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 Sheila Green
 Relationship : family friend
 Location:  South Dakota
    Date : 01.16.2004 @ 05:45:54 PM
 Hailey, what a beautiful baby you are! And what a great way to share you with family and friends. Thanks to Fran and your parents for sharing you with us!

 Tessa and Michael

    Date : 01.08.2004 @ 01:25:47 PM
 HAPPY TWO MONTHS SWEET ANGEL... we saw you last night on the webcam and you are so beautiful... kiss kiss hug hug!!!

 Camey Tucker
 Relationship : Mother
 Location:  Oklahoma
    Date : 01.08.2004 @ 08:50:38 AM
 Happy Two Months Hailey! Your dad and I love you very much. Have a great day...

 Aunt Kaye and Uncle Don

    Date : 01.06.2004 @ 12:24:53 AM
 Hailey, I was at school earlier sending greetings to you between helping students and packing up the room for the day. Now at home, it's after mid-night. Uncle Don smiled while viewing website for the first time just minutes ago! Oh, if only Gr. Grand Mother & Father could view your website, especially visit personally with you and all your AZ cousins together. Indeed, they would marvel and enjoy the technological wonder! Looking forward into the next several years if all things "baby wise" work out, could be a new Honolulu, Hawaii baby cousin for you to greet! May God always bless you & your family everywhere. Entertain mommy & daddy. For us in California, lights out. Good nite, Hailey Rae Tucker.

 Aunt Kaye

    Date : 01.06.2004 @ 12:08:15 AM
 P.S. I talked with Gr.Grandmother Wilson yesterday about your red dress picture pose that each of us received in the mail. Thank you. She told me Grandma Brewer said you look just like your mother did when she was your age.

 Aunt Kaye

    Date : 01.05.2004 @ 05:18:21 PM
 Hailey, the yellow baby afghan Gr Gr.Wilson sent to you was lovingly hand made by your great cousin in Great.Grandma Wilson's family.
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