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 Linda Spalding
 Relationship : Great Aunt
 Location:  Texas
    Date : 10.03.2004 @ 10:53:10 AM
 Dear Hailey, It was wonderful to see you in person for the first time and get to hold you! You are absolutely adorable. Thanks for the hug! I look forward to seeing you and your Mommie and Daddy soon. Love you, Aunt Linda

 Dorothy & George Sullivan
 Relationship : Neighbor

    Date : 09.16.2004 @ 05:12:47 PM
 She is beautiful. Hope to see her sometime.
Im sure she has changed your life and brought you so much joy. Come see us sometime.
We now have 15 grandchildren and 3 great grandchildren.


    Date : 09.08.2004 @ 10:25:24 PM
 Happy 10 months! I had fun with you and your Mom today!

 Robert Spalding
 Relationship : Cousin
 Location:  Texas
    Date : 08.11.2004 @ 12:45:15 AM
 Cute baby!

 Sandy Hays
 Relationship : friend of Fran & Smokey's
 Location:  New Mexico
    Date : 07.12.2004 @ 04:30:34 PM
 Hailey is a little doll! I know that Fran & Smokey are thrilled to have a beautiful little granddaughter! Your web site for Hailey is great & I love how you are keeping a journal -- how special for Hailey to read one day! I hope to meet you all next time I'm in Oklahoma!

 Ryan Brewer
 Relationship : Uncle
 Location:  Arizona
    Date : 03.30.2004 @ 08:51:07 AM

She is wonderful. I want a little girl.....The website is great...

Give her a hug and kiss for me..

Do you think, If I paid Brady he would create a site for me?
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