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 Alayna Watkins
 Relationship : 2nd Cousin
 Location:  Texas
    Date : 05.12.2005 @ 08:48:41 PM
 Hey! I was working on my school project when I looked at a family history paper that had this site on it, so I went here! I love it! Good job!

 Camey Tucker
 Relationship : Mommy

    Date : 05.08.2005 @ 10:01:04 PM
 Happy 18 Months to you! You turned one and a half years old on Mother's Day. How perfect. I love you sooooo much!!!

 Jennifer (Lavold) Watkins
 Relationship : Your mommy's cousin
 Location:  Texas
    Date : 05.08.2005 @ 09:11:16 PM
 Hailey, I was looking up some family history on the internet and stumbled onto your web site. Your parents have been very busy! I'm so impressed! You are a very pretty and sweet little girl and I'm glad to have met you at your grandpa Brewers a couple months back. Hope you are your parents are well.

 Camey Tucker
 Relationship : Mom

    Date : 04.09.2005 @ 10:28:22 PM
 You turned 17 months YOUNG yesterday! Time seems to be flying by fast - getting to be so big. We love you...

 James Warnica
 Relationship : family friend from way back
 Location:  Texas
    Date : 03.30.2005 @ 06:35:15 PM
 Wow, imagine my surprise upon entering "James Warnica" into www.google.com and coming face to face with baby pictures of myself.

Congrats on the new baby!! That's awesome. My wife and I have twin girls due Septebmer 6, 2005.

 Camey Tucker
 Relationship : Mother

    Date : 03.08.2005 @ 11:17:09 PM
 Happy 16 Months to you!
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