Drove by myself with Hailey for the first time to church today.

12-20-2003 Hailey fell asleep in her swing today!

12-20-2003 Went to go get a Christmas tree with Kelsey and Michael! Daddy is hunting in Calvin. Hope he gets a Christmas Turkey! We miss him...

12-14-2003 Went on an outing today. Hailey started to get hungry so we stopped at Taco Mayo for a bite to eat and to feed her. Then we went driving to look for hawks and deer. It was a beautiful day. On our way back we saw a deer! Took a few pictures. It was a nice outing.

12-08-2003 I ate peas for the first time since Hailey's birth. When I was in labor, Brady made me dinner one night and I threw them up all night long!

12-07-2003 Grammy, Grampy, and Kelsey Tucker came to visit Hailey this afternoon. She wasn't the most sociable. It is hard being little and trying to tell everyone what you need!

12-06-2003 Hailey is four weeks old!
I was getting a little house crazy so Brady, Hailey and I went for a ride to Target to purchase the diaper pail I wanted. They did not have it in stock but it was really nice to get out and get some fresh air. Hailey slept the entire time!

12-03-2003 Today I was sitting on our couch just after I put Hailey down for a nap. I heard Brady pull up the blind in his computer room. Shortly after that he yells to me that the police are in the backyard to warn me. Then I saw them- I think it was the Norman Police Department Swat Team. There were two of them in full gear. They had blue guns. I saw one of them look back at his partner and motion with his hands at his eyes pointing through the fence. They stayed a bit and then left. Brady opened up the front door and they said that they were sorry and that they shut the gate. Pretty funny because the way they came from we have a broken down fence with a little garden gate. I flipped out. I was frozen on the couch. I felt safe because Brady was there but had he not been, I would have taken Hailey and hid! I think they were just doing a training exercise. I would prefer that they do it somewhere else!

11-30-2003 Hailey was blessed at church today. She slept like a little angel. Her "thunder bottoms" are getting stinkier. We both smelled her and knew exactly what it was!

11-27-2003 Thanksgiving Day! Mom made a delicious turkey. She did an excellent job cooking. I wish I could have helped out more. My mom and dad went shopping for us and really helped out a lot. I like having an extra hand. Dad got to sleep in and even watched football on TV! Glad to see him rest some. He gets up early and works real hard. I love my parents!

11-26-2003 My parents came to visit us today. They arrived about 10 pm with car carload of goodies for Hailey! I was excited to see them. I miss being around them.

11-25-2003 Our first outing that was not doctor related...
We took Hailey to Brady's office today. Went upstairs to meet the ladies. She was so cute with them. Then we went to Grammy's house. Hailey had gas real bad and spit up 3 times!
Grammy wanted this entry edited... Hailey had gas - not her! Too funny.

11-24-2003 Last night was the coldest night so far... 20 degrees.

We took Hailey to her 2 week appointment today. She did great. I was anxious. She weighed 8 pounds 4 ounces! I was worried I was not feeding her enough.
When we came home we found a gift package that Tim/Carmen left for us.
The doctor gave us some papers and when I got home I realized I left them on the counter at the doctor's office. Brady let me drive back to the office and get them. He stayed with Hailey. It felt so good to be out and driving. I have not driven in weeks or been away yet at the same time it was strange. I hurried home just to check on Hailey. Oh and then I saw a school bus with a little girl in the back and it made me teary eyed thinking about our little girl going to school one day.

Her umbilical cord fell off at 4:30 this morning. It was hanging on by a thread so I woke Brady up and he snipped it off with scissors.

11-22-2003 Brady is in Calvin hunting. I miss him.
Hailey ate too fast at one point- then threw up! First time to do that... She stayed up from 1:05-6:30. Couldn't believe it!

11-20-2003 Brady went to work for the first time since Hailey was born. Gotta make the "monies"! We miss him. Hailey has slept all day long. She is going to be wide awake for her daddy!
Great Grandma Brewer sent us a package today. So sweet.
I can't wait for her to meet Hailey.

