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 Michael and Tessa
 Relationship : AUnt and Nephew
 Location:  Arizona
    Date : 12.09.2003 @ 10:44:26 AM
 HAPPY ONE MONTH Yesterday :-) You are such a beautiful girl... we love you!

 Tim and Karmen Tucker
 Relationship : Friends
 Location:  Oklahoma
    Date : 11.28.2003 @ 04:51:31 PM
 Congratulations you guys! I have been looking at the photos and Hailey is beautiful!

 The Johansen Family
 Relationship : Friends of Tessa

    Date : 11.25.2003 @ 10:39:29 PM
 Wow what a beautiful name you have. You are so cute and cudly it makes me want to have a girl. Many wishes to you and your family. You have many memories to make. Happy birthday.
Kristi Tony Riley and Brenden

 Nancy Sims Meehan
 Relationship : Cousin
 Location:  Texas
    Date : 11.23.2003 @ 10:10:32 PM
 Hailey Rae, you are a beauty! Just like your Mom, Grandmother Fran, Gretgrandmother Billie Rae and Great, GreatGrandmother who we loving called Mamo. What a special honor to have been given the name Rae after my dear Aunt(your GreatGrandmother) Billie Rae Dodd. It is wonderful to see that RED hair being carried forward too! We thank our Heavenly Father for your arrival in this world and pray for His richest blessing upon you! Give your sweet Mom and Dad a kiss for me!

 Adam and Nancy
 Relationship : friends
 Location:  North Carolina
    Date : 11.22.2003 @ 11:15:18 AM
 Hi guys! Congratulations!! we are very happy for you all. Hailey is so adorable!! We miss you guys and would love to see you soon. Love, Nancy and Adam

 Moe and Mary Collins
 Relationship : friends of Fran and Smokey
 Location:  Oklahoma
    Date : 11.21.2003 @ 12:07:23 PM
 Oh, my! How very precious! Your lives take a new dimension and you will never be the same. This is one of life's greatest blessings. Just cherish every moment because time passes so quickly. It doesn't seem very long ago when we experienced the birth of our first grandchild. And now she is going on 27 years old. Maybe one of these days we will get to see Hailey in person. Until them, thank you for inviting us to the website. She's a beautiful little angel!
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