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 David & Terry Sims
 Relationship : Cousin
 Location:  Texas
    Date : 11.12.2003 @ 09:08:37 PM
 You are certainly a beautiful, precious little girl. Your family was anxious to meet you. You are very loved and welcomed into the best family.

 Kelsey T.
 Relationship : Aunt
 Location:  Oklahoma
    Date : 11.08.2003 @ 09:28:35 PM
 Happy Birthday, Hailey Rae! We just got home from seeing you for the first time at the hospital. You are so sweet and gorgeous. Just like all the people at the hospital said, you truly were the most beautiful baby there.

Congratulations Brady and Camey. I love you both so much.

 Tessa and Michael
 Relationship : AUnt and Nephew

    Date : 11.08.2003 @ 02:43:30 PM
 WE LOVE YOU.. HAPPY BIRTHDAY SWEETIE... We can't wait to give you a kiss and a hug. You have a wonderful mommy and daddy! Lots of love from Arizona :-)

 Michael and Tessa
 Relationship : Sister and Nephew
 Location:  Arizona
    Date : 11.07.2003 @ 05:14:01 PM
 WE are excited to meet you Hailey. You are almost here! Hooray. We love you all and god bless. Kiss you soon.


 Location:  Oklahoma
    Date : 11.02.2003 @ 04:27:53 AM
 Camey,Your post about the hospital playing the lullaby each time a baby is born, well, too sweet! It's A Wondeful World!(Each time a bell rings, an Angel gets it's wings.)

 Relationship : "G"
 Location:  Oklahoma
    Date : 10.05.2003 @ 04:03:59 AM
 My love to all 3 of you! And, should my first Granddaughter decide that WE will share a birthday, I will be thrilled!
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