11-19-2003 Grandma and Grandpa Tucker and Aunt Kelsey came over to see Hailey this afternoon. They brought some really cute outfits and a "pink girl"! We also received a gift from the ladies at the office- a swing! I want her to get bigger so she can enjoy it more. Brady put it together and put her in it for a bit. She was hungry at the time so she didn't get to enjoy it much.
At a 12 am diaper changing, I looked at my record sheet and saw the date said the 19th and said, "Hailey is getting old!" I can't believe she was born on the 8th. Seems like just two days ago.
Phyllis Lehenbauer brought over dinner tonight. Chicken salad, rolls, chips, pickles and apple pie! Delicious.

11-18-2003 Liz Harper brought 2 pizzas, salad, soda and dressing by tonight.

11-17-2003 Hailey woke up at 7:40 p.m. and pretty much stayed awake until 7 a.m. She had gas pains really bad. She acted hungry and couldn't get comfortable. It was a long night. I felt really bad for her.

11-17-2003 Linda Potter brought over food tonight. Tater Tot casserole and yummy cookies.
Hailey also used the restroom on the table while I was changing her. It shocked me. Wasn't prepared for that. She loves to have her diaper changed so far. I think she likes to stretch out.

11-16-2003 Teresa Bell brought over chicken parmesan tonight. It was very good. Brady loved it and even had seconds!

11-15-2003 Happy 1 Week Old Hailey! - (2:20 p.m.) We like 2:22 though!
I can't believe we have had her for 1 week now. It seems like 2 days. Time sure is going fast. I went outside and fed the birds, the squirrels and our little mouse today. The fresh air felt really nice.
I am getting more sleep now. Her daddy sure takes good care of us. I think he has changed more dirty diapers than me! We sure love him.

11-15-2003 Grandma Brewer sent you some onesies in the mail today plus a hooded towel, cradle sheet and mittens. Your first package! You are still so small that the onesies I have for you swamp you. We are really glad to have them!

11-14-2003 Today Hailey had her longest period of awake time. She was happy and content and looked all around. She has been like clock work. Every two hours she says, "Feed and change me please!" She wakes up so happy. I hope she stays this way.

11-13-2003 Hailey had her first sponge bath today, which of course we recorded! She did pretty well.

11-12-2003 Gary came to see Hailey this evening. He brought her really cool gifts from himself and from Jeff/Gail. They are so sweet. I can't wait to take her out in public in a few weeks to meet everyone.

11-12-2003 Today we went back to the hospital for our Well Baby Care Visit at 2pm. She will be 4 days old in 1/2 hour!
Hailey weighed 7.6 pounds at birth. When we left she weighed 6.14 oz. Today she weighs 7.25 pounds! I was very happy. The nurses said she looked good.

(10 a.m. Feel like a mommy for the first time.)

11-11-2003 11:04 a.m. Hailey smiled several times at Brady. Brady stroked Fuzzy the elephant on her cheek. She liked it. We recorded it on tape. They say babies don't smile yet but we think they are wrong! She really enjoys listening to his voice as well. She will stop what she is doing and pay attention to his voice. It is amazing.

11-01-2003 Today was our baby shower for you. It was held at Mocella Shumway's house. You received a lot of wonderful gifts from some special people. We are grateful.

11-01-2003 Today is our Baby Shower (and the OU/OSU football game)! Brady cooked me breakfast- ham, eggs and hash browns- Delicious or as Kaelee says "e-licious"! It is cloudy and rainy here today. Hope the weather holds out for the game and our shower.

10-28-2003 38 Weeks
Your heartbeat 156
38 CM (me)

I am 1 CM! That is a cheerio!
Got a Lands end backpack and a monogrammed soft blanket from Grandma and Grandpa Brewer in the mail today. We plan to bring you home in the blanket.

