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    Date : 12.05.2005 @ 04:13:20 AM
 So glad you are feeling better!


    Date : 11.08.2005 @ 10:30:54 PM
 Happy Birthday! I can't believe that you are 2 years old! Enjoyed singing to you on the phone today!

 Camey Tucker
 Relationship : Mommy

    Date : 11.08.2005 @ 02:56:13 PM
 Happy Birthday! As I was about to sign this guest book, I saw a picture of you on your first birthday. Now you are the big two! We sure are enjoying you and love you dearly.
Love, Mommy

 Uncle Rob, Aunt Tessa and Cousin Michael

    Date : 11.08.2005 @ 05:24:12 PM
 HAPPY BIRTHDAY HAILEY!!!! WE LOVE YOU VERY MUCH SWEETHEART. Have a fun birthday and I hope you like the gift we got you. Let me know how you like it! Kisses and hugs from us!

 Camey Tucker
 Relationship : The Mommy

    Date : 10.08.2005 @ 10:40:43 PM
 Happy 23 Months To You!
In just one month you will be TWO years old. I love this stage in your life right now. You are are becoming a real toddler and the baby stage has ended. You love exploring and having people play with you. Your dad and I have been enjoying your kisses and the "secrets" you whisper to us in our ears.
Love you bunches,

 Grt. Aunt Kaye and Grt. Uncle Don
 Relationship : great anunt and uncle: nanna's sister
 Location:  California
    Date : 09.25.2005 @ 03:53:52 PM
 Hello, Hailey Rae. The sacred year is tempered because of your joy. I am sorry Grt. Grandpa Wilson did not get to visit with you this past summer. He died Jan. 3, 2005 in Burley, Idaho. I know he is proud of you. Grt. Grandma Wilson was thrilled to hold and love you this past Aug. Why, you even participated in the family's long, yearly pilgrimage by car into the summer mountain camp for Grt. Granmother's father and mother, the Lewis and Mary E. Drake Reunion. What a camp, cabin trooper you are! You were the hope of the next generation, a bright spot in all of our lives but, especially during your Grandfather Brewer's and your mother's trip to nana's parent's home in Idaho. Your beautiful nana, Judy, died surrounded lovingly in your mother's and Grandfather Brewer's prayer last Feb. 2005 a month after her father Marion W. Wilson.s Be joyful. We miss you terribly and so does Grt Grandmother Wilson. Thank you for the joy of your love, the fun entertaining days amongst the somber tasks, and especially the Mongolian throat singing you performed after only one lesson! Love ya bunches. Aunt Kaye and Uncle Don.
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