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 Kevin and Sarah Pauli
 Relationship : friends
 Location:  Texas
    Date : 11.21.2003 @ 09:50:18 AM
 She is Beautiful! Our boys will be fighting over her! Congratulations and good luck!

 Patrice Tucker
 Relationship : Friend
 Location:  Oklahoma
    Date : 11.17.2003 @ 11:14:16 PM
 Oh how sweeeeettt! She is so cute. Congratulations Mommy and Daddy. I love her website!!!

 The Evans
 Relationship : Friend
 Location:  Oklahoma
    Date : 11.17.2003 @ 08:01:16 PM
 What a beautiful baby! Enjoy every passing moment - these days speed by all too quickly.

 Teresa Bell
 Relationship : Friend
 Location:  Oklahoma
    Date : 11.16.2003 @ 09:01:19 PM
 Hailey's website is amazing. It's fun to see the pictures of her first week of life. She's a beautiful baby and is already so alert. I saw her smile for the first time today and was so surprised that such a young little baby would already be smiling!

 Paul and Tammy Maus & Family
 Relationship : Friend
 Location:  Oklahoma
    Date : 11.15.2003 @ 08:57:34 PM
 You are such a beautiful little sweetie! Your Mommy and Daddy are almost as perfect as you. This website is such a wonderful way to celebrate a sweet new life! The angels had to be singing the day you were born. We love you all!

 Linda Spalding
 Relationship : Great Aunt
 Location:  Texas
    Date : 11.12.2003 @ 09:17:41 PM
 She is so precious! Wish I could hold her. God has blessed you both with His greatest gift. I love you.
Aunt Linda
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