10-25-2003 We attended the second session of our prepared childbirth class all day today. I learned a few relaxation techniques plus I got a $60 massage from Brady! (That was the cost of the class) The instructor had all the partners help out the mommies to relax. I liked getting my back rubbed!
We took a tour of the hospital and saw the rooms. Very nice! The neatest part was during our instructor's lecture, the lullaby song came on over the intercom. She said every time that song is played a baby is born. I just about lost it. I am pretty emotional so I am sure I will cry when I hear the lullaby played when you are born.

10-24-2003 This evening we attended our first prepared childbirth class. It was not as bad as I thought it would be. I thought I would be really bored. We were the first couple to have the earliest due date.

10-21-2003 37 Weeks
Your heartbeat 152
37 CM (me)

Changed just a little from last week. Sometimes I wish I was a marsupial so I can take you out of my belly whenever I want to look and play with you and then put you back in!

Brady and I picked up a recliner for your room this evening from Mathis Brothers Furniture. I can't wait to rock you in it.

Brady also put up the roller shade, blinds and curtains on the window in your room. It really dresses up the room. He also put up the last little bit of border on the wall.

10-16-2003 Today we received a gift off our baby registry at Target from Jennie and her family. It was a Kick-N-Play bouncy seat. Sooooo cute! It was very nice of her to do that. I am sure Hailey will love it because her mommy does.

10-15-2003 36 Weeks
Your heartbeat 152
36 CM (me)
Today we waited in the office for an hour before we got to go into our appointment. AHHH it was too long of a wait!
Doctor said "you" could come any time now.

10-11-2003 I let Fletcher out to play this afternoon in our backyard. He played for about 20 minutes when all of a sudden 2 very large dogs chased after him. Scared to death, he ran up a very tall silver maple tree. He ran so far up it that he did not know how to get down. We tried to help but I think it made him more nervous so we went inside and watched out the back window hoping he would relax and make it down safe. Unfortunately he fell. He immediately climbed the fence and sat on a fence post. I think he was worried about the dogs still. Brady chased them off rather quickly. From what we can tell he is okay. I am sure he is sore as he has been lounging around a wee bit more.

Oh, I woke up today to seeing Freidrick limping around. Late last night Fletcher and him were fighting. Brady went and rescued Freidrick. I think in the tumble somehow Freidrick must have twisted his front right leg. Poor baby. Hopefully he will feel better tomorrow. So now I have two cats with ouchies!

10-11-2003 Ahh... OU won another Red River Game against TEXAS!
(65-13). Your dad and I had a good time watching the game at home today. We opened up the windows. It feels like Fall- my favorite time of the year.

10-07-2003 35 Weeks
Your heartbeat 152
35 CM (me)

We will start going to weekly appointments now. Getting closer!

10-07-2003 Fran and I went to Edmond today. We found purple fabric for your curtains! She is going to sew the drapes for your window. I love the way your room looks. Sometimes I go in there and just stare. Kinda silly but it is fun. I have washed all the little clothes I have received so far. I haven't had a baby shower yet so I am anxious to see what else I need to purchase. I like everything to be in order before hand and it is driving me nuts waiting around. The baby shower is not for another couple of weeks.

P.S. Your Aunt Kelsey took us to dinner tonight :)
And... I saw an oil rig tonight up close and personal. Smokey accidentally locked his keys in his truck so Brady and I took him an extra set. He has been working on a well for a couple of days. It was interesting to see all the big equipment in action.

09-30-2003 Brady and I went to a Well Baby class tonight to prepare for your arrival.

09-29-2003 I went with Fran this afternoon to look for fabric to make curtains for your room.

09-28-2003 Your Tucker Grandparents and your aunt Kelsey came over today to look at our new carpet. They saw the beginnings of your room.
Brady and I put up the wallpaper border tonight as well. It looks really good. We did not have quite enough so we will have to purchase another roll to finish the wall. Everything is starting to come together. I can't believe you will be here in just 6 weeks.

09-26-2003 I started organizing your room today. It was fun to go through the items I have received already for you and find a place for them. I need to go buy some baby laundry detergent for the clothes so they will be ready for your arrival. I have already picked out your coming home outfit. It had to be purple to match everything else! You will probably hate the color purple eventually I am sure. It is a new color for me. I usually stick with more natural colors but something about having a little girl has made me like all sorts of things I have not before.

