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 Relationship : Grammy
 Location:  Oklahoma
    Date : 09.12.2005 @ 05:38:19 AM
 "They" thought I was crazy when I wanted to take you to Chuck E Cheese for pizza on Saturday after OU WON their football game. You went "WHEEEEE" on the slide, threw a few Skiballs, and enjoyed the rides - you knew exactly where to put the tokens! We all had a great time! Your Daddy and Aunt Kelsey enjoyed playing Skiball to get tickets to buy you a "light-up" bracelet which you "ate" in the car on the way home!
Love you!

 Camey Tucker
 Relationship : The Mom

    Date : 09.08.2005 @ 10:35:53 PM
The day is nearing an end. I just sat down at my computer to begin wishing you a "Happy 22 Months" when I noticed that your dad really beat me to it this time! I can speak for the both of us --- We love you bunches and can't believe how much you have changed. The change is good but sad to see the "baby" stage nearing an end.
Love you lots,

 Brady Tucker
 Relationship : Dad
 Location:  Oklahoma
    Date : 09.08.2005 @ 04:46:30 PM
 Happy 22 Months!! (Ha Ha -- Beat your mom to it this time) Going by too fast... Love you.

 Camey Tucker
 Relationship : Your Mommy

    Date : 08.08.2005 @ 11:47:19 PM
 Happy 21st Month! You and I spent the day at the airport today. We were returning home from visiting your great-grandmother and family.
Love you always,

 Camey Tucker
 Relationship : Your Mum

    Date : 07.08.2005 @ 05:03:11 PM
 Happy 20 Months Little Miss "No Monies"!
Can't believe in just four months you will be two years old.


    Date : 06.08.2005 @ 12:17:45 AM
 Happy 19 months! Miss you! Will see you sometime this week.
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