09-24-2003 The carpet arrived today. I cried when I saw how fresh and pretty it looked throughout the whole house. They came about 9am and left at 4pm.

09-23-2003 33 Weeks
Blood pressure 118/80
Your heartbeat 154
33 CM (me)

09-20-2003 I went with Brady and Gary to Calvin, OK today. They built a gigantic deer stand for hunting season. The crops they planted are coming up and are a bright green color. I bet the deer will love the new food supply.

09-13-2003 Today your dad and I went to an OU game. We played Fresno State University. It was a lot of fun. We won 52-28! I probably won't get to go to another game this year since it is getting harder to walk long distances.

09-10-2003 I registered for baby items at Target today. I found a lot of cute items I would like to use!

09-09-2003 31 Weeks
Blood pressure 100/62
Your heartbeat 150
31 CM (me)

Called and registered us in childbirth classes today.
Also called a pediatrician to see if they accept newborns. I was told they do and that all I need to do is just let the hospital know who I would like to use once the baby is born.

Also found out that the carpet people won't be out until the 24th! I was hoping they would come this week.

09-08-2003 Finished painting the bedroom today. Yippee!!!
Brady came home and cemented in the last of the air vents and moved the heavy fish tank to the garage. We have one fish left and it is in a temporary home in an old tank I had.

09-07-2003 Brady worked hard today. He played in cement! He filled the floor air vents with cement. We got a new air conditioning system in the spring and the floor vents are no longer needed. They have to be filled before our new carpet arrives. He did an excellent job.

09-05-2003 I painted some more in our bedroom today. I have only one section left! As I was just sitting down in the tub, the doorbell rang. Anxious to see if it was the FedEx man, I had to get out. Your car seat and stroller arrived. HOORAY!

09-04-2003 I retouched up the hallway and painted half of the bedroom today. Painting is not fun!!!

09-03-2003 Brady and I ordered new carpet today. They will be out soon to install it. I am so excited to have everything in its place.

09-02-2003 I painted the hallway and entry way of our home today.

09-01-2003 Mom found a good deal on a baby crib for you today. It is just what I was looking for. They will bring it up when they meet you.

08-31-2003 Your dad went to the TDP (Tucker Deer Preserve) to plant seeds for the fall hunting season. He will be back tomorrow.

08-29-2003 I ordered your car seat and stroller today.

08-27-2003 Today mom and I painted your room. The carpet people are coming tomorrow to see how much carpet we will need installed.

08-23-2003 Today Brady, Gary and I cleaned out the storage room we have had for several years now. What a bunch of junk we had stored! I threw out several things and have more to go through.

08-14-2003 Today you were very active. I felt you move around from the time I woke up until I went to bed.

08-12-2003 27 Weeks
Blood pressure 110/78
Your heartbeat 152

Today we went in for another checkup and had a glucose test done. It checks for gestational diabetes. I went to the lab first where they gave me an orange drink to drink within 5 minutes. I had a choice of that or a cola flavor. I had heard rumors that this drink was horrible. About two sips into the drink, I stopped and told Brady "It's good!" He laughed. The drink was sweet and bubbly. Then we went to our OB checkup. We had a good visit with our doctor. She has been out on maternity leave with her 1st baby boy. I have gained 19 pounds thus far. I asked her how I was doing and she said great. I was a little worried because most people I have talked to say I have a little belly. I felt better because she said I was doing great and most people gain excess weight.
We went back to the lab to have my blood drawn for the glucose test to be complete. I did not watch but Brady said they took 1 1/2 vials of blood. YUCK!

08-11-2003 Removed last of school items from my Kindergarten classroom.

08-10-2003 Brady and I started working on your web page today, it's so cute!

07-31-2003 We went on a trip to San Antonio, Texas today with Brady's family. His uncle Charles and Aunt Katharine are celebrating their 80th birthday. We drove down together in their vehicle. It was about an 8 hour car ride but was not bad. Got in some good conversations! We stayed at the River walk. It was nice to meet some of Brady's relatives. We did some shopping. Brady bought me some new maternity clothes. He picked them all out! I loved them all.

07-23-2003 The principal of my school returned my phone call today. She was fine with my decision. She told me to wait until 8-11-03 to tell the board. That way she can put a teacher of her choice into my position. I was nervous to tell her but at the same time relieved.

07-19-2003 Called my principal at her home to relay my news but she was not home. I left a message for her to call me back. I also emailed her a brief note.

07-18-2003 My colleague Patrice Tucker called me tonight. I have worked with her for a few years. We taught Kindergarten at Dunbar Elementary for two years together. This year we were going to be both teaching Kindergarten again. Last year we both moved to a new school called Eisenhower Elementary. I taught Kindergarten and she helped facilitate a reading program. After a long phone call, I decided that it would be best if I did not work next year. We live a half and hour away from work. I am due in November so I would only be able to teach for 1 quarter. I do not like others to have to "make do" while I would be away. This way the children would get acquainted with someone and I would feel more comfortable. I love to teach but a part of me would feel really guilty about leaving you while I went to work. I don't want to miss out on anything you do.

07-15-2003 Today Brady saw my belly move for the first time. You were squirming all around!

07-14-2003 Brady and I went to Burlington Coat Factory to check out the Baby Depot department. It was fun. We found more items that matched the Gina’s Garden Bedding. He purchased matching bookends, pillows, door knobs, light switch cover, night light, wallpaper border, room tattoos and a picture frame for you! Brady is so good to me (and you...).

07-14-2003 23 Weeks
     Heartbeat 158
     Weight gain so far is 13 pounds.

07-11-2003 Your 1st bedroom bedding set arrived today in the mail. I was so excited. It is called Gina’s Garden. After a brief nap, I went to The Home Depot to purchase matching paint colors for your new room and a bookshelf that I am restoring. This is so much fun!

07-09-2003 I went to bed rather late last night and woke up early. Around 10:30 I became rather nervous and freaked out because I could not feel you moving around. I ate a bowl of cereal and still felt nothing. I became even more anxious. I got dressed and drove to Walgreen’s where I purchased a stethoscope. I rushed back home and lied down on our bed. I heard nothing! I said numerous prayers, cried and felt sad. I even tried calling the doctors office to ask questions but the doctor was out to lunch. I decided to go hang out with my girlfriend Larissa. After lunch (4:30), I finally felt you while driving her home. I was so relieved. I just love it when you move around. It makes me feel connected to you and reassures me that you are A-OK. I guess I kept you up to late last night and you spent the day sleeping. My mother told me that babies need to sleep too! It is amazing how much I love you already. I can only imagine what it will be like to meet you when you come.

07-04-2003 We watched fireworks with Brady's family in Edmond tonight. They were good. Brady recently purchased a digital camera so we can take better pictures once you arrive. We had a nice one already but the quality of the new one is better. He took several pictures of the fireworks and they turned out good.

06-25-2003 We have been busy trying to get our home ready for your arrival. We are getting new carpet and replacing/fixing other old and outdated items. I am excited to get your room ready. I have a picture in my head of what I would like so each time something gets done it makes it seem so real that you are almost here.

06-24-2003 Since I found out you were a girl, I have been looking at bedding sets. I searched the Internet and went to several stores but did not see anything I liked for you. I did find an elephant theme set that was adorable but looked more boyish. Finally, one day when I was looking at a website I found one called Gina's Garden. It is purple, pink, yellow, green, and white. There are a few flowers and butterflies on it as well. I ordered the crib set plus a matching bookshelf, mobile and a rug. I am excited for it to arrive. I am taking an old brown bookshelf and painting it to match the colors in your crib bedding. I never thought I would like these colors but I guess that all changes once you have a baby...

06-23-2003 20 Weeks
Today we went in for an ultrasound of you. I am 20 weeks now. The nurse asked us is we wanted to find out what we were having and we said yes. Right after she put the instrument on my belly she said, "This is a girl baby." As I was looking at the monitor, a tear rolled down my cheek. I was relieved to know you were okay. She looked at your entire body and measured your growth so far. Your eyes were open and you moved around quite a bit. You even had your feet crossed over each other at one point! The nurse said you were expected to be due Nov. 10th and that her due date matched up exactly with the doctor's prediction, which apparently rarely happens. I gave them very accurate information to begin with. I am excited to know you are a girl. I felt you might be early on. Then I thought you might be a boy because of your heartbeat. Supposedly boy's heartbeats are higher and girls are lower. Yours has been higher. I think there is no accurate way to tell unless you see visually what the sex of a baby will be. Brady took digital pictures of the exam. The nurse printed off a few copies for us to keep of what you looked like at 20 weeks. On the way to Brady's office after the exam, we discussed baby names. I have looked through name books but nothing stuck me yet. We tossed around a few and then Brady said, "Hailey". I loved it. We are thinking about naming you Hailey Renea Tucker. The spelling is not set in stone yet but we like Hailey. Rae is my middle name as well as my mother's. Brady's sister's middle name is also Rae so it is a family name. I thought Renea was a cute twist on Rae. Besides HRT reminds me of a heart and I am full of love for you!

Today happens to also be Brady's father's birthday. We spread the news of your sex to him first. Then we called his mom/sister. They were excited to find out the news. My mom is in Arizona right now helping out my sister. She moved into my parents Arizona home. It is two hours earlier so I had to wait until it was a decent time to call. I did talk to her eventually and she told my sister who was listening. Tessa always knew you were a girl. I am carrying high so that is supposed to mean a girl. Needless to say, everyone is happy. I called my dad at his work and told him. He was excited to add another girl grandchild to the family. Right now my older brother Daenon has one girl named Kaelee. Ryan, my younger brother, has 3 boys named Scott, Benjamin and Joshua. Tessa, my sister, has 1 boy named Michael. You will be the 6th grandchild.

06-22-2003 On 6-23-03, we will go in for our first look at you via an ultrasound. I am anxious to know if you are a boy or a girl. From the beginning I thought you were a girl. Then I thought you were a boy. Now I am all confused and shall wait until Monday to find out.

06-16-2003 19 Weeks
Heartbeat 154
My blood pressure was 118/74

Brady recorded your heartbeat on our digital camera today. He has attended all of our doctor appointments. I love having him with me.

06-15-2003 Brady has been feeling my belly, giving you kisses and talking to you. You got your first spitball from his straw today! That is how we met, by the way. Your father threw broken pencils and paper wads at me in Biology class until I looked at him. Makes me smile thinking about it now!

06-01-2003 During the first two weeks of June, I gained my first pregnancy weight. Seven pounds. I was excited. I had morning sickness until May 13th. It feels wonderful to eat now and feel like you are nourished. All the books I have read and our doctor say this is normal and okay.

06-01-2003 I started to feel you for the first time during the week of June 1, 2003. It was a startling and exciting feeling.

06-01-2003 Last week we were in Arizona. My sister, Tessa moved there. We went to help out. Had we not stayed, our OB checkup would have been on my birthday June 9th, your 18th week of growth!

05-26-2003 Our first baby purchase was a "Snoogle". It is a wonderful body pillow that I can’t live w/out now. A heart monitor was also purchased but later returned. We could not hear you well. It did not come close to hearing you at the doctor’s office.

05-26-2003 My second purchase was a baby closet organizer for clothes, etc. It was regularly 19.99 but was on sale for 3.77. What a deal!

05-14-2003 Second dental appointment to fill two more teeth.

05-12-2003 14 Weeks
     Heartbeat 162
     My belly was measured for the first time.

04-23-2003 First time to have cavities in my teeth. I received two fillings today.

04-14-2003 10 Weeks
     First time to meet our doctor and hear your heart beat!

03-31-2003 8 Weeks
     Our first baby appointment! We didn't get to meet the doctor, but they took a lot of blood, (I thought I was going to pass out), and I finally truly believe I am pregnant (despite 3 positive home tests I was relieved to hear it from a professional)!

03-31-2003 Today Brady and I went to our 1st doctor's appointment. We arrived at 9:00 am. It was around 9:30 that I had to go find a bathroom- had to throw up! Then they called my name. Brady came to get me. The nurse was worried because she thought I went to the restroom. I knew they would need a urine sample so I did not go. She was relieved when I told her. She asked me for a sample then proceeded to ask us a zillion health questions. Then she gave us a packet explaining basic care and information. As Brady and I were walking down the hall towards our car, we hugged. I am pregnant!

03-21-2003 (My older brother Daenon's birthday is today.)
Finally I had a desire to eat so I fixed spaghetti for Brady and I. We had spinach too. After clearing my plate, I got up to go get a drink. On my way, I had a terrible sick feeling and promptly threw up the entire meal in our kitchen sink! I suppose you don't like that food.

03-18-2003 My Spring Break was spent sleeping! I had big plans to clean and catch up on work. HA! It seems like I could not muster up enough energy to do anything. My desire to eat is low. Nothing looks good or smells good. I eat to get nourishment though.

03-17-2003 If you can't tell already, I have been jumping all around trying to remember the things I wished you to know about your arrival. It seems like sleep and sickness have overwhelmed me lately that I have found it difficult to get anything done. It is a strange feeling to be queasy, nauseated and throw up everyday. They say it is a good sign of a healthy pregnancy. Despite all this, I am extremely excited to have the chance to carry a child.

03-17-2003 Nose ran all day long! Had a slight fever yesterday. No temperature today. Brady went out and brought a new thermometer just in case our old one was wrong.

03-17-2003 Brady told his mom and sister about you! They were excited. I was not present but heard about it from Gary McDonald when I arrived at Brady's office that afternoon. Apparently Gary overheard and when I arrived he said, "Brady told his mom and Kelsey you were pregnant today!" I was amused because he did not say hello- just spouted out the news. Brady went upstairs where his father works to tell his father when I was there. Smokey came down and congratulated me with a hug. Shortly thereafter, Fran and Kelsey arrived back at the office with a cute, soft stuffed elephant that had a belly button! They gave us a congratulations card. It was so sweet.

About 1 1/2 days earlier, we told my parents about you. They live in Tomball, Texas so we told them over the phone. We asked Michael (Tessa's 2 1/2 year old) to relay the messages to them. He said, "Nana, Papa- Camey's gonna have a baby." Mom and dad seemed really excited for us.

03-15-2003 Developed a clear runny nose and stuffiness. Extremely tired and felt like I had a cold.

03-14-2003 School had a breakfast for the teachers in the lounge. They were celebrating Dr. Seuss. Took one look at the green eggs and ham and got queasy!

03-10-2003 Felt great all this week. Continued to take prenatal vitamins I had previously purchased months earlier.

03-09-2003 Had one pregnancy test left and still needed some proof I guess. Took it first thing Sunday morning. This time it was a dark positive sign! HOORAY. I have wanted to have a baby for so long…

03-08-2003 Called my friend Tammy Maus while I was at work to tell her the good news and to ask her about a good doctor to go to for care. She seems to know every doctor in Norman, Oklahoma!

03-08-2003 Forgot to mention earlier that after I talked to Tammy and got a doctors name/phone number, I called the doctors office. I mentioned that I thought I might be pregnant to the lady on the phone. She went on to ask me questions and all in one breath it seems she said "Okay, your due date will be November 10th." I was stunned to hear someone over the phone relay such information when I was not 100% sure I am pregnant nor had an official exam. By the end of the conversation, a first exam was scheduled for the 31st of March. Called Brady at work to relay the exciting new information.

03-06-2003 Anxious to see if I am pregnant, I take another pregnancy test late at night. Came out positive again!

03-03-2003 Your father and I went to Walmart about 10:30 pm to get a pregnancy test. Watched the test the entire time- Saw a faint positive sign! Retired to bed in shock.